Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight...

Most of you have seen David in person, so you know he's not a very big guy. He's about 5'10" $1.75. But if you've ever shared a meal with us you know the boy can eat! I thought I would share with you his typical lunch because it's funny to me. Friends, this picture is not new, but it is totally accurate because he eats the same thing EVERY DAY!! The type of fruit, the flavor of the chips and the flavor of yogurt varies...other than that, he's pretty consistent!

Turkey Sandwich
Carrots and celery
And he's STARVING when he gets home!


Liz said...

$1.75. HAAAAA. I love that.

lesli said...

i was going to say that same thing... it cracks me up when people refer to weight as a buck - whatever. funny! of course he's starving with all that healthy fruit and yogurt=)

kate said...

Runs in the family... literally what my lunch looks like too. That is minus the brownies!

allison said...

wow! super healthy though!!!

Elicia said...

I left my lunch on the counter today and this is rubbing it in my face! ;)

Taylor Rogers said...

I'll double that real quick. And somehow lose weight at the same time.