Friday, December 5, 2008

Fabulous Find Friday...Baby it's cold outside!

I live in Texas because I'm not really a cold weather girl. We did a short stint in Oklahoma and even that was a bit too cold for me! I really don't know how people on the East Coast do it. And you can FORGET about me ever thinking of living in a place like Green Bay, WI. Just watching the Packers take on the Seahawks in what I can only image to be the most miserable game EVER gave me chills, which I think eventually turned into a cold!

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Photo by: Andy Manis/Associated Press

I've got 3 words for ya...NOT.WORTH.IT. Not one thing would be worth that.

It has now dipped into the 40's here in Austin, TX and last night we even hit freezing! I will say that a bit of a cool weather change is nice, and I have LOVED building fires! I guess I can't really call it "building" a fire when all I technically did was turn on the gas and hold a lighter up to the gas logs. But I have now had 2 fires and I love it! I've busted out my jackets and I'm ready for the winter! I mentioned once before that I love coats. I am a pretty simple dresser....jeans and a I think the coat makes me feel accessorized. who knows!! In case you're in the market for a great new coat for this season, I have decided to show off a few of my current favorites.

I really like the style of this Old Navy pea coat. It comes in Green, Blue and this fun fuchsia. At $79.50 you can't beat it!

This Old Navy canvas coat is perfect for times when a light-weight jacket will do the trick. With a $25 price tag you can get one in every color!

I love the puffer jackets from GAP! This coat is perfect when you're running to the store, heading out for a few runs on the ski slopes, or just need a comfortable casual jacket.

This is a great everyday coat. It comes in a gorgeous fuchsia as well as heather gray and black. It's on sale at Banana Republic for $99! Tell Santa!

I love it. Yeah, it's a leopard fur coat. Expect no less. And it's FAUX FUR, so grrr baby...very grrr! It's not cheap, but it sure is adorable!

I love this long red wool coat from Banana Republic. Very sophisticated! Grab it while it's on sale!

Mother: You're welcome! Here is the mustard jacket you've been looking for! This is a great twist on the standard pea coat. I love the stand-up neck and it comes in other great colors!

Happy Winter my friends!!


allison said...

ooooooo! I love the Old Navy coat...and that mustard yellow!!!! SO cute!

Tiffany said...

I agree on the Old Navy coat! And my mom had ordered the yellow jacket within 35 minutes of me posting this....insane!