Friday, December 12, 2008

Fabulous Find Friday!

Kids are hilarious. I don't have them, but I enjoy laughing at other people's! Last night, mom and I went to the Phillips, Craig and Dean concert and this little guy in front of me was just cracking me up. He was standing on the seat when we would all stand and he was just rockin' and rollin' and clapping so hard his whole body was moving. He was practically headbanging, and if you've heard PC&D you know they don't usually require headbanging. I would say the average age in the room was 45. But, I LOVE PC&D, so I'm not taking anything away from them here! I just bet a lot of them aren't headbanging to "I have a friend in God".

Back to the little guy...he was probably 11? I use the question mark because my age guessing is questionable at best. I could never be the guy working the age/weight/height booth at Six Flags. Six Flags would go broke handing out inflatable guitars and stuffed dogs. Anywho...they asked all the children to come on stage and bring their parent's car keys. Homeboy raced to the front and was ready for the task at hand. PC&D sang "Jingle Bells" and it was so cute that all the kids shook their parent's keys to make the jingle bell noise. But my little buddy was rockin' out! By the time I was smart enough to realize, "I should be taping this!" it was almost the end of the song, so I got him when he was cooling down, but I hope you enjoy just a bit of this video... (And I'm very sorry, but I have tried for 30 minutes to try to figure out how to flip this video and I can't. So you'll just have to turn your head sideways. :)

Hopefully that got you in the mood, because my fab find for today are some of my FAVORITE Christmas CDs. I'm going to go with a few classics, but share a couple you may have not heard of. I promise, they will change your Christmases! :) They are in no particular order because I truly cannot choose.

#1. Mariah Carey- Merry Christmas. Let's be honest, you know you LOVE you some "All I want for Christmas is you". Homegirl hits those high notes that make my dog's ear perk up. It's up-beat and fun.

#2. Josh Groban- Noel. Seriously, he is AMAZING. I bought this CD last year and have played it more than just at Christmas. Even though it is Christmas music. His version of "Silent Night" literally brings me to tears and "Little Drummer Boy"...You HAVE to get this CD.
#3. The Carpenters. Go ahead. Laugh. You done? Because when you get this awesome CD it will change your Christmas and make you a happier person! I grew up on their music, and I have a girl crush on Karen Carpenter's voice. Girlfriend had some pipes! "Merry Christmas Darling" and "The Christmas Song" are 2 of my favorites, but the entire CD is amazing.

#4. Freaking Celine. I say freaking because she deserves it! She is the Queen Bee. The award for my favorite Christmas song EVER goes to her. I listen to "O Holy Night" on repeat. REPEAT. I get goosebumps, I cry, I drive around the block so I can hear her hit the high notes just one more's just awesome. Other amazing songs on this CD include, but are not limited to, "These are the Special Times", The Prayer" and "Don't Save it all for Christmas Day".
#5. Chris Rice- Living Room Sessions. This is an instrumental CD, but it is just beautiful! It's perfect for a Christmas party when you want some background music, or just to play while you do things around the house. I gave this to my mother-in-law and she swears she loves it too! I would say she's just being nice, but Claudia is not a story teller! * You can also buy the sheet music, so if you have a wonderful piano player in your family it would be a nice gift.

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