Wednesday, July 16, 2008

That's what friends are for!

I have amazing friends! I am truly so blessed to have friends who I have a blast with and who love me in spite of my flaws. There are certain friends that I call when I want to laugh, friends who I call when I need to talk, and even still friends who listen when I cry. But, there is a common theme with ALL of my friends...and that is that they are always honest with me. They tell me when I'm being unreasonable, they tell me when I'm doing something well and they tell me when I'm not. And I want to thank each and every one of my wonderful friends right now because you would never, ever, NEVER EVER let me leave the house wearing this....

You think I'm joking, but David and I saw this guy at the Express baseball game! This is how the conversation went:

Dave: "I didn't know your dad was coming!"
Me: (knowing it was not going to be good. You see, this is the little game we play) "Where??"
Dave: "3 rows up and to your the WHITE DICKIES!"
Me: (my head turning so fast I thought my neck would break) "OH MY WORD!!!!"

He got me this time! 1-Point Dave 0-points for the guy who bought white overalls! But it gets better...white Dickies, NO shirt, and a straw hat....enough said.

I LOVE MY FRIENDS! Friends don't let friends leave home in Dickies with no shirt!


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