Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wii are family

It's 3 weeks before father's day 2008 and Kristen, Taylor and I are at a loss. What do you get the dude that has everything? I feel like the golf packages, Polo shirts and Peter Framton CDs are overused. Then, Kristen has a brilliant idea...."Why don't we get him a Wii!" Kristen and I are in and Taylor says, "I'm in, but I know this will be a waste. He will never use it!"

Oh young one....how wrong you were! This has been the gift that keeps on giving. Why? because it has provided endless hours of entertainment to my family. First thing's first...we were only able to get him the Wii, 2 controllers, 2 nun chucks, and the game that comes with the Wii. We let him know he was on his own for any additional games. :) Good thing the sports game that comes with it includes bowling, golf, boxing, baseball and tennis. Tennis and bowling have quickly become our 2 favorites. Dave even took nana on in a tense game of bowling.

So, enough was enough with the sports game, and mom was clutch with the purchase of Rock Band! She came home with that and dad had it assembled in no time. I'm not gonna lie, the drums are tricky! I have never laughed so hard at seeing my dad sitting in the floor singing "Say it Ain't so" by Weezer, Dave on the guitar and Taylor on the drums....classic. You think I'm joking, but I have pictures to prove it! You're welcome!!

$20 to whoever comes up with the best band name!

Red, Red, yellow, yellow, blue-yellow

"ROXANNE, you don't have to turn on the red light...."

But it gets better....mom and dad's 29th wedding anniversary was Sunday. Collective "aaaawwwww". But seriously, congratulations you two! I am so blessed to have you as an example of what a marriage centered around Christ, based on love, trust, and a genuine like for each other looks like. I count my blessings each day knowing how lucky I am to have you as my parents. Back to the task at hand....anniversary presents!! So, the gifts this year were terribly exciting....mom got a new kitchen sink put in (womp, womp) and dad got a flat screen for the bedroom. Stop it you guys! You're too romantic! But then, dad goes above and beyond....he comes in with a gift and mom's heart flits like a little school girl. Diamonds? A little blue box? NOPE.....Dance Dance Revolution baby!! There was a group cheer in the living room. (Mostly by mom and I. I think Taylor and Grandma were over it.)

Taylor was immediately put on the task of setting it up and within 30 minutes we were stomping left, right, up, down to the likes of Disco Inferno and Gonna Make you Sweat. Daddy-O's got some rhythm. :)

Come on over! Wii would like to play.....


allison said...

hahahahahhaha! love it!!!!

kate said...

Look at David with that guitar! He doesn't even know what he's doing.