Monday, February 11, 2013

Called Up...

You always wonder where you'll be when you get "the call". We had just gotten home from our usual Sunday, lunch, grocery store, and we had just sat down to rest. The phone rang and it was The Big Dog. This was "the call" you work your entire life for. Dave was being called up!

Really, it was my brother whose practice partner cancelled on him last minute and he needed a "live batter" for his bullpen yesterday. The problem is that we wanted to keep that live batter, well, alive. After all, he is soon to be a father of two. So, Dave collected his cojones and stepped into the box. Without a helmet might I add...why in the world were there no helmets in the cage? 

Taylor's response was, "I don't usually hit lefties."

While that's true, it didn't offer much comfort when he was throwing low 90's in my baby-daddy's direction! We had a few laughs and Dave even managed to foul a few off. I think he put 2 in play. Taylor got his workout in and all was well. 


This 2 second video (literally) makes me laugh because I don't even think Dave saw the ball. 

Taylor leaves for spring training in short order so everyone's getting geared up for another season. Wishing him the best, sad he has to go but excited for what the season holds. I know it will definitely hold lots of Skype dates with his nephew and niece that will be dying to meet him come September!! 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday + Ellen + Twitch + A 6 yr Old Dancing Machine = You're Welcome!

I just Die.

 Ellen: "Dancing like that you must have a girlfriend!"
 Tanner: "Two of 'em."

I love Ellen, y'all. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Cup Runneth Over...

So many people have prayed for David and me over these last few years. We have received so much encouragement, support, love and prayers and we could never express our thanks adequately. God has chosen to answer those prayers in the most mighty way, with the expectation of not 1 but 2 miracles. For that, we are forever grateful. That being said, no one has said more prayers on our behalf than my mother. Of that, I am certain!

On Sunday, my mom, sister and Nana celebrated the impending arrival of Parker and Caroline with a precious, thoughtful, adorable, and loving shower at my parent's house. Knowing these 3 women have prayed these babies here just gave me so much joy in experiencing this day with them. Many women who I look up to came and celebrated with us. I have looked up to them as wonderful Christian women, wives, mothers, sisters, friends, and taken note of the qualities they each posses. I am so honored to have them as role models and I felt so honored to have them take time out of their day to share this time with me, David, and these two growing baby blessings. 

As the guests arrived there was a basket of books for them to choose from. They wrote advice, messages of love, and encouragement to me, David, Parker and Caroline. We are just over the moon with the library these babies have already amassed! 

Mom made this adorable diaper cake! My favorite line of the day was when my sister asked her, "Mom, how in the world did you know how to make that?" And mom said, "I Googled it!" with a very, "Duh!" tone in her voice. I find this highly ironic considering she can google and watch a video on youtube to figure out how to make a diaper cake yet I still have to upload and attach photos for her. Go figure!!

The entire table filled with goodies. Oh, and did I mention I was supposed to take my glucose test approximately 18 hours after this shower? I went ahead and rescheduled. I wasn't passing up all of these goodies. :)

God bless Stein's Bakery and the dear souls who brought these from Dallas! Amen.

Kristen put together a pretty hysterical game where my mom and David's mom had answered questions about our childhood/youth. She had cut out our heads and each guest had a cut out. She would ask the question and everyone tried to guess who had done what. I would answer by holding up the appropriate head. It was pretty funny! adorable was David??

We tricked everyone on one question considering we were both born in Dallas :)

Once again, our friends and family were so generous, and without a doubt these will be the best dressed babies at the pool! What is it with ADORABLE baby swimsuits?? 

They created this prayer wheel and everyone could take a card asking them to keep Parker and Caroline in their prayers as they continue to develop and then make their grand debut. To know people are praying on our behalf is truly humbling and a gift greater than any other. Thank you for praying for our family!

The beautiful hostesses and most amazing women I know. 
Mom, Nana, me, Kristen
Annnnd....everybody wants to touch the belly!

 Mom and fairy Godmother :) She did so much to help, too!
Dad got in from the golf course just in time for the photo shoot. He was thrilled! ha.
Aunt Kristen...thank you for everything!!

My mom always says, "leopard is a neutral." And it's great advice to live by. But she also always says, "my cup runneth over." And this has never been more true. As sappy as it may sound, we are in awe at the abundance of blessings we are receiving at this time. Every time I feel these babies kick (which is fairly often with two!) I'm reminded that I  honestly thought I might not ever experience this. God has been so faithful and blessed us beyond measure and we praise Him for that. And this weekend was icing on the cake with our friends and family loving on us and these babies.

I enjoyed picking out a tea cup for my mom, my nana, and my sister, and I found a very nice woman on Etsy who personalized hand stamped spoons for me that said, "my cup runneth over." I could never tell these women what they mean to me. How I can't wait for Caroline and Parker to know them, and how I pray Caroline realizes what a beautiful, loving, caring, selfless, God centered group of women she is a legacy to. 

My Cup Runneth Over...

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Luckiest Babies on the Block!

Baby stuff is just the cutest. Can I get an amen? We had the best weekend ever and we were completely loved and spoiled by our friends and family. And these babies? Well, bless their hearts. They're just at such a disadvantage because of their lack of attention and love. Wait...nope!

These babies have been prayed for for years now and since the announcement of their impending arrival they have been prayed over, showered with love and affection, and basically spoiled rotten. This weekend was no exception as we had an adorable and really fun couple's shower on Saturday night and then an absolutely precious and incredibly thoughtful ladies' shower on Sunday. 

David and I are so blessed to be expecting these babies. We do not take lightly the praise and thanks due to a faithful God who has answered our prayers in such a wonderful way. And now we are overcome with gratitude to our friends and family who made us feel so special and chose to celebrate with us this weekend. I'll cover the couple's shower in this post and the beautiful shower hosted by my mom, my sister, and my Nana tomorrow so I can remember each one in separate detail.

There was nothing but cute from the moment we walked up to the front door. Bradley MADE this. I can't wait to hang it on the front door when the babies get here.

I love the sign in sheet. By the end of the night it was an enormous balloon bouquet. The cupcakes were absolutely to die for. And what baby shower is complete without baby photos of mom and dad?

Are you kidding me with these diaper cakes? So stinkin' cute!! 

Dave and me enjoying this wonderful night!

Sister, sister. Or should I say, Aunt Kristen :)

The beautiful, fabulous hostesses! Lifelong friends and honorary "aunts". 

Bradley and Lynch 
(I've told y'all the nickname story before...They are both Allison's. In college the sorority house sounded like a locker room with all the nicknames, but it had to happen. It stuck like glue)

Boots! P got brown and C got red. #TexasForever #IDie. Thanks Aunt Kristen, Uncle Brad, and Wally :)

Daddy-daughter date night!! She's got her first outfit to hit the town!

Zsa Zsa and Big Daddy. Already fabulous grand parents! 

And while we're on the subject of grandparents...I am in disbelief that Dave's parents avoided the camera! I already told my mother in law we were going to have to stage some photos because they don't get off that easily. Parker and Caroline are SO, so, so lucky to have the BEST 2 sets of grandparents ever. 

Courtney, Meredith and Angie- wonderful college friends.

Me and my sweet Nana. She's the best baby holder out there!

My whole family! I still look at recent pictures and can't believe how we've grown in the last year! We might need to start bundling since our line is getting so long :) Love you all!

"Thank you" is never enough to tell people what their kindness, generosity, love and support means to you. But I hope you all know that Dave and I are truly grateful. We're grateful for your friendship, and we're grateful for all you have done for us to make this time in our lives so special. We can't wait for Parker and Caroline to meet you! XOXO