Thursday, March 27, 2014


It's bulls and blood, it's dust and mud

It's the roar of a Sunday crowd, it's the white in his knuckles

The gold in the buckle he'll win the next go 'round

It's boots and chaps, it's cowboy hats

It's spurs and latigo, it's the ropes and the reins

And the joy and the pain and they call the thing rodeo

Monday, March 17, 2014

Baby Picasso...

Friday we were stuck inside due to cold weather and an electrician. In need of shaking things up a bit we decided to finger paint. It was easy to throw together, fun for them, and only moderately messy for this "keep it clean" mama. 

I knew everything would go straight into their mouth (especially miss Caroline!!), so it was completely edible. I cleaned them and their tray after each color to try to keep it fairly clean and so the colors wouldn't become a gross shade of mud. After 2 colors we decided to call it quits simply because they have the attention span of a gnat. :) The paints save in the refrigerator so we'll do red and blue this afternoon.

Finger paint:
1/3 cup flour
2 Tbsp Sugar
2 cups water
Food coloring

Add flour and sugar and water to sauce pan. Heat over medium heat, stirring constantly. It will thicken and you can divide the mixture for however many colors you'd like to make. Allow to cool and then let the painting begin!

I love how activities like this perfectly showcase the difference in their personalities. Caroline immediately grabbed the paint with her entire hand and then it went straight into her mouth. Parker tested it with his trusty pointer finger. :)

I can't wait to see their masterpieces on the fridge.

Daddy got home just as we were finishing clean-up (because his timing is always impeccable! Ha!) and was greeted by naked babies. Little cuties!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Babies Don't Keep!

This was the month that my babies started looking like toddlers. It really seemed to happen overnight. I blame growth spurts and hair for making my babies look so big. On one hand I'm ok with it because they are so much fun! But on the other hand I just can't believe you blink and it's gone....and you can't get it back. I hold my friends' tiny newborns and it's hard to remember. Only 11 measly months ago and it's hard to remember? Holy moly.

These 2 nuggets are 11 months old and they are a trip. They LOVE each other. They giggle, chase each other around, play well (for the most part. Ask me again in 6 months!), are "talking" up a storm, and are so crazy. Parker has EIGHT teeth to Caroline's two. :) Parker has "Mama" down pat and is working on "D" sounds. Dog, daddy, du----, we don't know if that's duck? Just the D sound? Caroline says "Uh-oh!" like it's her job, "Mama", "Bye-Bye", and just non-stop chatter that isn't yet distinguishable. We're in big kid car seats, bath-time is their favorite time of day, Caroline open-mouth kisses, Parker uses his pointer finger for everything, and I'm gonna need a full on enclosed-indoor-play yard when these two start walking.

How much? So much more than you know.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Laundry Room Re-Do...

This is definitely the most domestic post I'll write all year. It doesn't get much more exciting than cleaning up your laundry room! You're not gonna see this one on pinterest because it's nothing fancy, but it's made my life easier. My budget was $50 and I spent $55. Here she is...

As you can see, it was a DISASTER! It had become my catch-all for items that didn't have a home. Craft supplies, extra batteries and light bulbs, my gift wrapping items, extra blankets and towels, and general laundry supplies. My organization was top notch. EEK!

But a trip to IKEA, about 4 hours worth of work, a LOT of trash, and a few nails later...

I never DREAMED I would end up with unused shelf space! The only things I took out were lots of shopping bags that I always kept thinking I would re-use. And I wasn't re-using them as fast as I was collecting them! I hung my ironing board to make room, bought those buckets at IKEA for $6 each to store light bulbs, batteries, my crafting supplies, wrapping supplies, etc. 

Not only is it so much neater but I can actually find things now. It's a room in your house that no one ever sees except you, so it tends to be the last room you really care about, but for $55 I am thrilled with this re-do. It's given me some of my sanity back! I found that bulletin board at Home Goods and decided to hang it in the laundry room for fun. It's a spot that I can add a few photos or quotes. I spend lots of time in there so it's nice to see some smiling faces. :) 

The guest room is next on my re-do list....iy-yi-yi!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

What's Cookin'...

Facebook and Instagram are a virtual beat-down this week. All of you spring breakers are showing off your ski slopes and your sandy beaches and I'm all, "Good news guys! We're going to the grocery store today!!" I'm probably going to wear my glitter Toms because I'm feeling that festive.

Someone please ski a blue or drink something frozen for me.

I usually menu plan on Sunday but I'm shaking things up this week. We made a quick trip to The Woodlands this weekend for an engagement party for one of my college roommates and best friends, Courtney. We had a great time and were even kid free for 24 hours! We divided and conquered- Parker stayed with my parents and Caroline stayed with Dave's parents. Everyone enjoyed it immensely! It allowed fun 1-on-1 bonding for both sets of grandparents and allowed P&C 1-on-1/only child style love for a weekend. It was beyond adorable when they were reunited. They crawled SO fast to each other and squealed and giggled and immediately started playing.

Back to the menu...Sunday is my planning and executing day. I usually grocery shop kid free during their afternoon nap. Today we're going all in and heading to the store when I get my list complete. Here's what's on tap:

  • Thursday- BBQ grilled pork chops with green beans and strawberry spinach salad
  • Friday- Grill Burgers with chips and fruit
Hope y'all have a great week! Happy spring break, however you're celebrating!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Let Them Sleep, For When They Wake, They Will Move Mountains...

I didn't realize that I never shared P&C's nursery with y'all. I have had a few photos here and there that have shown the babies in their room so a few people have asked me for more photos and where some of their items are from. So, 10 months we go!

The babies share a nursery so I wanted it to be gender neutral. Their room doesn't get a ton of natural light so I knew I wanted it to be light and airy. I started by choosing a crib and glider and then went from there. I really thought that I would get white or wrought iron cribs but the store had their cribs on display and I really fell in love with the grey. Instead, I choose all white bedding.

Many of the accents in their room were gifts or were mine or Dave's, so it's all very special. Their room is one of my favorite rooms in the house. It's the most prayed over, the little people that sleep there are the most prayed over, and it's just sweet. Come on in!

This is looking into the room from the doorway. Below is the opposite view- standing by the cribs looking across the room.

The rattles hanging on the door where made by my sweet friends as decoration for their baby shower and they hung on the hospital door when the babies were born. I've just left them out because they're so cute. 

Their crib bedding was on ridiculous sale at Restoration Hardware and I love the simplicity of it.

Everything on their shelves were gifts and are so special. 

When the babies were born my brother was in the middle of his baseball season. He didn't get to meet the babies until they were about 6 months old, but he sent Parker this baseball. I love it so much and I know he will too! I know Uncle T will teach him all of his mad skills!

I found this little poem at an antique mall and I just fell in LOVE with it!! It is just the sweetest thing in the world and I knew I wanted it in their room.

I absolutely cannot believe the babies who were 14 days old in these photos will soon be 1!

These books were given to the babies by my mother-in-law. They were all David's grandmother's and it's so precious to see her name, dates, and even address written inside in her pen. I especially love the Bobsey Twins book :) The photo is the day we brought P home from the hospital and the day these two were reunited! The shoe was David's. It has his name and birthdate.

I got the print on ETSY, the lamb was a gift from a dear family friend and the teacup...My mom always says, "my cup runneth over". She collects teacups and we tend to get teacups from special places. I went on a girl's trip with my mom and Nana shortly after my Papa passed away. Which was also following a failed fertility treatment. I was in a very down time in my life and the trip was a much needed getaway. God used that time in my life to work in my heart and I became pregnant a few months later. This teacup is from a little store in Carmel. My mom bought it for me and it is a reminder of that time in my life, that special trip, and the way God moved in my life. 

Right outside the nursery is a little reading nook. It was wasted space at the top of the stairs for the years we have lived here. It's now the perfect little spot for my little people. My dad hung these shelves from IKEA, many of the books were gifts and many I have picked up along the way. I love reading to P&C. 

And finally, these little Golden Books....My mom and sister threw me the most precious and personal baby shower. Everyone "signed in" in one of these books and wrote a special note to P&C or to me and Dave. I love reading these books to the babies and reading them the notes from people who love them so and prayed for them. 

And that, my friends, is the tour of P&C's spot. Lots of treasures for our little loves. Thanks for stopping in!