Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Deck the Halls

Merry Merry! I love Christmas! It excites me to put up the tree, decorate with lights and smell my Candy Cane Tyler Candle! I'm not going to lie, it makes me a happier person! I come home from work and the timers have already turned on my Christmas tree and outside lights and a smile comes over my face as I walk into a festive home ready to celebrate the birth of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! How could that not be exciting???

Last year was our first Christmas as husband and wife. We got married on January 6th, so we just missed it in 2006! It was so fun to put up our tree and decorate together. I say together....most of it was me and a lot of it was him sitting right next to me watching a football game, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. :) Because we got married so close to Christmas we got a lot of ornaments and Christmasy things for our wedding. I didn't use it on my tree in 2006 because we weren't married yet and I wanted it to be "ours". It was like opening it all again for the first time in 2007! It was so special.

This year was once again special as we have moved into our first home and we have spent the last 2 weekends working on Christmas lights and Christmas trees and garland here and there. It is pretty much all done and now we can just enjoy the season! I did start to put up my tree before Thanksgiving because I knew we would be out of town for the holiday and I wanted to come home to Christmas! My plan worked perfectly. :) And thanks to Delilah, who has been playing Christmas music since Halloween (Ay-Yi-Yiy!!) I was able to turn on Mariah Carey singing "All I want for Christmas is You" while I was sweating stringing lights! Yes, it was still 85 degrees outside!

Christmas is here my friends! Get on board! Ho-Ho-Ho!!

Our special tree! This has precious ornaments collected through the years. Like the Old World "Wedding Cake" ornament my sister gave me Christmas of 2005 when David and I had just gotten engaged, and the little clown ornament given to us by David's aunt and uncle our first Christmas that originated from his grandmother and grandfather's tree!

This year I found Santa a job!

Dave stringing the lights!

And this is the tree in our formal living room. I bought the ornaments to match the furniture in that room and didn't even think about the fact that they are Texas Tech's colors. Dave was with me at Hobby Lobby and said NOTHING until we got home. Then he gloated that we get to show our Red Raider pride to the whole neighborhood since this is in our front window. To err is human my friends.

"Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love." ~ Hamilton Wright Mabie


The semi-newlyweds said...

The house looks great! I love the front room tree! Props to Dave for going to Hobby Lobby with you and picking out ornaments. haha.

kristin fulghum said...

i love the decorations. you've inspired me to post about mine. thanks!

Kristen said...

Look at that happy camper stringing lights!