Monday, October 27, 2008

Have Mer-cy!! (Say it in your head how Uncle Jesse would say it)

I had a really nice weekend. I am under the weather, so that was the only downfall. Two of my best friends had birthdays, so the happiest of birthday's to Bradley and Courtney! I got to celebrate with Allison and I will celebrate with Courtney next weekend!! They both mean the world to me and I count it a blessing to call them friends.

We started the weekend with dinner on Friday night and a little Wii-Fit marathon with James and Allison. I had never played it before and it.was.hilarious! I especially loved the fact that we all just played with James' Mi and when I stepped on to hula hoop it definitely said, "James, your weight has changed." I most likely out-weigh him, so that's no fun. I did manage to overcome the verbal throw-down by the Wii guy and hula hoop myself into hysterics. Dave hula hooping was visually awesome! I couldn't get my camera out in time, but let's just say hip coordination isn't his strong suit... he gave those Hawaiian hula girls a run for their money!

On Saturday, I enjoyed a good heart palpitation when the Horns decided to go down to the wire with Oklahoma State. I mean, what is it with the Cowboys (Dallas) and the Longhorns wanting to put their fans into orbit in the last 30 seconds of the game? Good thing I didn't watch much of the Dallas game or I probably would have gone crazy! Especially since Witten got hurt. My Fantasy Football team is pretty much in the toilet. Romo WAS my QB, Witten is my tight end who left the game with an injury, and my running back....whose name escapes me now is donedies as well. It was fun while it lasted Fantasy Football.

Last night was the real enchilada! So a few weeks ago, mom calls me at work and I could tell she was so excited she was about to burst. She said, "Did you hear me on the River??" Instantly...I had been on the radio. Oh.My.Gosh.

Me: "NO! You were not on the radio!!"
Mom: "YES!!!! Ok, here's what, Lindsey Kane was in studio and they played one of her songs and they said the 1st caller to call in and know the name of her song would win something. SOOOO, I pulled out my phone and dialed in thinking it would be busy AND THEY ANSWERED!!"
Me: "Oh my word....and..."
Mom: "And so he said, 'Hi, the River. Who am I talking to?' and I said, 'This is Vicki!' and he said, 'Hi Vicki, what's the name of Lindsey's song?' and I said, 'AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN!' and he said, "That's correct!! Vicki, you've just won 4 tickets to see Mercy Me live, in concert and 4 backstage passes to meet the band!' Can you believe that???"

So, that's how it went down, and last night was the big meet and greet and concert. IT.WAS.AWESOME! Ok, I love Mercy Me. I have had a big connection with them dating back to college. I know...a whole 7 years....but roll with me. The Christian life is so full of ups and downs. Sometimes you feel you're on the mountain top and you just couldn't be closer to God, and then sometimes you look back and realize you've been doing things on your own without consulting God because, "I got this one!" Or maybe that's just stubborn me that does that...

It just seems that I always manage to connect through song and randomly, there have been so many Mercy Me songs speak to me no matter where I am in my walk. Last night, I got to meet them (and Bebo Norman who is totally adorbs!!) and then in listening to their songs and their hearts I realized why I connect with their music so much...they are so real. Things aren't always great, things aren't always easy, but Jesus is always there with us and he tells us "For my Yolk is easy and my burden is light"- Matthew 11: 30. It was a fabulous night. This was one of the highlight for me...they sang their song Bring the Rain and it absolutely moved me to tears. I took this video with my camera and I hope you can get a glimpse of what it was like to hear God's people worshiping and telling Him He is holy!

I'm not sure why all my pics came out so dark. I think since I'm blogging I might need to splurge for a better camera. :) It was an awesome experience and I give major props to mom for winning our tickets!! OH, and I was completely shameless and had the band sign everything I had with me. :) Mom and I also became BFF with Matt, Roxanne and Gary from the River. There's no shame in our game!

Mom and I in line...we are hyped! Dad and Dave went to save our seats, so they didn't get to meet the band. Thanks guys!

Mom and I with precious Bebo

Photo Op with the Band and our new BFF Matt from the River!

They were truly wonderful performers. They sound EXACTLY like they do on their CDs.

My loot :)


Kristen said...

Fun! It looks like Mom has her arm around what appears to be Keith Urban...ha!

Roxanne Wilson said...

Lady it was great meeting the you at the concert. Glad you had a great time. I am taking some of it to post on The River site!