Friday, July 30, 2010

Fabulous Find Friday...

I really enjoy photography. But just to be clear, I am not a pro. I don't claim to be and you can tell that yourself by looking at my photos. I take most of my pictures on "auto" because it stresses me out to mess with the lighting and have to worry about things like ISO and aperture. After all, I have enough to worry about with Ellen leaving Idol and my favorite dancers dropping like flies on SYTYCD.

Even though I'm fairly novice when it comes to photography I still love it. There is nothing more important to me than my photos and my memories. I'm so glad I have photographic evidence of the time my sister and I told my brother (at 3 or 4 yrs old...) that mom said he had to do what we said or he would be grounded. We proceeded to dress him up in old dance uniforms and make him pose. Then we made him snuggle in a lawn chair with our Yorkie with a bow in his hair...I can't wait until he has a wedding video...

Or the time my mom was taking family photos and my sister spread her legs open as a joke (while wearing a jean skirt) and my mom happened to snap the picture at the same time. And praise the lord we have like 5 years of awkward photos of me wearing things like Mia sandals and jean dresses. Bless my heart.

Nonetheless, I will continue to take pictures and try my hardest to get better! I'm trying to find the right photography class for me and then hopefully a photoshop class! I got my camera (which I LOVE) for Christmas and I'm having fun figuring it out. Everything is a photo-op these days!

Like everything, cameras need gear! I recently WON a camera strap from a fabulous giveaway that Sarah and the City had! I was so stinkin' excited...I never win anything! And, y'all have to check out Sarah's blog. She's planning a wedding that is sure to be fabulous! I digress...I picked out this cute strap below and I received it a few weeks ago! I love that it has a pocket for your lens cap.

These are from Happy Snapz and there are tons of cute patterns to choose from. I love these too...
At the top of my "wish list" though is one of these amazing Kelly Moore Bags. I only have a couple of lenses and even that is a lot to cart around. You just want to make sure that nothing gets scratched, but the camera bags aren't the most stylish things in the world...that is until now! These hobo style bags are the cutest! I don't even know what color I want yet.
Amazon has a few more styles and colors than Kelly's website. Go look! And if you start shopping and get into the "one for me, one for you" mentality, just go with it! I am more than happy to be the "one for you" in that equation! :) I'm really considerate like that. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Letter to the Treadmill...

Dear Running,

I hate your stinkin' guts. You're basically false advertising. I see commercials with people running on the beach, bounding about in their fantastic Nike shoes, great bodies, great tunes on their iPod and it actually looks do-able. Maybe even borderline pleasant. So it sucked me right in. I wanna have legs like that girl too!

So, Running, I loaded up my iPod, stepped on that treadmill and set out with such promise. One minute later I was huffing and puffing and I didn't look anything like the other girls on their treadmills. They were just watching Keeping up with the Kardashian's, gliding about at 7 miles an hour, not even so much as a bead of sweat and I'm flailing like a fish out of water to get through 2 minutes. My face is now the color of a beet, sweat's dripping down my face, I'm breathing like I just ran a marathon and I'm cussing your name, running! You're such a liar. You are not fun. You are not "a great stress relief". You are not easy and I don't look like those other girls yet. Surely, after a combined 18 minutes of running, I should have those legs by now, right?

Another thing I don't understand is how some people actually look cute while participating in your activity, running. They've got their little shorts on, their pony tail sweeping back and forth, no audible breathing...and then there's me. My shorts are riding up with each stride, I'm looking at the clock wondering how in creation it's only been 6 seconds...surely it's been 10 minutes. My hair is matted to the sweat on my face, I'm sucking wind and all I can think about is how much running stinks and I've only burned off the calories in 1/2 a strawberry.

I'll give you one little teensy bit of credit though, running...I do feel pretty good when I'm done with you. I think most of it is that I know I don't have to do it again for at least another 24 hours. But part of it could be that I actually feel good after huffing and puffing for a little while.

So I just might stick with you. I might even go as far as to say I'm going to pick out a 5K and work towards that. At this pace of running 2 minutes, walking 2 minutes it could take a while to get there, but I need a goal. So it's you and me. Mano a Mano. I hate you.

Let's do this.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shakin' things up...

I'm sorry I was so MIA last week. Dave and I have started attending a community group (bible study), I have started working out in the evenings (you just saw pigs fly, right?), and I was preparing for another shower. I know you're shocked about the shower, but in the interest of shaking things up and adding spice to my life, it was a bridal shower instead of a baby shower and it wasn't at my house! See, my life has depth and interest!

In a burst of luck, I won a 2 night hotel stay at a work function and it was for the date of my choosing in Dallas. I decided to cash it in for this weekend since the shower was on Saturday in Dallas, so Dave and I left work on Friday and headed north on I-35. We had a great dinner in Dallas and then met up with my sister and her friends for an 80's themed skating party complete with glow necklaces and 25 year old men in frighteningly short denim shorts. It was basically a crime.
My Sister and her boo...probably during couple's skate, let's be honest! His claim to "80's costume" fame was that he was wearing a braided belt. I'm not buyin' it.

Saturday, I headed over to Lindsey's to prepare for the shower. My dear friend from high school is getting married! I am so excited for her! It actually works out for all parties involved because Leah happened to fall in love with a Red Raider, just like yours truly, so Dave and Andy can have really meaningful conversations about the rise and fall of "the pirate" while Leah and I solve the world's problems. Or analyze Hoap Floats. Or analyze anything for that matter.

I digress...Leah looked gorgeous and so happy! It is so fun to celebrate her and Andy and share this special time with them. She got many FABULOUS things including ALL of her everyday dishes (total haul!), a Le Creuset french oven that I wanted to carry to my car instead of hers, a few place settings of her gorgeous china, and in a move that brought the room to tears, her grandmother gave Leah her Fiestaware dinnerware that she and Leah's granddad got 58 years ago for their wedding! Talk about special! It was a very precious moment!
The Fiestaware "moment"
Her china which I LOVE!
The hostesses (minus Joni!) with the beautiful bride!
We ended the weekend with brunch at Hattie's in the Bishop Art's District in Oak Cliff. We met some of Dave's family and it was so fun! Great brunch, great company and really fun decor!

Image: SnootyFoodie

It just wouldn't be a weekend without a shower now would it? :) Hope yours was great!

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Angel Flight...

I can't quit listening to this song right now...It will be well worth your time to watch the video and listen to the song. I've said it before but I could never say it enough...Thank you to all of the men and women who serve our great nation.

Monday, July 19, 2010

I Scream, You Scream, We ALL Scream for ICE CREAM!

I would tell you that I don't have a sweet tooth the size of Texas but that would be a bold face lie. And I can't lie to you. Not now. Not after all we've been through!

I began looking through my iPhone pictures from the weekend which is basically a reminder of what actually took place. It's amazing that I can turn on Hope Floats halfway through the movie and quote the line verbatim but I can't remember what we did Saturday night...but to give myself a little credit, how could you forget how Justin Matesse glides across that dance floor with that smirk, that cowboy hat, those boots...eyes boring into Birdie...then takes her hand and asks her to dance. She says no because she doesn't remember how to dance and he says this, "Dancing is just a conversation between two to me..."

Oh my...accelerated heart rate, a few can see why I might recall Justin Matesse but forget that trip to Steak 'n Shake...exhilarating as it may be...

I digress...As I was uploading pictures from the weekend I couldn't help but notice a common theme that does nothing for my hips. But when it's 100 degrees outside and you're melting in the Texas humidity I say forget the hips...bring on the ice cream! I may or may not have had it 3 times this weekend. In my defense there were birthday parties, Sunday School parties and a run-in with homemade butterfinger ice cream at our favorite BBQ joint. We've been going there for about 7 years now and have always passed on dessert until this fateful weekend when Kristen ordered a child's plate that came with a scoop of heaven. It's safe to say they had us at "homemade butterfinger ice cream included".

So I say, "You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!"

Adia's 1st birthday party Friday night...complete with a princess cake. In case you can't tell, the princess was none-too-happy when someone took her wand away!

No trip to Jason's deli is complete without a cone for the road...

Our Sunday School lake party wasn't short on homemade ice cream, but Dave got the gold star because he found the freezer of homemade PEACH ice cream...yes please!

There was watermelon for good measure...

Hope you all had a great weekend and stayed cool!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest...

I guess I need a little drama, with a side of crazy, in my life. I'm drawn to it like a moth to a flame, or like my friends to a bowl of queso. It was never more apparent than last night when I was watching sissy boy Frank lose every ounce of creditbility he might have had left while he whined and cried (for the zillionth time) about whether or not Ali really liked him, and if :what they have is real". Ah-yi-yi...My friend Esmer twittered it best: "Frank, your whining is wearing me out. Cowboy up or quit the rodeo!" Amen and Amen.

Chris on the other still my beating heart. He is just too good for her. I think Ali is fine, she's just whatever. She doesn't blow my socks off and I don't dislike her. I just really like Chris and his family and I think he needs a really great girl to complete the good thing they have going. I cried at least twice (which just isn't shocking these days) while his dad was talking about his late wife and the love they shared. It looks like they raised 3 great kids and have done their best to instill love, committment, compassion and a servant heart to each of their kids. You know, from what I can tell in the 10 minute hometown date montage.

I might have to turn in my credibility card...because clearly Chris has me wrapped around his little pinky and ready to offer my sister's hand in marriage to him because I think he's swell. Except for that whole Cape Cod thing...we're gonna need her to stay a bit closer to the Lone Star state...

I digress. After 2 good hours of my life were given to the bachelorette, 2 hours which I can never get back, I flipped over to the real deal...the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Talk about crazy...
It shocks me to know that people really live like that, fight like that, act like that...It's unreal to know that their kids see them act the way they do. They're a few grapes shy of a fruit salad! But I was watching, which is what they want.

Save the drama for your mama,

Monday, July 12, 2010

Pretty soon I'll be recycling...

No, we don't recycle...yes, I know the importance of it and the backlash I'll get from my sister in law. Yes, I'm sure we'll start very soon...

For now, share in the joy that I went to the farmer's market this weekend and enjoyed myself...and I took my reusable bag...that's a start!
No, I didn't buy anything on that table because I don't eat it, but it did look pretty. I would probably eat that okra, but I don't know how to cook it outside of frying it (YUM) so I decided to pass.
My loot consisted of blackberry jam for Dave, fresh peaches, homemade tamales, parmesan and crushed pepper wheat bread (to.die.for...drizzled a little olive oil and mozzarella on it and had it for lunch yesterday...), and a new plant for a shaded area in our backyard. I'd say it was a success!

Here's to your week! Let's make it a good one, friends.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fabulous Find Friday!

I'm sorry my blogging has been scarce this week. Maybe it's because I've been completely exhausted from weeks of traveling and baby showering. Maybe it's because of this rainy weather that makes me want to waste my life away watching the Bachelorette, So You Think You Can Dance and that unfortunate incident of Toddlers and Tiaras. I've already repented. Or maybe it's just that my arms are tired from holding this little muffin....
The model got a little fussy towards the end of her photo shoot. It was hard to accommodate all of her demands but we did what we could. She kept saying things like, "polka dots aren't for everyone!" But we assured her she pulled them off nicely.... Diva.

Totally joking! I love that kid to pieces. It is amazing though how your arm gets sore after like 1 hour of holding them. I'm going to need to start with the arm weights...Speaking of holding babies, my friend L-Merc had her baby yesterday too! She and Bradley took pictures in the hospital together, how hilarious is that! (I told you all of my friends were prego!) She had a precious baby boy last night that I cannot wait to go meet! Maybe Luke and Avery are MFEO? I think so...

I digress...let's talk about shopping...I was looking through the Anthropologie website a few weeks ago and I was haphazardly putting things in my shopping cart if I liked them so I could revisit it later. When I got to the end of my online browsing journey I visited my shopping cart and found a few things that I really do like! They kind of run the gamut since we have a swimsuit, a trench coat and a bath robe in the same lot. It's a reflection of my life...all over the map. One minute I'm crying because Alex Wong was sent home from SYTYCD with an injury and the next I'm yelling at the Rangers for their 8th inning meltdown against the bottom dwellers of the AL East. I'm fragile...

Here are a few things to close out the Summer and move right into the fall. Although I'm not wishing away lazy days by the pool, sno cones and flip flops I'm always awaiting fall fun (and football season).

I love this swimsuit . I'm crazy about the polka dots and the ruffles!

This skirt is perfect for work, church, date night, girl's night, showers, maybe even a wedding...whatever floats your boat! It's hard to see on the black skirt but there is a cute tie around the waist.

I have a complete obsession with coats. Pea coats, trench coats, rain coats...I love them! Too bad I live in Texas where it is 90-107 degrees 75 percent of the year. But I love it here, I'm staying here, and I'll wear my coats with pride the other 25 percent of the year. :) I think this trench coat is darling and will be perfect for fall patio dinners and football games.

Finally, my mother in law got this robe for mother's day and it is as cute as can be! I love the stripes, I love the ruffled cuffs I love the super soft material...It basically had me at hello!

Happy Friday friends! You wouldn't think I would be this excited for a Friday after a 4 day weekend, but the closing bell can't get here fast enough! Hope you have a great weekend...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Name is Humpty, pronounced with an UM-pty...

Parents put so much thought into naming a child. I know because I have several pregnant friends right now. You say the name, see how far your husband's lip scowls, then he begins throwing out every nickname that punk kids could possibly think of....he would know because not too long ago he was a punk kid too. If it passes the nickname test you throw it out to your mom who has no problem giving opinions. If it passes the mom test, the husband test and the nickname test, you're in business!

I don't think any nickname test our parents could have done would have prepared them for the days in the Pi Phi house. From 2000-2002 I think the halls sounded more like a locker room than a sorority house and I have no problem with that. Some of our nicknames were as generic as last names instituted forclarification. We had several Allison's, and when we were in need of a Chi, or something equally as critical and time sensitive, there was no time to mess around with mistaken identity. Other names, like "The Loj" came after late nights of pointing and laughing at old pictures of Liz in her 8th grade "gothic" days. She was such a baller with her flannel shirts and dark lipstick. "Loj" was given to her based on her maiden name, but her photos earned her respect...she wasn't just Loj, she was THE Loj. (Pronounced Low-zh)

Robyn's nicknames are ever evolving. She has a very sweet, more quiet and mild personality compared to the rest of us. The rest of us are type A, center of attention, story telling, joke cracking, never-met-a-stranger types. So it is funny to me that she is the nickname queen. Her maiden name of Reams earned her the first nickname "Creams" which turned too cookies and Creams, Cookies, Cooks, croomples, favorites are Cookies and of course cReams.

Here is the group with names below....

From left to right:

  • Robyn- Reams, Cookies, Crumps, cReams, the list goes on and on
  • Allison- Lynch (old school: A G tha Lynch)
  • Liz- The Loj.
  • Laura- L-Merc (Pronounced L-Mer-s)
  • Allison- Bradley (She is also called The Braids by some, but I always refer to her as Bradley)
These are some of my best friends. We live in the same town (except for Cookies) so we spend a lot of time together. Our husbands are buddies and that is so fun. We love spending time together, so it has been a true blessing that our husbands get along so well and we can hang out as couples. Let's be honest, I don't even know that they care if we are there or not! Give them a tee time and let 'em roll. Bradley was in LABOR on Saturday when Dave called James to wish him well and James asked if we were going to be back from the lake on Monday....because "maybe they could hit the links"....Luckily Dave had more sense than James and told him he better stay with his wife and newborn!!! Do they have any sense??

Needless to say, we are all thrilled that Miss Avery is here! I told y'all about it yesterday and that I am now "Aunt T-Rog". We decided that although we are not actual sisters, we are close enough! When Bradley told us she was pregnant, she wrote us all cards telling us we would be "An Aunt in July". And now I am.

So, hopefully that clarifies our nicknames and my "Aunt" designation to Miss Avery and in late August to Blythe (Lynch's baby). I do have a REAL sister who means the world to me, and I will flip my lid when she has a baby! You guys might have to sedate me. So you'll know when I'm a flesh and blood aunt! For now, this is as good as it gets.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Total Eclipse of the Heart...

I'm terribly ashamed to admit that I watched the Jake and Vienna "special" last night after the bachelorette. I'm going to admit that it was an all-time low. My sister said it best today, "I meaaaaaan, she is a child and he has literal issues." Amen and amen.

What I'm not ashamed to admit is that I loved every minute of my day off on Friday. Mostly because it started with Chick-Fil-A chicken minis and a 10am showing of Eclipse with the Loj and hundreds of our closest friends...who just happened to be conveniently transported in school buses...

It was so worth it....

"I can't believe we wasted 2 hours on this crap when we could have watched 4 episodes of cake boss!" ~ Dave's thoughts on my choice to watch the Bachelorette/Jake and Vienna special over the Cake Boss marathon on TLC. In his defense, who doesn't love crazy Italians!

Don't You Say it Ricky Bobby! These Colors Don't Run...

What is it about the 4th of July that makes people quote Talladega Nights, make 6 trips to Wal-Mart in 48 hours and feel the need to buy 3 1/2 gallons of Blue Bell out of principal because they were 3 for $11?

Or is that just my family?
Either way, I love July 4th. Like most of the July 4ths gone by, we spent the weekend at our family friend's lake house and we consumed an impossible amount of chips, queso, guacamole, 7-layer dip and brownies. Food, fun, fireworks, the lake and unreal amounts of potty humor....I'd say that's a win-win for a holiday weekend. Mom and I made a trip to Canton, the rain came in for a couple of hours on Saturday so the girls went and had a pedicure, the guys put on a great fireworks show as usual, and mom got her Wimbledon fix each morning while 20 teenage boys sat there eating their breakfast tacos wondering how a 53 year old woman managed to get control of the only TV in the house. We spent a good amount of time in the lake and I got my annual sunburn, so all is right with the world.

I don't have any pictures because I wasn't smart enough to grab my memory card out of my laptop. I'm sure I missed many life changing moments like last year when mom decided to hang with the boys and leap off the dock...In all, we had a great time, as usual, and we're just so thankful for good friends who open their home for such fun memories. We did do the math while sitting around talking, and Big John and Nice Mary bought the Lake house in 1982...I was born in I have literally been having fun at that house my entire life!

Patriotism was not lost on the weekend. We sang many a rendition of "Proud to be an American", said many a prayer of gratitude for our troops and their families, and saluted the flag in every form it presented itself....
In other holiday news....a baby was born...I'm now Aunt T-Rog! Bradley had her precious baby girl, Avery on July 4th! Mom and baby are doing well. Avery is precious and sweet and I'm going to hold her some more on my lunch break! I'm not going to share any pictures or stats of her yet because I'm going to let her mom do the honors, but I'll show you the fun flowers and cake she got from her aunt T-Rog and uncle Dave! She also got a tutu from us and I can promise you you will get a picture of her in that sometime soon! If the tutu fits....wear it!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Friends, please join me in praying for Megan, Brent and their families as they honor and celebrate the short life of baby Cohen today. For more of Cohen's story, click here.

"A good name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one's birth." ~ Ecclesiastes 7:1