Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Sweet Day at Sweet Berry...

Last Friday we loaded up the little pumpkins and headed out to Marble Falls for an afternoon at Sweet Berry Farms. It was a beautiful (and hot) day. Perfect for pumpkins, picnic lunching, goat feeding, wildflower picking, train riding, and...scarecrow making. :)


The goats were their favorite part. They would have stayed and fed them all day!

Zsa realized you could make your own scarecrow and suddenly she had to have one. She decorates for every holiday and she felt her front yard reaaaaally needed a scarecrow. So, in true Zsa fashion, non hay-playing clothing, and 95 degree heat, she went to work. We were dying laughing as "Bucky" was the hit of the Farm! Other families were coming over asking mom for help and advice on "how to get their scarecrow so full" and "How to make such a great face". Who's surprised? Shere there's a Zsa there's a way! #Gohardorgohome
We have never been so dirty as we were when we left, and it was SO worth it! We all had a blast. Special thanks to my mom and my 8 month pregnant sister who are always willing to sweat for a memory!! XO