Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Agony of Defeat...

Well kids, that was ugly. I think my favorite quote of the weekend goes to my Papa:

My dad: "Well, Papa...did it look as bad from where you were sitting as it did from where I was sitting?"

Papa: "Steve, there wasn't a seat in Texas that made ANY of THAT look good."

Touché, Papa. Touché. The good news about playing at the Cotton Bowl is the ability to express your emotions (good or bad) through food consumption and let me tell you, we did not disappoint! Enjoy our happier times at the TX/ou game and the fried goodness that is the State Fair of Texas!

We bought food/drink tickets the minute we walked through the gate. A) because apparently everyone needed a corny dog for breakfast and B) because we knew the lines would be crazy long after the game. This wasn't our first rodeo...

It was almost 10am...the perfect time for a Fletcher's corn dog, right? Let me just say, I cannot stand corn dogs or hot dogs. But there is something about a Fletcher's corn dog at the fair that is second to none. They are delicious!!

The Texas Star! The tallest ferris wheel in North America.

Happier times. Ha! We took all of the smiling pictures before the beating started.

The Longhorn Band's pre-game performance was awesome! The flag looked great and they spelled out Texas on the field.

I like this picture of the scoreboard because it still said 0-0. Ha!

The atmosphere at this game is electric! Some of my most fun memories from college football games have all come at the Cotton Bowl for Texas/ou games!

After the game we needed to drown our sorrows so Dave headed for round 2...

I chose probably the best thing I've EVER eaten. Drumroll please....fried queso & fried guacamole!! Y'all....I.Die. It was beyond delicious. The queso was spicy and the batter was beyond delicious and perfectly crispy. I wouldn't have thought it possible, but I actually think the fried guacamole might have edged it out in awesomeness! They took avocado, mixed it with a bit of monterey jack cheese, some salsa and then battered and flash fried it. It was beyond! The only sad part was that I shared. :)

Items consumed by some (or know who you are) members of our party:

Corny dogs

Fried Queso

Fried guacamole

Turkey leg (there's always one in every group:)

Fried Oreos

Chocolate covered strawberries

Roasted corn on the cobb

Frozen sweet tea/frozen Arnold Palmer/Frozen cherry limeade (I got the frozen CL and it was incredible)

This one didn't go our way but it's always a good time...and we'll get'em next year! How was y'all's weekend??


Lauren said...

sounds like the food made up for the outcome of the game! glad you were able to stuff your faces to mask your tears! ha!

that fried guac and queso sounds yummy!

KatiePerk said...

I want all of that fair food!!!

All Things Yummy said...

Yum, love a corndog with mustard.

Mel said...

Fried guacamole?!?! Sounds gross. Fried queso, on the other hand, sounds like heaven!

Jax said...

ya'll will definitely get them next year! and I love the fair! I wish I could go to the TX state fair! Looks so fun!

Erin said...

Looks fun! You two are big football fanatics huh?! So cute :)

Jules said...

Im dying over the mention of fried queso and guac!!! Delicious!!! I love that you went to A&M, but still support the longhorns :)
Have a great week!

Mateya said...

Wow fried queso sounds like a dream haha! :)

Samantha said...

I am still so jealous that you got to eat all that good food! But I'm super happy that my team won!!

becomingbianca said...

Oh I miss my great state and its ability to fry anything and serve it up at the fair. Texas makes me proud :)

melissa said...

I wonder if there's anywhere I can go to get those things for lunch today? :) Everything sounds so delish! I MUST try the fried guacamole. And corn dogs. I freaking love corn dogs. Wonder when the fair is coming to town? I've never been - might have to go next year.

Stesha said...

love this post! Your weekend looks like so much fun. The Arizona State Fair is in town and I want to go!!!

Classic & Bubbly

Lindsey said...

Whoa! The Texas State fair is way more legit then the Kansas one. Ha!

I actually cheered at the Cotton Bowl when I was in high school. We performed in the parade, pre and half time show too!