Monday, October 22, 2012

Sweet Sydney ~

Look at this gorgeous girl! Meet Sydney...

My parents have precious neighbors who have become family friends. They are a darling family with 2 little girls. Sydney is a complete doll! In November of 2011, the Hause family was sent into a tail-spin as Sydney was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Their days were suddenly filled with giving shots, counting carbs, calculating insulin, drying tears, treating lows, correcting highs, weighing food, poking fingers and monitoring blood sugar levels 24/7.

For Syndey, living with type 1 diabetes became her new reality, and for her family, so many tasks became their new normal to ensure her health. It is an overwhelming balancing act and currently there is no cure for this terrible disease. 

This weekend, they will join many others in the fight against juvenile diabetes and work towards finding a cure. A cure would mean a future without diabetes for Sydney and hope for the many children and families who are yet to be diagnosed with this disease. 
If you'd like to read more about Sydney and her journey please visit her race page. If you feel so inclined to donate to finding a cure you may also do so on her race page. Her school has fund-raised and donated...adorable! And finally, spread the word!! I watched her sweet video and my heart broke. Knowing this family and all they have been through, and seeing Sydney be such a fighter encourages me to help find a cure so no other children have to go through this. Spread the word, and help find a cure!!



Sara said...

Oh, she is a doll! My co-worker has a child that was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes around age 7. They actually got him a dog that can tell when his blood sugar is getting low and let the boy know. I don't know if the dog can sense it or what, but it's saved him a number of times. Isn't that amazing? Dogs are incredible.

And good luck to Sydney and her family - Go Team!

Vicki said...

Go sweet girl! Race for a cure...
Much love,