Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Christmas in July...

If you've been with me very long you know that I heart Christmas. I love the meaning, the smells, giving others gifts, everyone being happy, the MUSIC, the decorations, my parent's house....

I also love, love, love to wrap my presents really pretty. I always pick out my color scheme and my ribbon and I do my best to stick with it throughout the season. Each year I pick different paper and go with a new "look". Although I'm normally a paper bag, tissue and ribbon kind of girl for most gifts (because it looks really nice AND is super easy), I try to wrap everything at Christmas so everyone gets the joy of opening their gift. All this to say....Hobby Lobby has their stuff out! And it's on I just might need to start gathering the goods for December. I like to spread the wealth so I'm not buying EVERYTHING all at once. So my wheels are turning....what will my tree (or under my tree) look like this year?

If you can look past my adorable/mistreated (or so he thought at the moment this picture was taken) dog, you will see my presents from 2 years ago. I did green paper with a red bow (and those FUN glitter snowflake ornaments that were 4/$1 at Target) and then brown paper bag paper with a green bow and the ornaments. It looked fantastic if I might say so myself.

So do tell you wrap with whatever you have on hand? Do you reuse your paper from year to year? Do you wrap in gift sacks? Do you have a color scheme too, or DO YOU THINK I'M CRAZY? :) Merry merry!!


katie newton said...

First of all, love the new do from the previous post. Very sassy. :) And number two, I could have typed your exact post today... I LOVE WRAPPING CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!!! I totally pick a scheme too- wrapping from last year's leftover paper is not an option... its has to be new, fresh, and completely merry!!!! Your post just got me in the spirit!! :) And one more thing... what has happened to my dear friend Liz?? Her blog is going to be removed by the whoever does that due to total and completely neglect.

Vicki said...

Please refer to a previous blog when I said it was almost Christmas and you thought I was crazy....I'm not picking out my paper!
And crazy...of course you need a theme.