Friday, October 31, 2008

Fabulous Find Friday! The perfect Christmas gift!

Do you need to give your darling hubby or your wonderful family a few hints for this holiday season? Well send them over to Life is Glam and Fab, because you're not going to want to miss out on this! For ONE WEEK, this is your chance to order Hobo's at 25% off the price you would see in Nordstrom's or any of your finer retailers. ;)

Two of the hotter items are the Lauren and Austen wallets. They can be put in your purse, or carried on their own in all of their darling glory! The Lauren is honestly the perfect wallet and comes in tons of great colors. It can hold everything! It is regularly $108, but order before next Friday at and it's yours for only $81.00 plus tax. That INCLUDES shipping!Now, let's say you're in love with the Lauren but just want a little bit of something will love the Austen! It's exactly like the Lauren, but has darling embroidery. Regularly $118, you will get this baby for $89 plus tax! Again, shipping is included.

Feel free to browse the entire Hobo website! Anything can be yours at 25% savings. Just e-mail by NEXT Friday, November 7th to receive your discount. It will be the perfect stocking stuffer, the perfect give for that hard to by sister-in-law, or maybe just the perfect something for little old YOU! XOXO

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One of us is cooler than the other...

Can you guess which one? I had a wonderful weekend, but I'm pretty sure my sister trumps me. Darn it. This was her past weekend at Oprah's conference and her lousy assignment of being Nate's assistant....stinks doesn't it? He's adorable!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Miss Mardi Gras Maggie and that Crazy Spider!

Vote for Miss Maggie and Rookie! They need your help. :) Click on the link below and give Maggie and Rookie a 10 and all those other dogs a 1! Just a little friendly pet competition. XOXO

Monday, October 27, 2008

Have Mer-cy!! (Say it in your head how Uncle Jesse would say it)

I had a really nice weekend. I am under the weather, so that was the only downfall. Two of my best friends had birthdays, so the happiest of birthday's to Bradley and Courtney! I got to celebrate with Allison and I will celebrate with Courtney next weekend!! They both mean the world to me and I count it a blessing to call them friends.

We started the weekend with dinner on Friday night and a little Wii-Fit marathon with James and Allison. I had never played it before and it.was.hilarious! I especially loved the fact that we all just played with James' Mi and when I stepped on to hula hoop it definitely said, "James, your weight has changed." I most likely out-weigh him, so that's no fun. I did manage to overcome the verbal throw-down by the Wii guy and hula hoop myself into hysterics. Dave hula hooping was visually awesome! I couldn't get my camera out in time, but let's just say hip coordination isn't his strong suit... he gave those Hawaiian hula girls a run for their money!

On Saturday, I enjoyed a good heart palpitation when the Horns decided to go down to the wire with Oklahoma State. I mean, what is it with the Cowboys (Dallas) and the Longhorns wanting to put their fans into orbit in the last 30 seconds of the game? Good thing I didn't watch much of the Dallas game or I probably would have gone crazy! Especially since Witten got hurt. My Fantasy Football team is pretty much in the toilet. Romo WAS my QB, Witten is my tight end who left the game with an injury, and my running back....whose name escapes me now is donedies as well. It was fun while it lasted Fantasy Football.

Last night was the real enchilada! So a few weeks ago, mom calls me at work and I could tell she was so excited she was about to burst. She said, "Did you hear me on the River??" Instantly...I had been on the radio. Oh.My.Gosh.

Me: "NO! You were not on the radio!!"
Mom: "YES!!!! Ok, here's what, Lindsey Kane was in studio and they played one of her songs and they said the 1st caller to call in and know the name of her song would win something. SOOOO, I pulled out my phone and dialed in thinking it would be busy AND THEY ANSWERED!!"
Me: "Oh my word....and..."
Mom: "And so he said, 'Hi, the River. Who am I talking to?' and I said, 'This is Vicki!' and he said, 'Hi Vicki, what's the name of Lindsey's song?' and I said, 'AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN!' and he said, "That's correct!! Vicki, you've just won 4 tickets to see Mercy Me live, in concert and 4 backstage passes to meet the band!' Can you believe that???"

So, that's how it went down, and last night was the big meet and greet and concert. IT.WAS.AWESOME! Ok, I love Mercy Me. I have had a big connection with them dating back to college. I know...a whole 7 years....but roll with me. The Christian life is so full of ups and downs. Sometimes you feel you're on the mountain top and you just couldn't be closer to God, and then sometimes you look back and realize you've been doing things on your own without consulting God because, "I got this one!" Or maybe that's just stubborn me that does that...

It just seems that I always manage to connect through song and randomly, there have been so many Mercy Me songs speak to me no matter where I am in my walk. Last night, I got to meet them (and Bebo Norman who is totally adorbs!!) and then in listening to their songs and their hearts I realized why I connect with their music so much...they are so real. Things aren't always great, things aren't always easy, but Jesus is always there with us and he tells us "For my Yolk is easy and my burden is light"- Matthew 11: 30. It was a fabulous night. This was one of the highlight for me...they sang their song Bring the Rain and it absolutely moved me to tears. I took this video with my camera and I hope you can get a glimpse of what it was like to hear God's people worshiping and telling Him He is holy!

I'm not sure why all my pics came out so dark. I think since I'm blogging I might need to splurge for a better camera. :) It was an awesome experience and I give major props to mom for winning our tickets!! OH, and I was completely shameless and had the band sign everything I had with me. :) Mom and I also became BFF with Matt, Roxanne and Gary from the River. There's no shame in our game!

Mom and I in line...we are hyped! Dad and Dave went to save our seats, so they didn't get to meet the band. Thanks guys!

Mom and I with precious Bebo

Photo Op with the Band and our new BFF Matt from the River!

They were truly wonderful performers. They sound EXACTLY like they do on their CDs.

My loot :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fabulous Find Friday!

I love candles! I light candles all over my house the minute I walk in from work and the minute I wake up on Saturday mornings. If I'm going to be hanging around the house, I like to see my candles burning. They serve as light, ambiance, mood and of course, fragrance!

I have different favorites for different seasons. I am so excited for December to roll around so I can fill the air with my favorite holiday scent. I have bought expensive candles and I have bought super cheap candles. Most of the time, the ones that cost next to nothing give you about your money's worth, but have no fear....I have found one that actually works!!

My best kept secret......A candle that is $3.24 and honestly works! It's very fragrant and my favorite is mulled cider which is perfect for our current season! It is part of the mainstays collection at WalMart. I couldn't find a link or photo...I guess you'll just have to physically go to WalMart.

I LOVE this candle during the Christmas season. It is a Tyler Candle and the scent is Candy Cane. These candles are very fragrant and one will last all December. (I told you, I burn them constantly...probably at least 3 hours a day and longer when I'm home all day) My only beef with these candles is that they can burn black if you don't keep the wicks trimmed.

I absolutely love this line of candles from Anthropologie and have a hard time choosing my favorite. I will go with Fleurs De Fete for the summer months.

Another personal favorite is part of the Capri Blue line. Anthropologie carries these as well, but I have seen them many other places. These are amazing! I love Aloha, but they are all wonderful.

Our houses SMELL cleaner already! :)

PS...I'm so excited because I was asked to be a guest blogger over at Today's Housewife blog. Check out my guest blogging debut, and you might just find a few more fabulous gift ideas! TGIF!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Could you please pass the Bedazzler??

Craft night 2008. It was a good one. I was going to glitter pumpkins since they were totally adorable last year, but I want to wait and do that with the Loj, Bradley, L-Merc and Lynch again. After all, the glitter on my kitchen table has almost worn off from last year. It will need a little character for '09.

Instead, I opted for a little Christmas cheer. Mom had a great idea for a wreath canvas, so away we went! Roxanne made some adorable picture frames and Terri and Emily beaded and Zsa-Zsa-ed up some candle holders. What a great gift idea! Abby's contribution was bringing Maddie. She's totally adorable. (Remember the pumpkin patch baby?)

After painting, and pizza, and hot glue guns, and funny are our finished products! We should go into business....

Roxie with her cute frame...I should have taken an "after" picture with the bow. Cute!

Me, kickin' it with Miss Maddie

Terri and I showing off our craft projects

The finished product...Ta-Da!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...

Fall is here! Well, sort of...for those of us in Austin we could still get a tan out by the pool...but technically, fall is here! We'll just wait for our cold front. We keep getting "cool fronts" as the weather people in Texas lovingly call it. Usually the "cool front" takes us from about 93 to' a good start.

I'm thinking forward my friends and getting excited for the things I love about fall! Some of my top favorites are:

1. TURTLENECKS!! If you know me at all, you know I love turtlenecks. I have no idea why. I need to branch out. I feel so safe and Jackie O in them. I know Jackie wouldn't wear it every day in different colors though. I'm going to "mix-it-up" this year.

2. Football...yeah buddy! Honestly, college football Saturdays and NFL Sundays make me happy! It feels relaxing and fun. Football makes people want to get together and fellowship over some good old fashioned competition. It's good for the soul.

Kristen, Taylor and I at the Texas/A&M game...this was Taylor's freshman year when they shaved all the freshmen baseball player's heads....6 weeks before my wedding no less. :)

3. Pea Coats. Usually paired with a turtleneck. I can't get enough of my coats. Did I mention I live in Texas? And it's late October and still 95 degrees outside? A girl can dream. Good thing I'm cold natured because I have a total obsession...

Double whammy...the pea coat AND the turtleneck

The fam...we had to go to NYC to wear our coats! ha!

4. Pumpkin patches. They are everywhere and I LOVE it!! It is so fun to see families out picking their perfect family pumpkin, or parents taking pics of their kids in their little fall outfits. I also LOVE carving pumpkins. We always did this as a family and it brings back very fun memories! I'm posting a pic of Miss Maddie since her fall photo shoot was just too cute!!

5. Fall/Christmas decorations!! I can include Christmas since I begin decorating before Thanksgiving. :) This was us attempting to build our first fire in our apartment. The joys of our first Christmas as a married couple.

Rook was THRILLED to play the roll of Santa...can't you tell?

The best is making a s'more from a homemade fire!

Have a fabulous Fall!!

Monday, October 20, 2008


An amazing thing happened this weekend....I heard an old, but beloved Wilson Phillips song on the radio and I proceeded to have a major jam session in the car with my husband staring AMAZED at my abilities. It could have been that he was staring amazed at the woman he didn't know he married. Either way, it was wonderful!

Who would have thought that after 18 years I would still remember every word, every note, every point of voice inflection just as I had years ago rockin' and rollin' with my cassette tape? The 90's were a wonderful time complete with The Fresh Prince, New Kids on the Block, couple's skates and Saved by the Bell.

The song that brought back many memories, as well as my total inner diva rock star, was their 1990 hit Hold On. I have included the video below so you too can rock out. I know you know all the words! Maybe you can impress your husband too. :) favorite part runs from about the 2:20-2:50 mark...enjoy!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fabulous Find Friday!

My love for pink crocodile and rhinestones allowed me to stumble upon some great buys for the fall! David gave me a hard time for giving you all "full priced items" when a "fabulous find" should definitely be cost here I go! I'm dressing you in head to toe sale items from White House Black Market.

I do LOVE that coach watch I showed you, but this one still generates money for Living Beyond Breast Cancer while supporting your wallet as well! At $58 it's a fraction of the price. And if you're a Little Black Book Member you'll enjoy an additional 5% savings.

This cardigan will keep you warm and stylish for those Friday night football games!

These jeans are so cute! And I have bought jeans from WHBM before and they wear wonderfully!

And how cute will these shoes be with your new jeans and watch?? They also have them in black and red and tweed.

Always accessorize!

"Remember you're never fully dressed, Though you may wear the best, You're never fully dressed without a Smile!" ~ Annie

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Matters of the Heart

I recently read a book that really moved me and, actually gripped my heart. I sat reading the book, praying, dwelling on the message, literally weeping, thinking about my heart and where I am right now. You see, I read about a woman so in tune with God, and a God so in love with His people that they were on a mission not to let a single person feel unloved or unwanted.

The book I read is Same Kind of Different as Me. I'm not even close to the first person who has read it and I am so glad I won't be the last. I think it changes hearts and stubborn minds. I was introduced to this book from my mom, who was introduced to it by my sister. I'm not sure how I hadn't heard of it before. Maybe because my heart wasn't ready until now. Maybe because God put this book in my life when it was His perfect timing. He had something to teach me and He waited until I was ready to hear it. I'm so very thankful that the time has come.

It is very hard for me to admit my flaws. No one likes to admit the things they don't like about themselves, but I'm not talking bad hair days and 10 lbs of excess weight....I'm talking characteristics so opposite from the God I love and serve. Flaws like not loving all those around me, but only those that are easy to love. Flaws like seeing the worst in people rather than looking for the very best and seeing that person as a child of God. Why am I any better than the person next to me that just hasn't been told the story of God's amazing grace? I'm not. I'm absolutely not. I've just been shown mercy.

While reading the book, I found myself being cynical and pointing my finger at (what initially looked like) laziness, selfishness, rudeness...only to read in the very next sentence how my perception was SO WRONG! I don't want to spoil the book for you because I pray that you'll read it, but I was absolutely brought to my knees and wept in disgust at myself as I realized how my perceptions formed so fast and so negatively. I read about Denver (the main character) sleeping during the day and I felt so letdown that when not being watched, he would revert to his lazy ways. In the very next sentence, God showed me the heart of someone so far beyond my tiny mind and I realized that it really isn't always what it seems. How ashamed I felt.

I have prayed for my mind to be transformed and my heart to be softened. Somewhere along the way I lost the fact that we are all God's children and deserve to be loved, respected, appreciated, important and forgiven. Not just me and not just you. It goes from the guy that cuts me off on I-35 to the woman checking me out at Wal-Mart to my next door neighbor who I haven't taken the time to meet and truly care about.

God has some work to do on me, and I pray that my heart will become so in line with His that I see people the way he sees worthy.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Young and the Restless...

It's multi-generational. Yes, I am talking about the Soap Opera. I love it. It is my total cheesy guilty pleasure. I have watched it FOREVER. I don't even remember NOT watching it. As a child I remember being home with mom and she would watch the Young and the Restless, the Bold and the Beautiful and As the World Turns. I never got into As the World Turns, but the B&B and Y&R remained with me. When I was in high school, I found out that January Walker also watched Y&R and we would go home on our lunch break and watch it! Dedication my friends.

Nana started it!

I have grown up with the characters and had a few laughs at the fact that Victor and Nikki have been married about 10 times. And it seems like there are only 20 people in the world because they all marry each other. Sharon has been married to Jack and Nick, Phyllis has been married to Jack and Nick and Danny, Nikki has been married to Victor and Jack and David, Victor has been married to Nikki, Hope, Sabrina, get the picture. Oh, and until Neil opened his bar, the only place in town to go eat or have a drink was Gina's.

One of Nikki and Victor's first weddings...

Not their first wedding...
Nick and Sharon early on
Nick and Sharon...A little more recent, but now she's with Jack and he's with Phyllis....but it's all unraveling! Tune in...

I know it sounds silly, but it really is good, and Genoa City is like a real place to me. I know all the history, all the love stories and all the family ties...I also know all the secrets and with whom there is no love lost! If I ever miss an episode and need to know what I missed I can just call see, she is the picture of dedication. She TAPES DVR, no Tivo....she TAPES it everyday. She sits in her bedroom with the VCR and fast forwards through all the commercials and the storylines she doesn't care for. She is so cute. She doesn't care for Phyllis, so sometimes I'll ask what's going on with Nick and Phyllis and the magazine and she'll say, "I have no idea! I don't like watching her, so I fast forward it!" ha. I love it.

Kind of like Joey and Pacey and Brody and LC, Nick and Sharon are M.F.E.O, but alas, they will never be together forever because a soap opera writer needs ongoing material. Which is why they will make-up and break-up forever. Typical Y&R style....

Friday, October 10, 2008

Come early, be loud, stay late, wear orange!

This Friday is about more than a fabulous find...It's my favorite time of the year! Maybe that's ambitious....I do LOVE Christmas...but I love me some Texas/ou weekend! What other time of year can Texas and Oklahoma hash it out over the pigskin? Each team (let's be honest, it's really each state) feels superior and lives to take home the title from the Red River Rivalry.
The game means a lot. If you win, it's about pride, bragging rights, superiority, and most of the time a chance at the post season. Possibly even the National Championship. The Texas vs. ou game carries a lot of weight and gets a lot of national attention. This year is no exception with ou ranked #1 and Texas ranked #5 going into this weekend.

I'm looking forward to Texas bringing home the "W" and it looks like Miss Maggie is got hyped yesterday and let Maggie show her Longhorn pride! Hook'em!!

Texas FIGHT!

Jake wanted in on the action :) Oh, and the game day beer says "Oklahoma Suks" and can be found at HEB.

The game starts at 11:00am tomorrow, so remember...

"Come EARLY, be LOUD, stay LATE, wear ORANGE!" Amen.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight...

Most of you have seen David in person, so you know he's not a very big guy. He's about 5'10" $1.75. But if you've ever shared a meal with us you know the boy can eat! I thought I would share with you his typical lunch because it's funny to me. Friends, this picture is not new, but it is totally accurate because he eats the same thing EVERY DAY!! The type of fruit, the flavor of the chips and the flavor of yogurt varies...other than that, he's pretty consistent!

Turkey Sandwich
Carrots and celery
And he's STARVING when he gets home!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

From the Window to the Wall....

These days it seems to be one project after another as we get settled. This weekend was no exception, but my project only took about 30 minutes and I think it made a huge difference. I had an idea for our bedroom, but I really wasn't sure how it would turn out. I ran it by several friends and family and I think all were fairly skeptical. I finally decided to complete the task this weekend and you can let me know how you feel about the finished product. Yay or nay???

Before: Our bedroom with the open wall above our bed.

After: Our bedroom with the new wall decor

I printed our initials out on regular printer paper and got 3 frames from Garden Ridge. It took me about 15 minutes to hang them...done and done. On to the next adventure!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fabulous Find Friday!

Throw out your color wheels because it's time to THINK PINK! October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and many retailers have designed products for the cause. Most give a portion of the proceeds to the Komen Foundation. I have chosen a few of my favorites and want to share with you how you can be pretty in pink!

"Excuse me, but I love your Coach watch. Could you tell me what time it is?" "Sure! It's time to find a cure!" :)

Rock the Pony in this pink pony tee from Ralph Lauren

Town Lake will never be the same when you trot by in these New Balance tennies

Have hair as great as J-Lo with Bumble and Bumble's classic hairspray

Here's an idea for your next dinner party....who doesn't love brownies!

Paula Dean is throwin' in her favorite recipes for the cure

And of course, KitchenAid and all of their adorable products!

And if you want to join us for Race for the Cure on Saturday, November 2nd you can sign up right HERE! Happy shopping...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

A special happy birthday to the most wonderful man, my dear old dad. If you don't know him, you should. He is caring, funny, selfless, ambitious, loving and always puts his family first. He's always taugh me responsibility, humility, the importance of good character, and the unfailing love of Christ.

Today, we celebrate you, Dad! I thank God that he chose you to be my daddy. Here's to wonderful memories and here's to you! I love you!