Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Did Someone Call for Bridal Backup?

Gotta love rentals. Yes, that is my sister. Yes, that is a Crown Victoria. Yes, that is her bridesmaid bouquet. And yes, the crown vic is parked outside a "cottage" that the entire bridal party stayed at. Just doing our part to increase the property value.

I digress....let's talk bachelorette...I'm going to throw out a few points for discussion:
  1. Ed's swim shorts.
  2. Ed's ability to perform. (or should I say inability?)
  3. Jillian blaming Ed's performance "issues" on a sunburn.
  4. Jillian's overuse of Ed's mother's name during their 3 minute conversation. In case you don't know, her name is JUDY.
  5. Jillian point blank asking Reid if he was going to propose to her if he received the final rose.
  6. Are there really anymore questions as to what goes on in the fantasy suite??



kristin fulghum said...

oh my...so much to discuss.

1. way too short...i can't handle it.
2. nothing to say here...wouldn't want that on national tv
3. sunburns really do wipe you out
4. i would prefer to talk about his dad...he was a joker.
5. i can't even discuss reid...i'm so unbelievably sad about him being gone. if i wasn't happily married, i would move to philly and seduce reid. i.love.him.
6. absolutely not. i did always wonder...but not anymore.

i would also like to add that i used to like ed, but i most definitely think he takes after his dad now...joker.

Chic Runner said...

This picture was TOO funny.
Too much going on for the bachelorette. Seriously. I'm a big fan and I almost can't watch the show anymore.
Poor reid, that is too sad, he was a good guy and Jillian is too pushy and obsessed with being engaged and getting married. Don't rush it! Gah, I could go on and on and on!

katie newton said...

Honestly, Ed's MANKINI was HORRIBLE in the worst sense of the word. It's bad enough he went swimming in them, but then he proceeded to parade around town in them too!!! What!?!? Also, Reid needs to come back and tell her he loves her. PLeeeeeeeeeease!!! And one more thing... why was there so many upclose body shots lastnight? Like Jill's dress just laying on the ground in front of the tub, and then the hot oil rub.... enough thank you. I'm going to quit now. :)