Monday, November 30, 2009

Food, Football, Five dollar games and Skinny Jeans...

Well, it's official. Thanksgiving is over, Delilah is playing Christmas music, my trees are lit and I am in Christmas mode full-force. We even had a cold front move through last night and the high today is only 55 degrees. I might even be able to bust out a jacket!

We had a great Thanksgiving and for once it actually seemed like I had time off! We didn't travel this year because we spent Thanksgiving with my family, so it was 4 days spent sleeping in our bed and we even got a few days to sleep in. Glorious!

I had a few duties for Thanksgiving lunch and I took those duties seriously. Which is why I called on the Pioneer Woman for help. I was in charge of rolls, a side, dessert and a dip for the evening hours of football and laziness. I decided that the buttered rosemary rolls, green beans, and the pear crisp would be my contributions. The fact that these famous rolls would have to rise for 3-4 h0urs was not lost, so I popped out of bed at 7:30 to get going in the kitchen. I'm such a domestic creature...this I know. By 8:30 I had rolls rising, pears peeled, coffee brewing and I was watching Snoopy float down Broadway. Does it get any better?

Pioneer Woman Buttered Rosemary Rolls (click the links above for PW recipes)

Green Beans: wash, snap stem, season with olive oil, salt and pepper, arrange on a baking sheet and roast at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes (until desired tenderness)

The next dip is SO good. My friend Meredith introduced me to this. It is a can of black beans (drained), a can of corn (drained), 1-2 avocados sliced (depends on how big your avocados are and how much you want. I like a lot of avocado!) and a jar of salsa. Serve with tortilla chips.

Pioneer Woman's Pear Crisp

After letting the rolls rise for what seemed like an eternity I started baking them. I began to wonder if they were really all they were cracked up to be since it had been a 4 hour project. Let me tell you sister was worth every.single.minute. And truth be told, they are SO easy. You just have to give the yeast time to do it's thang. After I did my share of attempting to cook we headed over to my Nana and Papa's house for lunch. As usual, Teeny outdid herself and we were over served with fabulous dressing, ham, PW's mac and cheese, mom's creamed corn goodness, green beans and then...well, then we had a roll....or 3.

As Thanksgiving's go, we capped off the day with back-to-back football games. The Cowboys provided our afternoon entertainment and then the Longhorns were the nightcap. But I would be withholding information if I didn't throw in that there were 5 of us who felt bad for the poor schmucks having to work Thanksgiving at Old Navy. We didn't want them to be working in vain so we decided to give their $15 jean sale a whirl. 3 pair of skinny jeans later we were headed home for kickoff. Don't judge...

The Aggie's sure put up a fight. We had a few that were really tightly wound at our house. Thank goodness the Horns pulled it out and Thanksgiving 2009 wasn't lost. After the game we charted out our Black Friday plan of Attack. There were $5 board games and drum sets calling our name. The family we adopted has 3 boys and just about everything on their wish list gave us a reason to justify standing outside of Target with 500 of our closest friends at 4:30AM...

If you're jealous now, you don't even want me to throw in your face the fact that we capped off our shopping trip with breakfast at IHOP. I know, sometimes life's not fair. You just slept in and made fun of those of us standing in lines 55 people deep in the name of a discount and a $5 off coupon.

When all of the hoopla was said and done I came home and finished my Christmas decorations. Rookie was highly involved....Ho-Ho-Ho! Now I'm ready for Christmas shopping, gift wrapping, and ornament exchanging! Merry merry!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Coffee Talk...

Is it dressing or stuffing?? Talk amongst yourselves....

For the's DRESSING to me. :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey Turkey Gobble and Turkey Turkey Giggle...

I wish turkey only cost a nickle...

I'm telling you, Adam Sandler - The Thanksgiving Song never gets old! I am looking forward to Thanksgiving! My Grandma gets into town today, my sister, uncle and family friends get in tomorrow and then the festivities begin!

I broke the news last year that we're not a turkey family...I am unapologetic in my request for chicken and dressing and an overload of carbohydrates. But I do feel slightly sorry for my hubby who remembered, as we were driving down the road yesterday, that he would not have turkey this year. He let out a slight agonizing sound and moaned that my family is denying him the ability to eat "turkey sandwich leftovers". I told him that I will make it my personal responsibility to go to Rudy's and get him some turkey. No one wants to sit next to pouty pants crying in the giblet gravy!

We have a wonderful (and generally chaotic and funhouse) time together over the holidays and I cannot wait to see what Papa says at our pre-Thanksgiving Mexican food dinner tomorrow case you missed it last year, familiarize yourself! This is the same guy who wore a snuggie last week for a photo-shoot...don't be surprised!

In honor of Thanksgiving I wanted to list a few things I'm most thankful for. Some serious, some silly, all complete blessings and I could never express enough gratitude. I'm thankful for:
  • The joy in knowing that I am saved by the blood of Christ and can rest in the peace that I will spend eternity in Heaven because of His sacrifice. Thank you, Jesus!
  • My wonderful husband and family. I've said it a million times, but I am so lucky. My family is so close and if there is one thing we know for certain, it's that we are loved abundantly. We have fun together, laugh together, and pray together and I honestly could not have asked for more.
  • My crazy Rookie Bear! Who would have thought that a mis-guided Christmas gift could be so fabulous! Ha! Oh how I love that dog.
  • I have a roof over my head, clothes to keep me warm and food to keep me fed. I know this is not something to take for granted, but I feel that lately I have been more reminded of what a privilege this really is.
  • Friends who love dance parties, queso, Glee, SYTYCD and dessert...and me.
  • Super sales at Bath and Body Works because they bubble bath is some of the best foaming bubble bath...and when it's on sale it is CHEAP!
  • Delilah playing Christmas music starting Thursday night!
  • Dave helping me with the dishes and many other household chores. He just digs in and helps and doesn't expect that any one thing will just be done by me....except for putting up the Christmas decorations....
  • Yoga pants...the best moments of my life are the ones where I take off my heels and dress clothes after work and put on my "stretchy pants". :)
  • Diet Coke, Iced Tea, all things chocolate, potatoes, and a good steak....
  • Sunny, 70 degree Texas days!

I could truly go on and on, but in the event of time and your sanity I'll just say "Thank you". Thank you for reading about my life and getting to know me through the blog world. I hope and your family have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.



Monday, November 23, 2009

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words...

Thank goodness, because for once in my life I'm going to let my words be few and let the pictures do the talkin'. :)

Friday night Dave and I had a fun, fabulous and exciting dinner with friends. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture! I do count it as one of many blessings that we have really great couple friends that we can have fun with. Bradley and Lynch (yes, it sounds like locker room chatter but they are both Allison's) are two of my best friends and I am so glad that our husbands hang out and get along so well. Golf, cookouts, football's always fun. Friday night was no exception!

Saturday we got up and decided to take breakfast over to my parent's and hear about my brother's trip to San Fransisco and his "story time" with THE Willie Mays. I'm so proud of him and what he is doing and it is so fun to hear of his experiences. Here is a picture he sent me during his week.
After breakfast bonding with the fam I started on this project....
And I am so excited to say that I have a couple of my trees up and I only have one more to go!! (But it's the grandaddy of them all and it's going to take me forever. Anyone a lover of stringing lights and a giver of your time and energy??) I am definitely getting into the holiday spirit! I can't wait until everything is out and my house doesn't look like a tornado blew threw it!!

Yesterday we celebrated Nana's birthday! We ended up bailing on Moonshine because there were 120 people in front of us on the wait list!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me?? We wouldn't have eaten until 2:00pm and as my dad says, "That dog ain't gonna hunt!" We had hungry bellies and not even green chile cheese grits were worth that kind of a wait. Our mulligan was Pappadeux's and it was great. Happiest of Birthday's to my Nana! It's always fun when you can milk it for a week, right Teeny? ;)
Finally, last night we went to see The Blindside. I.LOVED.IT. I had no idea of Michael Oher's story until the movie came out. And I didn't know the details until I saw the movie. What an amazing man he is! And thank God for bringing him into the lives of a family willing to give him a home, a hope and a change to succeed. He surely did that. What a truly wonderful and inspiring story! Take your entire family to see this movie over the Thanksgiving holiday! It certainly opened my eyes to the abundance of things I have to be thankful for and the opportunity I have to show Christ's love to others. Go see it! (Ps...this is a photo they showed at the end of the movie of the real Michael Oher and his adoptive mother and father)
UM...I STILL used too many words!! Sorry. :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Fabulous Find Friday!

I hope you've been nice because you are not going to want Santa to skip your house when you see what he's packin'! I was introduced to some amazing pottery years ago by my in-laws and it's time I share it with you!

Buck Pottery is located in Gruene, TX and they have some of the most beautiful pieces you will see. I feel certain you will want a few of these items for your kitchen! I've pulled a few of my favorites from their website, but each piece is handmade and unique. But don't worry! If you find something you like the Buck's will help get you something to match your needs.

Here are a few of my current obsessions...

Isn't it all gorgeous?? Imagine my joy when the Bucks gave David and I a beautiful bowl as a wedding present! I love it and use it often! The best part is, it is totally dishwasher safe...tried and true! Visit their website ( ) to browse their other pieces and make your holiday wish list!

And while you're web-browsing, browse on over and check out my Rookie Bear in this old school post! Today is "Show us your Pet" over at Kelly's Korner. We all know Rookie loves an audience! HAPPY FRIDAY!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

As Seen on TV!

Yesterday was my precious Nana's birthday. We had already decided to celebrate on Sunday because my mom and I are in a bible study (that my mom leads) on Wednesday nights. Such calendar conflicts could not be avoided, so we opted to celebrate her fully this weekend. Teeny made her Sunday birthday brunch decision based on such culinary delicacies as corn flake chicken tenders, green chile cheese grits and sweet potato casserole. We're pretty fired up about it!

Although we will celebrate this weekend, we wanted to recognize the big day a little bit, so we went over to their house after bible study with a few cupcakes and presents in hand. We sang and had a cupcake and were sitting talking when the topic somehow changed to the Snuggie. Next thing you know Nana and Papa are exchanging glances and Papa pulls out all the stops. Oh.Yes.He.Does. have a SNUGGIE! I have documented this for my brother and sister to see him in all of his warm and snugly glory.

I cease to be amazed by these two. Don't think for a second we didn't laugh and point fingers. And we may or may not have told him he looks like a Monk.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pa-pa, pa-pa-razzi!

Y'all probably know by now that I love pictures. I document (or try to) everything! And for this very reason, I'm loving my new favorite photo tool...I know it's not new, but it's new to me! Thanks to my sister for introducing me to the polaroid photo editor. I LOVE it! Here are a few of my quick creations...

Monday, November 16, 2009

I Wanna be Famous...

As a little girl I always thought I should be an actress! I LOVED Alyssa Milano in "Who's the Boss" and If I could have been anyone it would have been DJ Tanner. I always dreamed of the amazing life of a celebrity and thought it would be so cool to sign autographs and be in BOP Magazine or Teen People. It was pretty much my mom's fault because she didn't put me in acting lessons or send me to auditions. I had all the goods to be a full fledged STAR!

The life of the rich and famous can seem so glamorous. We get caught up in their lives and find everything they do so entertaining. I mean, I watched Kloe Kardashian and Lamar Odum's wedding for 1 hour yesterday and I DVR'd it in case I want to watch it again! I don't know why I care, but I continue to watch the Bachelor and Bachelorette and tune in to see if they find love....and they NEVER DO! They continue to tout Trista and Ryan as the one single success story among the baker's dozen that haven't worked out. How's that for odds??

It was so interesting yesterday when my pastor began his message with a story of one of his former youth (he was a youth minister) who he is friends with on Facebook. She was at the memorial at Fort Hood and her first status message was asking for prayers and support for the families of the victims of the terrible Fort Hood massacre. Her very next status update was informing friends that "OH MY GOSH! Do you see me on TV?? I'm standing right next to the guy with the red flag!!" Because yes, she had managed to get in the camera view and was so excited for her 15 seconds of fame.

It's only one example of how we, as humans, often crave attention, importance, fame, notoriety. We want to be good at what we do whether it is being great at our job, raising the most well mannered/well behaved children, being the best baseball player, the list goes on and on. But in the end, what does it get us? Will anyone really remember us anyway??

For most of us, the answer is no. Will anyone remember me and say, "My goodness that Tiffany M! She sure had an impact on the world!" At this point I wouldn't think so, but the interesting part of the entire sermon was when Dr. Myers (SEM and Z....that feels so weird and formal....) asked us if anyone knew who Ed Kimball was. Not.One.Person did. Ed Kimball was simply a man who loved people and took it upon himself to take the time to speak to a young man in a shoe store one day selling him his shoes. During the time he spent with him while buying his shoes he got to know him and led the young man to Christ. That young man was D.L. Moody who was an evangelist who spoke to Frederick B. Meyer and he was saved. Meyer became a preacher of the Word and J. Wilbur Chapman heard the Good news and was saved. So the story goes Chapman was so moved he went into ministry and preached the word that Billy Sunday heard and was saved. The Lord used Billy Sunday to speak to Mordecai Ham and can you guess where it goes from here?? Mordecai Ham preached a revival and only one person was saved....and it was....drumroll please...Billy Graham.

Because of Ed Kimball's humble obedience and willingness to show Jesus to others, look at the lives that have been saved!! And did any of us know his name?? Well, a few of us do now because it was used in a sermon, but it is certainly not a household name. But boy is he famous in the Kingdom! And if I can be famous anywhere I would sure rather it be in the Kingdom than in People Magazine and Perez Hilton.

I love the thought that God is going to open windows of opportunity as He sees fit, and whatever I do in my life I should do it all for God's glory. I find it fitting that the title of my blog is "Life is Glamorous and Fabulous". And while it might not be glamorous to others that I get up, go to work, come home, walk my dog, make dinner, do laundry and watch some form of reality TV it is fairly glamorous to me. It's glamorous that I have an amazing husband, family and friends that God has blessed me with. And He has saved me from the unholy version of myself and made me completely fabulous in His eyes, and He is giving me every opportunity to live a life of impact for the Kingdom.

I'd say there is nothing more glamorous than knowing I'm a princess because my father is the King!

"Don't wanna be famous in life,
I don't wanna be famous in the World,
Just wanna be famous, famous,
I wanna be famous in your eyes..." ~ "Famous" Vertical Horizon

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fabulous Find Friday!

Merry Merry, Gobble Gobble! Who can believe we are halfway through November and Christmas is knocking on our door?? I know I can't! I love Thanksgiving, but I have to be honest and tell you that I literally cannot wait to start putting up my Christmas trees and it's only a matter of time before my house is filled with Faith Hill is belting out "A Baby Changes Everything" (seriously, click the links to get hyped) and Josh Groban moves me to tears with "Little Drummer Boy". It makes me kind of giddy just thinking about it!

With the impending Christmas season one of the first things on my to-do list is to order my Christmas cards. I hope you send Christmas cards! And I hope you send a card with a picture of you and your hubby, or your children, or even your dog because there is nothing I love more than Christmas photo cards. Don't get me wrong, I love straight up text Christmas cards too, but I just love to see your mug smiling at me the entire holiday season!

This weekend I'm going to pick out my favorite branches and let Dave trim away so I can get started on this again, and then as soon as that first card hits my mailbox it will be displayed for all the world to see! Or at least for anyone in the world who happens to come to my home. :)

I have been on the lookout for for my family's Christmas card and while I think I've found the one my heart desires, I have seen a ton that are just as cute as can be! I've even thought to myself, "That looks like Courtney!" Or, "I could totally see L-Merc's freaking cute kids on that card!" So it would be my pleasure to share a few of these talented designs with you in your quest for Christmas card perfection. (Ps...most of these sellers have fabulous party invitations as well.)

This one is from Birdie's Custom Cards on Etsy

And how about this precious birth announcement from Sugar Tree Studios just because I couldn't pass it up?? And this non-tradition Christmas card in great Fall colors.

Last but not least, there is old faithful....Tiny Prints. They are running FREE shipping and $10 off orders of $75 or more....AND...They have some great new cards for 2009. Here a couple that caught my eye...

I can't wait until your card is hanging on my tree! Merry Merry...Gobble Gobble!

Add a Little Spice to Your Life!

I'm not a fan of pumpkin. Maybe it's my refined pallet, but normally my favorite part of Thanksgiving is the macaroni and cheese, the honey baked ham and my Nana's dressing capped off with a nice piece of chocolate pie. I can't even remember having pumpkin pie let alone liking it!

You can imagine my surprise when I tried some of my mother-in-law's delicious bread which I thought was "spice bread" only to find out it was pumpkin spice bread! I had unknowingly eaten a version of pumpkin bread....and liked it!! It might have had something to do with the surprise goodies baked inside, but I'll get to that later...

She was kind enough to share the recipe and I whipped up a batch just the other night. I have had it for breakfast the last 2 days and I now feel it is my duty to share the goodness with you. I'm pretty sure I'll be serving it to my family on Thanksgiving morning!

Pumpkin Spice Bread- yields 2 large loaves
3 cups sugar
3 cups flour
1 t baking soda
1 t salt
2 t cinnamon
1 cup pecans
1 cup oil
4 eggs
1 16oz. can pumpkin
*The special ingredient is optional....

Bake at 375 for 1 hour

Mix all of the ingredients together and then add a bag of chocolate chips! (Because my mother in law is the like that...) I used Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate, but I know she uses the Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips and she only uses 1/2 the bag...I like mine with more chocolate.
And wha-la! Yummy goodness even non-pumpkin lovers will love! If you don't tell they really won't even know!