Thursday, March 13, 2014

Babies Don't Keep!

This was the month that my babies started looking like toddlers. It really seemed to happen overnight. I blame growth spurts and hair for making my babies look so big. On one hand I'm ok with it because they are so much fun! But on the other hand I just can't believe you blink and it's gone....and you can't get it back. I hold my friends' tiny newborns and it's hard to remember. Only 11 measly months ago and it's hard to remember? Holy moly.

These 2 nuggets are 11 months old and they are a trip. They LOVE each other. They giggle, chase each other around, play well (for the most part. Ask me again in 6 months!), are "talking" up a storm, and are so crazy. Parker has EIGHT teeth to Caroline's two. :) Parker has "Mama" down pat and is working on "D" sounds. Dog, daddy, du----, we don't know if that's duck? Just the D sound? Caroline says "Uh-oh!" like it's her job, "Mama", "Bye-Bye", and just non-stop chatter that isn't yet distinguishable. We're in big kid car seats, bath-time is their favorite time of day, Caroline open-mouth kisses, Parker uses his pointer finger for everything, and I'm gonna need a full on enclosed-indoor-play yard when these two start walking.

How much? So much more than you know.


Sara McCarty said...

How are they possibly already this big?! I just adore them. Those cheeks! And the outfits are spot on, you never disappoint. Mac was still wearing feety pajamas every day until he turned 1. So, when do I get to meet these two? I've got to get back down to Texas sometime soon.

Colleen Sullivan said...

They are SO adorable! I think I blinked and all the babyness in my son just up and ran away! I wish I could have his little rolls back :)