Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ode to Big Tex...

Dear Big Tex, 

It's hard to believe that just 2 short days before you met your maker we were standing under your very large shadow marking your presence as our gathering place. We hadn't been at the fair but a few minutes when Kristen met us with a fried s'more in hand. We commemorated our first 10 minutes at the 2012 State Fair of Texas with the sharing of the s'more followed by obligatory pictures in front of you. 

We laughed because we were fighting families and tourists to get out picture when we come to the fair nearly every year. Little did we know that 40 hours later you would be nothing but a vapor.
For those that haven't heard, he burned due to an electrical fire. R.I.P. Big Tex. 
*Photo from Texas Agricultural Commissioner Todd Staple's website

Back to the fair real time...

 No trip to the fair is complete without a corny dog- the likes of which I would never eat anywhere else in the continental US...but somehow it tastes so darn good when you're surrounded by thousands of your closest friends, the Tilt-A-Whirl, child-sized stuffed dogs, and carnies.

Kristen talked mom into riding the Stratosphere...it was pretty hysterical considering mom is terrified of heights and this isn't your run of the mill swing set. I had to laugh when mom sent me a news story 48 hours later (Friday wasn't the fair's day!!) showing a group of riders STUCK at the top of the Stratosphere when the ride experienced a power outage. You would have heard mom screaming back in Austin if that had been her! I can't even let my mind go there...

 Luckily, they made it down in one piece and we celebrated with fried queso. Might as well embrace that whole "when in Rome" thing. Only we do things like fry guacamole and queso! God Bless Texas.
 When we'd had enough we decided to hit up the Texas Star and then head for the hotel. It was a gorgeous night and we took our fair share of photos.

 Big Tex, it was a great time as always. We got in our people watching- fair edition- and fried food for the year. We'll regroup and we'll be back with an empty stomach next year. You take care of yourself and we'll expect to see you in tip-top shape in 2013. You come back now, ya hear!

#TexasForever #BigTexForever State Fair 2011 Edition


Lauren said...

what a fun time! Mmm...fair food, some of my favorite!

Liz said...

First, you are so brave to wear a belt to the fair. I would have been in stretchy pants and a t-shirt. Second... PLEASE tell me about Teeny's shirt. It looks freaking amazing.