Monday, March 10, 2014

What's Cookin'...

Facebook and Instagram are a virtual beat-down this week. All of you spring breakers are showing off your ski slopes and your sandy beaches and I'm all, "Good news guys! We're going to the grocery store today!!" I'm probably going to wear my glitter Toms because I'm feeling that festive.

Someone please ski a blue or drink something frozen for me.

I usually menu plan on Sunday but I'm shaking things up this week. We made a quick trip to The Woodlands this weekend for an engagement party for one of my college roommates and best friends, Courtney. We had a great time and were even kid free for 24 hours! We divided and conquered- Parker stayed with my parents and Caroline stayed with Dave's parents. Everyone enjoyed it immensely! It allowed fun 1-on-1 bonding for both sets of grandparents and allowed P&C 1-on-1/only child style love for a weekend. It was beyond adorable when they were reunited. They crawled SO fast to each other and squealed and giggled and immediately started playing.

Back to the menu...Sunday is my planning and executing day. I usually grocery shop kid free during their afternoon nap. Today we're going all in and heading to the store when I get my list complete. Here's what's on tap:

  • Thursday- BBQ grilled pork chops with green beans and strawberry spinach salad
  • Friday- Grill Burgers with chips and fruit
Hope y'all have a great week! Happy spring break, however you're celebrating!


Sara McCarty said...

Oh how cute that they were so happy to be back together. That just melts my heart. Your menu for the week sounds so much better than mine, which consists of chicken, chicken, chicken and some more chicken. What I wouldn't give to be able to stomach a taco right now.

KatiePerk said...

Go Mama! I just got some glitter Toms for SS and myself today in the mail. WOOT WOOT! Your menu sounds fab! Hope you guys had a fun night out.

melissa said...

Divide and conquer - I love it! And how sweet they were so excited to be reunited. I bet you get stopped every 5 feet when you bring both kiddos to the grocery store. Two adorable kiddos in tow has to be a show stopper! Meanwhile, you're just trying to get some milk before someone melts down right? ;)

Kitty and June said...

Girl, I hear ya on the SB pics! I'm like "I need a vacay soon too! " :)

Emily Gentry said...

We went on spring break in Corsicana. If someone had told me twenty years ago that I would choose to go there for SB, I wouldn't have believed it. We had a blast!

Great menu!