Wednesday, March 4, 2009

27: How I loved thee, let me count the ways...

So Long, 27, it was fun while it lasted!

As I embark on my 28th year I feel it necessary to tell 27 just how much it meant to me. I learned a lot, I grew a lot, I made a lot of fun memories, I LOVED every minute of it….

Dear 27,
  1. I learned Vegas will build you up and then tear you down. Oh the joy of winning $126! Only to slowly watch it slip away for a few good rounds of video blackjack. :)

  2. I realized I cry at almost every episode of the Biggest Loser and I subconsciously turn the TV to Court TV on Saturdays for the “Saturday Night Solution”

  3. I developed an even greater appreciation for my friends and enjoy the constant twinge of happiness when I think of them, of how wonderful they are, and how much I love them (I know you’re making fun of me for being cheesy, but I don’t care)
  4. David and I got to share the joy of buying our first home! Passing up good sales and cute shoes didn’t seem fun in the process, but the end result was well worth it!

  5. I learned a May day filled with pedicures, funny stories, entertainment by the Loj, skunk sightings, and precious friends…capped off with dinner with our hubbies is one of life’s many blessings and really can’t be beat.
  6. I learned my dad is a freaking good shot! (Elmer Fudd took out Peppi-La-Pew with one shot. Who says you can’t shoot a shotgun in city limits?)

  7. I learned I miss my brother and sister so much and I look forward to every holiday/vacation/road trip/etc when they are involved.

  8. I learned my sister doesn’t know very many “non-state” state schools! Hats off to Taylor for making up a fun game out of it! “Snow-Fresh? Fresh-Snow-State? FRESNO STATE!!” ~ Kristen
  9. I learned David thinks I’m a hypochondriac and likes to make fun of my ailments. I thought I tore my ACL and I didn’t. But it REALLY hurt! Then, Tony Horton practically killed me and I “pulled” something in my arm. But it got better.

  10. Round Rock got a Salt Lick

  11. We are old and are now in a “dinner club” that is SO fun! We look forward to it every other month. (This picture looks random, but it was a murder mystery dinner...we were in character :) hence the outfits.)

  12. I started taking baths again (Instead of just showers...I promise I'm hygenic!) and realized the true relaxation that a few candles, a bubble bath and an episode of “The City” and/or “The Bachelor” can bring.

  13. We joined a bowling league for a time. No, I am not white trash. Yes, it was a BLAST!
  14. I almost adopted about 5 dogs but Dave called me back from the ledge
  15. I sang all the words to Ice-Ice-Baby AND danced to Beat It in front of a good portion of my co-workers and our membership at our conference and I still have a job.

  16. I spent a gorgeous day on the lake, back in June, with just my dad, my brother and Dave. It was SO nice to be with the boys and talk with them. It’s easy to get caught up in conversation with my mom and sister when they are around, so it was nice to just talk with the guys.

  17. I gave up my subscription to US Weekly and InStyle. InStyle I don’t so much regret since I never seemed to find time to read them anyways, but US Weekly was my guilty pleasure. Read #12 and insert UW for the better part of my 27th year.

  18. I started this BLOG! Thanks to the urging of those mentioned in #3. And I have enjoyed my new “blog friends” made along the way!

  19. I became friends with my PaPa on Facebook. And tagged him in 3 pictures….

  20. Dad enlightened us with the never-tiring quote of my lifetime, “OK! Shot in the back of the head…” during our impromptu family game of catchphrase. His word was “JFK Junior”.

  21. I learned 20 lbs is freaking HARD to lose!

  22. I decided that my favorite way to spend my evenings is on a walk with David. (Followed by #12!)

  23. I had a run in with Tony Horton that didn’t last 90 days, but did kick my butt into gear. I might give him another go-round one of these days!

  24. I cheered for Texas Tech at the Cotton Bowl. I couldn’t help it. It was peer pressure.

  25. I learned I’m too old to re-live my softball days, and I CAN survive being NAILED with a softball by a HUGE man and I will not die of blood clots. (Read #9. Why would he EVER think that??)

  26. I remembered the fun in a good game of Yahtzee, Rummikub, Catchphrase or Chicken foot. And I would also like to point out that my family is WAY too competitive! We toe the line of couple’s therapy or anger management when we name a winner/loser. But we sure have fun getting to that point!

  27. I learned a good round of Rock Band can cure any blues, and my brother is apparently majoring in Guitar Hero at Tulane.

Thanks for the memories, 27, ...bring on 28!


Allie said...

Tiffany I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE lists and yours made me smile! Happy Birthday.

RM said...

Happy Birthday!!! You know I'm a fand of tribute lists!

Hope 28 is even better than 27!

lesli said...

happy birthday friend! what a fun re cap of your last year=)

Courtney said...

Great list - what a year! Hope 28 is even better. Happy Birthday!

Katie Norwood said...

This is a rather impressive post!!! It sounds like you've had quite a year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you have the bestest day ever. May you catch a baseball game, eat some corn with Catalina dressing, find a stray dog, take a bubble bath (so glad you've joined the club), have a nice dinner at the Salt Lick with your hubby, and watch "You've Got Mail" as you fall asleep.

katie newton said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I will say a cheesy comment... I truly feel blessed to have met you through The Loj, and LOVE that I get to stay updated with you and your crazy life! :) Have an awesome day!!!

Laura said...

Happy Bday!! 27 seems to be a great year for most...I must say..28 was even better for I hope that your's has started off the way you wanted it and wished it to me!! Here's to another wonderful 365 days!!

kristin fulghum said...

awww! precious. happy birthday...sounds like it was a great one!

Kate and Zach said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! Love reading your blog!