Thursday, July 2, 2009

Going Yard!

In this week's installment of "Show us Where you Live" we're looking at garages and yards. I don't have much to show in the way of my garage...I have a 2 car garage and I park in the garage and the other side is reserved for lawn equipment and other junk. But I do love my yard! I love to have people over and sit in the backyard, we love to grill out, and we really enjoy being outside. So welcome to our yard...come over anytime for a burger and homemade ice cream!

This is our house and front yard. Yes there is a for sale sign but we are not moving. I took this picture the day we moved in! The picture below is my crepe-myrtle on the left side of my front yard. It is gorgeous when it's in full bloom!!

The next few pictures are of my backyard. Most of you know we don't have children yet, and NO, the tree house is not an announcement. It was already in the backyard when we bought the house, so we left it. We are hoping we need it someday! :)

I love this little seating area and I'm looking to buy a fire pit to put by the 2 Adirondack chairs.
We just acquired the little table below from my parents. It needs a fresh coat of paint and it will be as good as new!
These next few are of the side of my yard. This runs down the right side of my house and this is the area my kitchen looks out onto.

I LOVE the trellis in the left corner. It blooms a type of white rose in the late fall and it is so pretty!

That's all folks! Now I'm ready for a Summer BBQ!


Carolina Mama said...

What a great post and blog! Have a Happy 4th! I have a sister with your name. :)

katie newton said...

can I come play in your backyard!?!?!? Its beautiful!!! Have a great weekend!!

Tennille said...

Love your blog! The backyard is wonderful but the kitchen... well it is awesome!!!!