Monday, January 6, 2014

I Couldn't Love You More...

On this day seven years ago, I walked down the aisle and took your name. I was overjoyed as we started our new life together and dreamed about the future, and I thought, "I couldn't love you more!"

You have been by my side and been an encouragement to me and to my family as my mom battled breast cancer. You've walked many miles with "Team Zsa Zsa" as we Race for a Cure and you showed up for 3 days, in various locations to cheer us on and support us as we walked 60 miles. And as we crossed that finish line, and you were there to congratulate us and tell me you were proud of me, and I thought I couldn't love you more.

You not only support me but also my family. Since you have known me you have spent March-September (officially) cheering for, checking stats on, traveling, watching on computer casts, and genuinely supporting my brother. I say officially because that's the length of the season, but you always support him. From McNeil, to Tulane, from Scottsdale to Richmond, you have been a fan. And as you sent encouraging texts and phone calls to my family, because you love them and they are absolutely your family, I thought I couldn't love you more. 

You have happily spent our few vacation dollars on family vacations. Mostly centered around the aforementioned baseball games. :) We have had an absolute blast on each trip but you have been more than a good sport as we have crammed 5 people, 2 sets of golf clubs, 7 bags of luggage, and a partridge in a pear tree into a tiny dodge sedan to save money on an extra rent car. And I'm gonna call you a good sport but I actually think you enjoyed your tour of Savannah via bike! You have jumped right into my crazy family and you VERY rarely complain about anything. Every time you play right along I think, I couldn't love you more.

We spent 3 1/2 years trying and praying for a family. We had very hard days and also days where we felt God's presence so close we were covered in peace. You were my constant support, encouragement, prayer warrior, and strength. And at night, when I would pray for a family, when I would pray that I could see you as a daddy, when I would place our hopes and dreams in God's capable hands, I knew no matter what came our way I was glad to be on this journey with you. Because I could not love you more.

On April 12th, 2013- That was it. I saw you hold our precious, beautiful, absolute miracles. Thank you Lord for these babies and this man. I could not love him more. 

You stood by Parker and told him about Texas Tech, about the people who loved him and were praying for him to get big and strong, about football and baseball and all the things y'all would do together when he got bigger...

You pulled up Taylor's game-cast in the NICU and told Parker all about his Uncle Taylor and how he was a great ball player and would teach him everything he knows...

And then, when you came back to the hospital room from visiting Parker you put your hand gently over Caroline, leaned over her and whispered, "Let me tell you all about your big brother..."

As the tears rolled down my face because I was witnessing your precious conversation I thought, this has to be it, because I simply cannot love him more.

And then I see you playing with our babies, reading books before bed, spending time with Caroline over a sunrise, stealing kisses by the Christmas tree...telling Parker he's your best buddy and telling Caroline she's beautiful...

You are a wonderful daddy and I couldn't love you more.

 Today, as we celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary and the blessings that have been poured out on us in our marriage, I couldn't love you more. 

But there's always tomorrow.