Friday, July 18, 2008

Play like a Champion...

Do you think it was an omen that my fortune cookie (yes, Dave chose Chinese food before the big game!) said:

"You must first learn to lose before you can learn to win"

Well, for the first time in the history of fortune was correct! I think I'll go buy a lottery ticket with my "lucky" numbers that were listed on the back!

So, game day! The Wampus Cats of Austin Baptist Church showed up ready to pounce. We had our matching shirts, our water bottles and our finest softball attire. Thank you Nike for making ugly cleats a tiny bit better with the accents of pink. :)

And the team takes the field. The other team scores 2 runs in the top of 1, but no worries....with a lead off single by mom, and an in the park homerun by our 2 hole hitter we were right back in this thing. Then, who else is hitting third but yours truly! And what do I do? I strike out. Now that you have all gasped, "In SOFTBALL??" I will explain. We start the count 1-1 and the guy threw me 2 quick balls towering over my head. So basically, one more ball and I would have the base. But NO, I couldn't just take the base. That would be too easy! I wanted to be the hero and get a hit. I swung at 2 pitches that I jumped to try to reach and still couldn't. Man....what was I thinking? I don't know, but I can guarantee I was asked that same question by my dad and Dave!

Bottom line...we got run ruled. We left with our tail between our legs. But mom went 2-2! Way to go V-Rog! Dad was batting 12th but I feel certain after showing his abilities on the field he'll be moved to clean-up next week. Shout out to Bradley who also went 1-1 with a single to left! In all, it was a great time. We've got practice on Saturday and I feel certain we will work out all the kinks by game 2. Bring it on Austin Rec League!!

1st base and Catcher representing before the game

Dave and I after our warm up tosses

Our pitcher/catcher duo in the house!
James and Allison

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