Thursday, April 29, 2010

Interview/Day from H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY-STICKS...

I eluded to my interview from H-E-L-L yesterday and said it deserves a post all of it's own. A few of you asked for more details because why wouldn't you all want to relive my misery?? I'll be the entertainment. What's new?

I really thought I had already told the story so I looked under my label "I Can't Make This Stuff Up" and sure enough, there she was in all of her detailed glory. So if you care to relive my day spent canvasing South East Austin, In AUGUST, in a black suite and high heels selling PIZZA coupons door-to-door feel free to click here. You're welcome.

And for the record, I'm not sure I ever told y'all the result of my hair dilemma....THANK YOU for weighing in on my many, many hairstyles. The majority vote was to keep my hair just below my shoulders with some layers and side-swept bangs like, "The picture of you and the girl in the wedding dress." So I am going to make an appointment and get some layers and get some of this weight off but keep the length. Thanks, girls!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

She Works Hard for Her Money....

I Wish I could go back to the "good ole days" when I worked ONE day a week for manicure money, and I use the term "worked" loosely. As I manned a beauty salon and boutique on Saturdays for 6 hours....

In 1998 B.C. (Before CHI) the only thing I had to control my crazy hair was my round brush. And to give credit where credit's due, it was the most revolutionary product I owned until that fateful birthday when I received....the CHI! Life, as I knew it, would be forever changed and more than just myself and my hair could fit through one doorway.

I owe the round brush much of my high school experience and I wouldn't have met that brush if it weren't for my very valuable employment at Sudz & Sass in Marlow, Oklahoma. It was my very first paying job (besides babysitting...I was a pro babysitter) and by "paying" I mean I almost paid them to work there. I think I made about $160/month, and I'll be sure to tell my kids that "in those days" that would pay for gas and then some!

Don't you worry that "Sudz & Sass" was a small salon with a makeup station, clothing, and a license to sell Brighton. Rest assured "employee discount" and "Brighton" were used in the same sentence a time or two by my mother....

I digress....Sudz & Sass was good to me. I got prom hair, lots of lazy Saturdays spent watching college football and doing my own makeup, and discount products out of the deal. The prom hair would have made it worth it, but they showed appreciation with a dab of blush from the makeup station. Judging by my prom picks they needed to throw in a little mascara!

Since the days in a salon I have worked as a summer camp counselor, been a nanny, worked at Foley's for much longer than I care to admit, worked at a daycare center, worked in patient records at an orthopedic surgeon's office, had a horrifying interview for a "marketing poisition" (that needs a post all to itself), had a "real" job out of college with Bank of America, and now I have been a meeting/conference planner for a non-profit association for 3 years.

I guess time flies when you're having fun!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend in photos...

I am anti-clever today and went with the captain obvious blog title...please forgive me!

We started the weekend by gathering the troops. We were dogsitting the Gyllenhaals for my parents so that was fun. They had one encounter with Jasper that didn't last long once Maggie got involved. I'm not sure Jasper's going to come around anytime soon as long as he thinks the big white dog's still there!

This dresser has been in our apartments/house for the 3 years we have been married. Before that, it was assistance for David's bachelor lifestyle. It was in desperate need of a new identity. I painted it to match our sleigh bed and the night stands in our bedroom. Wha-la! Now I just need to get rid of my HUGE armoire in our bedroom....

My main goal for our much anticipated weekend at home was adding some color to the flower beds. We had a rough summer (months of drought) and a long, rough winter (by Texas standards not D.C. standards.....) so I lost several plants and the yard was looking fairly rough. I'm still sore from hours and hours of pulling weeds, planting flowers, etc, but I'm so glad it's done!

I rewarded myself with a nice Sunday afternoon at the UT baseball game! It was not OSU's weekend as UT took it to them all 3 games. Mom and I enjoyed the gorgeous weather and a "W" isn't so tough either! I wish some of their luck would have rubbed off on the Mavs....

What did you do this weekend? Any suggestions for something great to plant in my backyard where it is almost completely shaded??

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fabulous Find Friday! Seersucker edition...

I'm a complete sucker for....wait for it...seersucker. I love it when Dave wears his seersucker shorts, I literally need to squeal out loud when I see little boys in seersucker outfits, and melt my heart tiny princesses in seersucker dresses. Add a monogram and I just might spontaneously combust. It says summer, it says preppy and I say "Yes please!"

For the older crowd, I'm loving these hobo bags found on Etsy. They're finished with a fun patterned lining on the inside!

And I'm afraid the rest of today's finds are geared towards the little people. After all, I told y'all that 4 out of the 5 girls that I see once a week are prego! That leaves the 5th (ME!) doing lots of shopping. :) Those babies will be nothing if not well dressed!

Oh my...the outfit above is called "Daddy's Caddy" still my heart. And it may or may not be currently sitting in my mom's "baby closet"....I'm just sayin'

The adorable swimsuits below are from the same company and can be found here.

I know, right? It's adorable. Etsy.

It's not seersucker, but I couldn't leave it out. It had me at "hello". Both the one above and the one below are from this seller.

And last but certainly not least....I think this is my personal favorite...Probably the cutest thing I've ever seen....
Now I need to go play tennis, have lunch at the country club, or watch golf or something....Happy Friday!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

God's Country...

It's no secret I'm a proud Texas girl. I love to travel and I've been to other gorgeous states. I have no trouble giving credit where credit is due. Tennessee is fabulous, New York has a piece of my heart (not in beauty but in fun), Colorado snow is gorgeous but I can only stand about 5 days of it and I need to thaw out, I drove from Tulsa to Arkansas this weekend and it was a pretty drive...but Texas has the key to my heart. When our plane landed in Austin and I saw those bluebonnets lining the runway I knew I was home...

And I was "home" but I wasn't at my home yet...I had an event at the Hyatt Lost Pines outside of Bastrop, TX for the last few days. It's a gorgeous property about 20 miles outside of Austin, and I was really glad to get to share a bit of it with Dave. My event started at 7am Monday morning, so I knew I would be staying out there Sunday night since it's a good hour from my house. I had made the executive decision before our trip to Arkansas that I would go straight from the airport to Lost Pines. It made for lots of packing and borderline overweight bags, but thank goodness for rollers. Who first decided to put rollers on luggage by the way? You're a genius and I'd like to shake your hand.

I we made it out to the Hyatt around 3pm and changed clothes and set out to enjoy a bit of the outdoors. That's the beauty of this property. Set out in the middle of nowhere, there are 18 miles of hiking trails surrounding the property, a beautiful golf course, the Colorado River runs right through it, there is horseback riding, canoeing, skeet shooting, a lazy name it, they have it. And when you've had a good BBQ dinner you can sit out by one of their fire pits and make yourself a s'more....

I'm thinking about moving in! :) If anyone wants a get-away, come to Texas! And give me a call...I'll meet you for a s'more!

This picture and the one below were taken from the window in our room. We were both surprised the windows opened! I love open air and although I spent hardly any time in my room (why would you out there??) it was still nice!

Dave waxed me in a game of H-O-R-S-E (I let him win. It's good to stroke his ego every once in a while. Keeps the marriage healthy)

Then we channelled Napoleon Dynamite and the 5th grade and played a couple of rounds of tetherball

Believe it or not we did see a few people in the water. I realize it's Texas, but even in April the water's still a little cool...

We went on a "hike"/walk and enjoyed the Colorado, the golf course, great views and a few VERY steep hills....I guess you have to suffer the hills to get to the top. And it's always worth it!

After our walk we sat outside in some of the rocking chairs and Dave read the paper. I took a few pictures and just relaxed.

How cute is this little store they have in the hotel lobby? It's a candy store/soda shop.

After dinner it was time for a s'more! They give you a "s'more kit" at the front desk and you can sit around the giant fire pits all night if you'd like. It is so much fun!

Dave, roasting our mallows...

I've never met a s'more I didn't like!

"There wouldn't be no Alamo, no Cowboys in the Super Bowl, no "Lonesome Dove", no "Yellow Rose" If it wasn't for Texas. I wouldn't be a Willie fan, nobody would swim the Rio Grand, I wouldn't be an American, If it wasn't for Texas. Fort Worth would never cross my mind, there'd be no Austin city limit sign, no Lone Star of any kind, If it wasn't for Texas." ~George Strait, If It Wasn't For Texas

An Abundance of Mendenhalls and Cupcakes...

I come from a very small family. Not many aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces or nephews. Family Christmases are small and I have enough place settings to accommodate Thanksgiving dinner. Insert the in laws...Dave comes from a big family. His dad has 3 brothers, 2 sisters, and Dave has many, many cousins. He and his cousin Bailey are only months apart in age and grew up together. I think that is SO fun!

This weekend, we had the privilege of going to Arkansas to celebrate with Bailey as he got married. I probably drove everyone crazy playing paparazzi, but it's not often you can get all of the Mendenhall's in one room. Well, almost all...we were missing one family as one of Dave's Aunts couldn't make the trip, but for the most part, the whole gang was there. Here are a few (or a lot) of pictures from the weekend!
The happy couple at the rehearsal dinner
Another happy couple :) Me and my boo
How cool is this Wordle Lisa's mom made?
Dave and Kate with their cousin Bailey (the groom)
This is probably my favorite picture of the entire weekend. Dave's grandad with two of his grandsons. So sweet. Sy has the biggest smile on his face.
Dave and his grandad
And it's official! Mr. and Mrs. Mendenhall!
Edible centerpieces! They were SO good...I had two....
I thought the hot dog cart was such a cute idea!
The cake was darling! They love to travel. So creative!
Are they not the cutest?? They are brothers and best buds!
Me and Kate, my sister in law
I love (insert sarcasm) that my husband is egging on the CHILDREN to eat straight off the fruit tray...plates are so overrated...(His mom says he's my responsibility now.)
Don't worry that as we were taking this picture he burped....