Thursday, October 23, 2008

Could you please pass the Bedazzler??

Craft night 2008. It was a good one. I was going to glitter pumpkins since they were totally adorable last year, but I want to wait and do that with the Loj, Bradley, L-Merc and Lynch again. After all, the glitter on my kitchen table has almost worn off from last year. It will need a little character for '09.

Instead, I opted for a little Christmas cheer. Mom had a great idea for a wreath canvas, so away we went! Roxanne made some adorable picture frames and Terri and Emily beaded and Zsa-Zsa-ed up some candle holders. What a great gift idea! Abby's contribution was bringing Maddie. She's totally adorable. (Remember the pumpkin patch baby?)

After painting, and pizza, and hot glue guns, and funny are our finished products! We should go into business....

Roxie with her cute frame...I should have taken an "after" picture with the bow. Cute!

Me, kickin' it with Miss Maddie

Terri and I showing off our craft projects

The finished product...Ta-Da!!


The semi-newlyweds said...

Oh my gosh....Maddie is SOOO cute!

The semi-newlyweds said...

AND...when are we glittering pumkins...seriously. Should we do it on Sunday at my house? :) ha ha.

Abby said...

Maddie sure has learned what the camera is! :) That picture is too funny!!!!!!!