Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Oh my gosh! I can't believe my BLOG is a year old today!! It's almost unbelievable to think that I've been telling you pointless stories and sharing random facts about my life with you for one whole year! I'm sorry. Then again, many of you have shared with me that your husbands have become better gift givers because you have forwarded them some of my fabulous finds. You're welcome. In all it's been a really fun year. It's hard to believe that this blog was born out of boredom among my friends at work. They wanted something to entertain them for the whole 2 minutes it takes them to read a post and I obliged. I never dreamed I would stick with it and enjoy it as much as I do. And as I was looking back through posts I realized how thankful I am that I actually started this blog. So many things were written about that I forgot had even happened! Some of it wasn't terribly important, but it was funny and it made me laugh again to remember those good times. Here are a few of my favorites from the past year. Some of them are milestones for me and my family, some just made me smile to relive the memory, and some just made me laugh out loud. XOXO

The one that started it all.
Being written out of the will because of this post :)
Playing the Fashion Police.
My Brother being drafted.
Remembering our wedding day.
Lest we forget Lucky Boots?
The realization that came to me when writing this post. I'm so blessed.
Sharing fun craft projects with you!
My 27th year.
Reliving the joy of our first Christmas in our home.
I LOVED doing this for my friends
You'll thank me later. Yum.
These pictures were SO cool.

Life really is Glamorous and Fabulous....


kristin fulghum said...

woo hoo! happy anniversary.

Courtney said...

NO way! I can't believe its been an entire year! Thanks so much for all the daily distractions from work!

Elicia said...

How did I miss the favorite child post? I love it! That cracks me up. My brother, the only boy, is also the favorite (in my humble opinion.)

Liz said...

1. I love that you ACTUALLY made a cupcake (which means MULTIPLE cupcakes) to commemorate this date.

2. Your husband really is handsome.

3. You are SO photogenic. In the million pics I have and have seen, I didn't realize it until I re-watched your "friends" video.

4. I love YOU... AND I love your blog.

5. (it would have been 3 but I didn't think of it until later)... I like that you remembered enough about your posts to know what you wanted to include on this blog. I would have had NO idea. (not that I've blogged enough even to comment on.)

Tiffany said...

Liz, you are so sweet! And funny!

I actually BOUGHT that ONE cupcake at Hey Cupcake. ha! I'm pathetic...I know, but I'm trying to keep my end of the weighloss deal. And you know if I had made a whole batch it would have been bad news bears. And Yes, we did eat it. We being mostly me and a little bit Dave. But it was a cause for celebration! :) XOXO