Wednesday, October 31, 2012

If I Only Had a Brain...

Happy HOWL-oween! 
From my very scary scarecrow to you!!

PS...don't feel sorry for Rookie. He eats this up! He doesn't like the hat which I made him wear for pictures. But he kept the costume on for hours. Anything for attention! :) I love that dog!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ode to Big Tex...

Dear Big Tex, 

It's hard to believe that just 2 short days before you met your maker we were standing under your very large shadow marking your presence as our gathering place. We hadn't been at the fair but a few minutes when Kristen met us with a fried s'more in hand. We commemorated our first 10 minutes at the 2012 State Fair of Texas with the sharing of the s'more followed by obligatory pictures in front of you. 

We laughed because we were fighting families and tourists to get out picture when we come to the fair nearly every year. Little did we know that 40 hours later you would be nothing but a vapor.
For those that haven't heard, he burned due to an electrical fire. R.I.P. Big Tex. 
*Photo from Texas Agricultural Commissioner Todd Staple's website

Back to the fair real time...

 No trip to the fair is complete without a corny dog- the likes of which I would never eat anywhere else in the continental US...but somehow it tastes so darn good when you're surrounded by thousands of your closest friends, the Tilt-A-Whirl, child-sized stuffed dogs, and carnies.

Kristen talked mom into riding the was pretty hysterical considering mom is terrified of heights and this isn't your run of the mill swing set. I had to laugh when mom sent me a news story 48 hours later (Friday wasn't the fair's day!!) showing a group of riders STUCK at the top of the Stratosphere when the ride experienced a power outage. You would have heard mom screaming back in Austin if that had been her! I can't even let my mind go there...

 Luckily, they made it down in one piece and we celebrated with fried queso. Might as well embrace that whole "when in Rome" thing. Only we do things like fry guacamole and queso! God Bless Texas.
 When we'd had enough we decided to hit up the Texas Star and then head for the hotel. It was a gorgeous night and we took our fair share of photos.

 Big Tex, it was a great time as always. We got in our people watching- fair edition- and fried food for the year. We'll regroup and we'll be back with an empty stomach next year. You take care of yourself and we'll expect to see you in tip-top shape in 2013. You come back now, ya hear!

#TexasForever #BigTexForever State Fair 2011 Edition

Monday, October 29, 2012

Rogers, party of 8!!

It's official! All of the Rogers kids are married off! My little brother got married this weekend in a beautiful and fun ceremony and reception. It was a fabulous weekend filled with fun, many of their friends and family, and tons of love for the new Mr. and Mrs!

Friday night they enjoyed (at least I think they did and hope they did!) a wonderful rehearsal dinner which was casual and meant to show them the love of their family and friends. We had a quick rehearsal followed by good food, funny and heart-felt toasts, and a fabulous slide show. Rebecca's maid and matron of honor put together a super fun video of all of their friends and family (yours truly included) doing our very own "Call Me Maybe" rendition and it is awesome! And a bit hysterical. I'll share it once it's on YouTube. 

 Our family of 8!

Mom had these darling (and delicious) sugar cookies made. They have Taylor's jersey number, baseballs and Pennants. 

Mom's family- My uncle Mike and Bill, my Nana, mom and Kristen

Taylor's besties/groomsmen and former teammates at Tulane

 And then the wheels fell off! Everyone needs a little limbo in their world! The bride and groom went first followed by the other newlyweds....Kristen and Brad.

 Dave and my sweet Teeny! And Rookie needed in on the glow action. He looks thrilled, right?

Saturday was wedding day! It was truly a gorgeous fall day. Sun shining, temps in the mid-60's, blue skies and hardly any wind. It was gorgeous. As were the bouquets....

The beautiful bride reading her card and opening her gift from Taylor. I can't believe I didn't get a pic but he gave her darling Texas Longhorn boots. 

The tables were so precious and each one was decorated slightly different. 

Everything was rustic and gorgeous! Complete with chicken and waffle appetizers and a BBQ buffet dinner that was to die for! 

 The cutest little flower girl I know! This is Blythe :)

 Kristen, Rebecca and Me...the Rogers girls :)
 Rebecca and her maids

The photo above and the photo below were taken by my mom's dear friend, Beth. It would have looked a little odd if the bridesmaid on the end were taking pictures like the paparazzi :) But I wanted y'all to have a glimpse of the ceremony....Above- Taylor seating my mom. Below- Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Rogers!!

 Me and the most handsome groomsman!!

 The desserts were adorable and delicious!! They had cake balls and mini pies- pecan, pecan bourbon, chocolate brownie, and then a tiny and adorable cake for them to cut. So fun!

The first dance for the Mr. and Mrs....
 Isn't her dress gorgeous??

 Congratulations and I love you, brother!

My besties were there, too! We hit the dance floor and at some point thought we were all gangster in our cardigans and cocktail rings. #we'renotgangster

 I think this should be my in-laws Christmas card :) I got them before they hit the photo booth!

 Mom and Kristen- Shakin' their groove thang!

My favorite ladies- Kristen, mom, me and my nana

 And I'll end on the groomsmen. They were out of control and so much fun! 

The DJ played the last song and everyone started chanting, "CALL ME MAYBE! CALL ME MAYBE! CALL ME MAYBE!" So the DJ cranked it up. These 4 very shy guys had no choice but to entertain the crowd by dancing on the stage- they were rump shakin' and eating it up!

 Here's my me maybe!

Congratulations you two! It was a wonderful night for a beautiful bride and groom. Here's to your happily ever after...
we love you!