Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Well, well, well

Here it is! My entrance into the world of blogging! I enjoy reading blogs. I am what my husband might call....well, nosey! But I like to think I'm nosey in a good way. I ask my brother and sister about dates:

"Did you kiss him/her?"
"Did you walk her to the door?"
"Do I need to start losing weight for a bridesmaid dress?"

I kid. But I do love hearing about what people are doing, where they are now, how many kids they have, what their children look like, and of course, the latest trends in baby nursery decor! These are the things I find out about through reading blogs. Some make me laugh, some make me cry, some make me shake my head in curiousity...I digress.

The pupose of my blog is to talk about anything really. Remind you to get pedicures if you're going to wear open toed shoes this summer, inform you of my amazing (exaggerated...actually a downright lie...) talents on both the softball field as well as the bowling alley, obviously give my humble opinion on things such as the bachelor/bachelorette, Real World/Road Rules challenges, and anything else that might need my commentary, and hopefully humor you with the goings on of the Mr. and Mrs. That would be David and me.

I'm wishing myself the best of luck in keeping this up!


Abby said...

Love the blog!!! And, how in the world did you make it so cute? Mine is so boring and I really need a blog-makeover. Can't believe yours is already so cute and you only have done one post!!!

AV said...

I feel like this has been a long-time coming, and I'm excited about it!

zsazsa said...

Were you hatched or do you have parents :)