Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I'm part of a book club, and truth be told, we're more about hanging out and sharing a bottle of wine and a few good laughs more than we're about discussing great literature. Sure, we gather under the pretence of sharing our thoughts on our latest read, but we usually end up sharing our thoughts on Speidi's "elopement" and whether or not T.R. Knight is really leaving Grey's. (He SO is BTW.)
I got to host last night, so I decided to take a few pictures of the blessed event. We had hot chocolate, a few bottles of wine and a TON of laughs at the ridiculous "treasures" that were brought for the "re-gift" exchange. I have enjoyed meeting new friends and reading some books that I might not have chosen otherwise. See you all next month!

The Bookies

The Loj and Bradley with their roasted marshmallows!

Kim, roasting her marshmallow for her s'more

What story do we think Angie is telling?

One of the ridiculous gifts that Abby had the privilege of opening!

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