Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Let the Celebrations Begin!

The time has come! Time for celebration, cookie sheets, Crate and Barrel boxes and china patterns! This weekend we had a couple's shower for my sister and future brother in law and it was such a great time. They had a blast, were showered with wonderful items to start their lives and build their home with, and we kicked off wedding season in style!
The happy couple :) We hosted the shower at a wine bar in Dallas. Complete with friends, wine and pizza it couldn't have been better.
Tinies! Kristen with some of her besties.
Would you ever know we were sisters if you saw us on the street? Love this girl with all my heart.
Robbie had SUCH a good idea...all the guests signed this bottle of wine that we gave to the couple to have on their first anniversary. This is my mom and dad signing it.
Our family as of May 19th! (Minus Taylor...he was missed! Then we add Rebecca in's a big year for Rogers' weddings!)
Kristen and Brad had so many sweet friends come celebrate with them. Ali and Will enjoyed a night out on the town.
The Rogers women- Kristen, me and mom
The wine bar was set up perfectly for a party like this
The host/ how short do I look here?? Kristen's friends are all tall and gorgeous!
And finally, the yummy cake! It was a great time and I'm thrilled I can be a part of all of the fun as we get ready for Kristen and Brad to marry! We love y'all!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Mr. and Mrs...

Since Thursday I have bachelorette partied, rehearsal dinnered, cried through a beautiful wedding ceremony, and danced off 1/4 of the calories of wedding cake I ate. And Sarah and Daniel got to say "I Do" to the one their heart loves! And are now relaxing on the beach as Mr. & Mrs...

I'd say it was a successful weekend!

On Thursday night the bachelorette was reminded of all of the frogs she had to kiss before she found her prince! She was so excited to wear her vest all night :) Then, she got some well wishes from her BFF Oprah.

She had been a very good girl so she got a special visit from Santa who had a bag full of lingerie! It was beyond hysterical.

The rehearsal dinner was so fun and Daniel's mom and her friends did an amazing job decorating! I love this picture of S&D...they were listening as their friends wished them a lifetime of love!

Me and the gorgeous bride!

And me and my groom :)

Mr. Tripp...the ring bearer-photog! He was all over the place with the camera! I'm sure he got some great shots.

Mr. and Mrs. Enjoying their first dance as husband and wife...

The Grants and the Mendenhalls!

Kristen and me with mom
Kristen and me with Dad

It was such a fun weekend! Now it's back to the grind....y'all have a great week!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Operation Bridesmaid Dress...

Well, here we are. It's that time of year again when my pants don't fit and wedding season looms. And this isn't just any wedding season. This is the Super Bowl of wedding seasons. My sister is getting married in May and my brother is getting married in October. Nobody wants to see this pale MOH in all of her overweight glory!

So, here we go. March 12th. Cutting calories and taking names! I am not good with "diets". I can't do Atkins, I can't do Slim Fast or live on meal bars....that's a personal preference. I just feel so deprived and then end up binging and gaining more than I lose. I just have to eat smart, make wise choices (like corn tortillas instead of flour, and 1 piece of pizza instead of 2 (or 3), and 1 scoop of ice cream once a week instead of 2 scoops 4 times a week...) and not feel like I'm starving myself or completely depriving myself.

Last year, I started running and I cut out about 300 calories a day and in a little less than 4 months I lost 20 lbs. I've gained back almost all of that. Some of it I contribute to hormones and emotions. Mostly, I contribute it to lack of self control and overindulgence.

Let's call a spade a spade.

So here we go kids. Operation Bridesmaid Dress has commenced. I have 9 weeks...and the promise of wedding cake at the end. Let's do it.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Fabulous Find Friday!

Spring is in the air! We've been sunny and 75 degrees this week and I have resisted temptation to play hookie and spend my days outside. Afterall, the bluebonnets are in early bloom and the lovies are ready for their closeup!

The temptation I haven't resisted is spring shopping. I'm in the mood for the shifting of the season and the shifting of the wardrobe and my lust list is ever growing! I took a peek at and I'm in love with way to many things! Let's start with this tote that my husband won't let me get:

And I am literally obsessed with this City Lights bangle. The inside of the cuff says "Bright Lights Big City", do you see that? Swoon.

How about these adorable Sailor's Knot earrings? I would wear these every single day.

Everyone needs to refresh their favorite nighty. How cute, casual and comfy is this?

We're having a random cool front today so a lightweight wrap sweater is the perfect addition. This comes in several colors and is on sale for $28!

These Capri Blue candles are my all-time favorite. I love the way they smell and I triple love the way they burn. Such a romantic light! Go grab one at Anthro and pick up one of the Voluspa Candles in the cut glass jar (I love Bella Sucre) because they are a steal at $19!!

Happy Friday, happy Spring!! What are you loving right now?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lady Luck...

I started this blog almost 4 years ago at the urging of friends. Me sending them emails of men in white Dickie's (I wish I were kidding...see for yourself) and telling them tales of squirrels in my bathroom (not joking) seemed to warrant a URL so I decided to start this blog.

I didn't know that my first post about a guy wearing white Dickie's would turn into me spilling my guts about marriage, recipes, infertility and all of the joys and difficulty of life that lie in between. I never dreamed anyone other than my close friends and those making sure I'm not tarnishing the family name would ever read this. But somehow, here you are. And I'm appreciative.

Never would I have imagined that I would be receiving Christmas cards from Florida and Missouri from precious friends whom I have not yet met. This blogging community is weird....yes, we're kind of weird. People can't believe that we've managed real life friendships from Internet connections but it happens. And I'm grateful.

I've been open yet guarded about our fertility issues. You all are aware of our struggles but I haven't gone into great detail. But the Cliffs Notes version is that we have wanted and tried for a family for years. Our fertility struggles are great and we have had many doctor's appointments and treatments to try to help us achieve a family. We're prayerful, confident and therefor hopeful that God has planted a deep desire for a family in our hearts and He will show us how that desire is to be manifested. Whether we have our own children, adopt, or if there is a different plan altogether for Dave and me.

But through making our struggles known I have had several people email me encouragement. Some have been encouraging to me and some have asked questions. How did we know, when did we decide to seek help, what questions did we ask while balancing our faith and morals with treatment options, how has this strengthened/affected our name it, I've been asked it. It's amazing to me how it all comes at just the right time...always. God has put people in my life as a prayer warrior, as a friend of encouragement, and as a shot of hope just when I need it.

Friday, I needed it. I got home from 7 days in Houston, rushed straight to a doctor's appointment and was praying for good news. I got home from all of that and had a package waiting for me. The return address was that of sweet Sara' blog friend (and talented photographer and soon to be mom...) from St. Louis. I opened the package to find this....

Tears fell as I read her words offering me "luck" and prayers as we continue this journey and try for our family. She is proof of blessings as she is a mommy-to-be and I can't wait to celebrate her little miracle. Sara, thank you for your kindness. What a blessing beyond measure! And thank you to each of you who have offered me hope, encouragement, a prayer, and just for stopping by this silly little blog!

My cup runneth over... XOXO

Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm back! And I'm OLD!

I've been really out of commission lately, and it's probably not a bad thing. I've been swamped with work as I am every January and February. I was in Houston for 7 days last week with our Annual Conference and I'm glad to report that it's over and I lived to tell the tale!

I'm beyond exhausted though! I've been in a funk lately and it stems from being overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with work, the quest to become parents, and above all, my precious Papa being sick.

I'm one of the lucky ones. I've grown up with my Nana and Papa within 10-15 miles of us, and I've had them by my side for everything. They were always in the stands of cheer leading competitions, gymnastics meets, softball sister's plays, tennis tournaments....Taylor's baseball games, football games....they were at every single grandparents' day at school. So proud to be there with us. My brother, sister and I spent the night at their house all the time, we grew up in their pool swimming until our fingers pruned, and we sat our on their front driveway counting the stars and singing songs about monkeys in the trees. I've never known a moment without them and I am broken hearted with the reality that I won't always be so lucky. I wish I had a magic healing wand but God didn't give me one of those for my birthday...

Yesterday I celebrated the big 3-1 and I was blessed to celebrate it with people I love. Dave fired up the grill and treated us to steaks and chicken. We had ice cream cupcakes and enjoyed time together. Some of the crew was missing...Taylor headed out for Spring Training last week and Kristen was in Dallas, and they were missed!

I'm so, so grateful for a loving family. I cherish you...and I love you!! Thank you for celebrating with me and making me feel special!

My mom, my uncle Mike, Nana and Papa

My Papa tried his best to raise them right but they are a few grapes shy of a fruit salad!

My mom and her daddy...

My mom found by childhood/adolescent Bible about a year and a half ago. She never told me, and she gave it to me for my birthday. What a precious gift! It was given to me on my 7th birthday by my uncle Mike, so it was so fun that he was in town when I received it again for my 31st birthday! A few years have passed so it was so fun/funny to read through the notes that were left inside.
I love this note below written at some point during my teen angst years. It's notes on finding a mate. Non-negotiables and the reminder to "Become the person I want to marry". My teenage self will be pleased to know I found this man I had hoped for.

My parent's also gave me this fabulous coffee table book. It's the 50th anniversary compilation of Breakfast at Tiffany's. Exclusive photos taken during production, throughout NYC and lots of fun info on Breakfast at Tiffany's and Audrey Hepburn. Love it!!

Happy March, friends!