Tuesday, October 21, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...

Fall is here! Well, sort of...for those of us in Austin we could still get a tan out by the pool...but technically, fall is here! We'll just wait for our cold front. We keep getting "cool fronts" as the weather people in Texas lovingly call it. Usually the "cool front" takes us from about 93 to 89....it' a good start.

I'm thinking forward my friends and getting excited for the things I love about fall! Some of my top favorites are:

1. TURTLENECKS!! If you know me at all, you know I love turtlenecks. I have no idea why. I need to branch out. I feel so safe and Jackie O in them. I know Jackie wouldn't wear it every day in different colors though. I'm going to "mix-it-up" this year.

2. Football...yeah buddy! Honestly, college football Saturdays and NFL Sundays make me happy! It feels relaxing and fun. Football makes people want to get together and fellowship over some good old fashioned competition. It's good for the soul.

Kristen, Taylor and I at the Texas/A&M game...this was Taylor's freshman year when they shaved all the freshmen baseball player's heads....6 weeks before my wedding no less. :)

3. Pea Coats. Usually paired with a turtleneck. I can't get enough of my coats. Did I mention I live in Texas? And it's late October and still 95 degrees outside? A girl can dream. Good thing I'm cold natured because I have a total obsession...

Double whammy...the pea coat AND the turtleneck

The fam...we had to go to NYC to wear our coats! ha!

4. Pumpkin patches. They are everywhere and I LOVE it!! It is so fun to see families out picking their perfect family pumpkin, or parents taking pics of their kids in their little fall outfits. I also LOVE carving pumpkins. We always did this as a family and it brings back very fun memories! I'm posting a pic of Miss Maddie since her fall photo shoot was just too cute!!

5. Fall/Christmas decorations!! I can include Christmas since I begin decorating before Thanksgiving. :) This was us attempting to build our first fire in our apartment. The joys of our first Christmas as a married couple.

Rook was THRILLED to play the roll of Santa...can't you tell?

The best is making a s'more from a homemade fire!

Have a fabulous Fall!!


Abby said...

That sure is a cute little girl in the pumpkin patch! :) :)

Katie Norwood said...

Oh, the turtlenecks!! I love them too. (but maybe not QUITE that much) Last year, when I was wearing a turtleneck, one of my studets asked, "Doesn't that itch your neck?" I then realized I had a problem. I also like your "double whammy" with the pea coat + turtleneck in TX. greatness.