Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Some things never change...

I have a lot to cover....I'll start with the Bachelorette. Say what you want, I loved Ed. I'm totally at peace with the decision and I would ask you to get behind Jillian and Ed and root for a solid relationship to come out of this. I don't know about you, but I would LOVE for Jilly to be the new Trista. She has better style anyways and could certainly entertain us for a 2 hour wedding special. Hopefully there will be no more "water" sports as I'm not sure the American public can stand those tiny green shorts for one more second, but with the hometowns of Vancouver or Chicago to choose from I'm thinking we're in the clear.

In other news, mom totally pulled a fast one on dad and decided to give him a bogus autographed photo of Bono to go with his U2 concert tickets for their anniversary. Apparently he believed her for a nano-second so all of that stuff I said yesterday about honesty and trust...just throw it out the window. Apparently their building the next 30 years on deception and lies. Because Kristen was in town they told him that Oprah is great friends with Bono and Kristen was able to get it for him. Lying is a learned behavior. It's so true...you reap what you sow! Here's dad with his new prize possession. :)
As for my weekend....well, I'm officially OLD. My 10 year reunion is now a thing of the past. Yes, I spent the weekend traveling down memory lane and realizing that while some things change the vast majority of them stay the same. We drove by my old house and it pretty much looks the same. We took a class photo and had the same clowns making the same jokes from 10 years ago. Of course we all laughed. Partially because it was funny and partially because we weren't shocked that the potty humor was still proving effective at near 30 years old. We also found it fitting that the "after party" be held at Whitney's. I sent a text message to my mom saying, "Heading to Whitney's for the after party! Some things never change!" I felt it appropriate that she get the text to know where I would be...considering it was the same place I would have been 10 years ago!
I loved catching up and finding out what people have been doing for the last TEN YEARS! Because my parents moved the week after I graduated I really haven't been back to town except for a wedding in 2005! That meant being out of touch for a lot of things. I met several friends' husbands and children and got to feel a very special baby belly! One of my best friends from high school is having a baby boy in about 2 weeks....I can't wait!

We decided "when in Rome"... so Dave bought a new rifle, Leah and I took pictures in front of the high school, baseball field and we went down on the football field. I spent MANY hours there so I decided to take a few pictures for old times sake. One in particular I figured my mom would get a good laugh out of.
I was SO proud of my amazing "self" picture taking skills. First try and I got the high school in the background. I list it as a "skill" on my resume.
I struck a pose for old times sake and then we needed a Diet Coke ASAP. We knew just where to go.... Dave's Cave. It was like I never left. Between my DC break at Dave's Cave, Lunch at Eduardo's and dinner at the Country Club I pretty much came, saw and conquered. I left no stone unturned.
Then we did a drive by the old casa...That was my room on the far right.
Ready to party like it's 1999...
When Dave and I got home Sunday night I went through my yearbook from senior year and pointed out everyone he had met. It was pretty funny. In all it was really fun and I'm so glad I went! We'll do it all over again in 10 years!
Hail to thee, our Alma Mater,
Hail to thee, Oh Duncan High School!
True to thee, where e’re we wander; Loyal evermore!
Red and white, our royal colors, May we ever hold them high!
Truth and courage ever guide you, Duncan Demon High!


Sandra said...

I wondered if you made it back for the reunion! I wasn't invited to ours. I don't think they could find me! Glad you had a good time!

Courtney said...

Awesome - looks like you had a great time!