Monday, December 1, 2008

Turkey Time!

My holiday was great. How was yours? We took full advantage of family time, ate amazing food, had a LOT of laughs and did a little shopping. We started the holiday festivities with Posadas Mexican food on Wednesday night. We sat down at the table and learned it was still happy hour. Thanks began right then as Mike, nana AND papa took part in the good fortune. The margaritas literally came out the size of a fishbowl and I knew there was no way nana and papa could EACH take one down. They tried to prove me wrong.

Taylor, Kristen, Dave and I were at the end of the table and we were not short on laughs. Of course, with Taylor, you're never short on inappropriate jokes/comments. The fact that my grandmother, who is NOT hard of hearing, was right next to me was not lost. I honestly don't remember laughing so hard for so long. We had to put a moratorium on the "That's what she said" jokes. The best though, was when I mentioned how weird I think it is that schools can be named ___ State when they are not state schools. For example, Appalachian State. Ball State. Midwestern State. I don't get it. Oklahoma State, Texas State, Michigan State....that I understand. Anyways, the comment was made and then I was trying to think of more examples. Dave, Taylor and I started thinking of them and then it became funny that Kristen couldn't think of a single one. We went on and on and we were rolling laughing and finally, Taylor said, "Ok, Kristen...this team won the College World Series last year." ...Crickets....blank stares. "Ok, a fruit stands sells 'blank' fruit." Kristen guesses, "Ripe fruit? Good fruit?" We all exchange glances and start to laugh. Let's try this again... Taylor says, "You cut up what kind of fruit to put on top of cereal?" Kristen finally guesses "FRESH fruit?" Good!!! Now Taylor says, "you go skiing on what?" Kristen, "Snow?" Now we're getting somewhere! Taylor says, "Put it together!" Kristen answers, "SNOW FRESH State?" Collective, "Are you kidding me??" Taylor then said, "Switch it around." Kristen, again, "Fresh-Snow State? Fresno State!!" She finally got one! It was so funny, and I feel sure it won't be as funny to you reading the story.

It's always funny getting together with extended family. Dave and I spent time with each of our families, and I have chosen my 3 favorite quotes of the long weekend to share with you.

1. This came from my Papa while he was enjoying his margarita. Taylor said to him, "Papa, you better start working on that. You've still got a ways to go!" Then, we began teasing him and chanting, "Chug-chug-chug-chug!" Papa proceeded to turn his hat and say, "I'm going to turn my hat sideways like fifty-cents." I love that he put an "s" on the end. Then, "Yeah, me and P.Daddy are like this (crossing fingers)" Then the following photo was taken.

2. Mom, Kristen, Dave and I were in the car on the way home from dinner and Kristen asked what Thanksgiving day would consist of. Mom explained that for the first time, both the Cowboys AND Texas played on the same day, so there would be no bowling. To which Kristen replied, "So, we'll pretty much be vertical all day?"

3. I was talking to Dave's cousin who is 9 years old and I asked him about his girlfriend. He replied, "No, she broke up with me. She said she was thinking about me too much!" LOVE IT!!!

Thanksgiving was wonderful and we have so much to be thankful for! I truly am blessed to have a wonderful family and wonderful in-laws to celebrate with. I know how lucky I am!


kristin fulghum said...

i love it! it was actually pretty funny reading it too. and for the record i had to read all the way to the end to know what university you were talking about.

kate said...

OMG you didn't tell me Brett and Rachael broke up! They have been going out for years!!!

Kristen said...

So you're hanging me out to dry on this post...I get it. You just better be glad you followed up with a bday tribute;)

themanhattantransfer said...

That picture of Papa is priceless. Literally.