Friday, March 6, 2009

Fabulous Find Friday!

It's difficult for me to understand that my sister-in-law had a snow day on Tuesday in New York when the high here today is 95 degrees! That's right friends, Spring has sprung! People are pulling out skirts and sandals and getting ready for the change of season.

I LOVE Spring time! Baseball season, gorgeous weather, the flowers come out, new sandals come out...time for a pedicure! I absolutely live in sandals and flip-flops in the summer. My feet love me this time of year since they don't have to be bundled in socks and boots or closed toe pumps. But I'm going to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of feet. They are usually not that pretty. With that being said, I'd like to take this opportunity to share a few of my humble opinions:
  1. Please get a pre-sandal-season pedi. Your feet will love you and so will those that must look at your feet. :)
  2. If your polish starts to chip, please do not paint over (and over and over) your big toe. Spare us all and just start over.
  3. Buy the right size. We don't need to see your toes hanging over the top of your sandals and we don't need to see your heel falling off the back. Likewise, pay attention to the width. Your pinky toe poking out of the strap is not flattering.
  4. White sandals, flip flops, etc- If they're not clean and white anymore RETIRE them! Seeing your black foot imprint on your white shoes is just not attractive.
  5. Toe rings and ankle bracelets....not a huge fan. I'm just sayin'....
I'm glad I got that off my chest...

On to the fabulous finds...

My dear friend, Leah, works for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and passed on this amazing coupon! It is good for 30% off at Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic March 12th-15th. It is only good for those 4 days, so get your ducks in a row and hit the stores. You can help out a great cause, get a new and fun spring wardrobe AND stimulate the economy!

With this coupon, sandal season, and Spring in mind, I thought I would point out some great ways to spend your money! :)

Before I show you the goods...this is one of my favorite summer colors! I practice what I preach and get a pre-season pedi and my go-to color is "You're a Pisa Work" by O.P.I.

Slip your freshly painted toes into these darling sandals! I know what I'll be buying with my birthday money!!

These embellished sandals from Old Navy are so cute! And at $19.00 you can get a pair in ever color! I'm not totally into the Gladiator sandal thing, so these will ease me into the trend.

I love these strappy thong sandals. They are comfy, casual and totally cute.

I LOVE fabulous sandals, and of course, the gold gets me every time. Again, at $19 they are a steal!

This cotton slip dress from Old Navy is too cute. This would be perfect to throw on for a date night, to run errands, or even slip it on over your swimsuit for a cute cover up. I think those gold sandals would be darling with this!

Another really cute dress for a summer afternoon. And look at her shoe pairing! I've gotta get a pair!

When you're done at Old Navy you can run over to the Gap and get this darling little number. Yes please!

Here it is in a fun coral. Love this one.

Don't forget to print your 30% off coupon RIGHT HERE! Happy shopping!!


zsa said...

Big Daddy and I thought for sure your free pet setting service might make Fabulous Find Friday..but hey, sandals and polish are good! Maybe Taylor will give us a shout out on his blog:)

Liz said...

Taylor has a blog?? The revered favorite child is blogging? It's a wonder zsazsa even visits your blog at all!! ;)

You did just use the word "cute" 5 times and the word "darling" 3 times so we KNOW you love this stuff. That Gap dress is adorbs. Thanks T-Rog!

lesli said...

well, doesn't old navy have the cutest little summer dresses right now? i think i might have to revamp my summer dress collection. thanks for sharing the coupon!

zsa said...

The're an enabler and you're officially out of the will.

Laura said...

Thanks for the coupon and my spring pedi is schedule tomorrow at 10AM! Great minds think alike! I might try the "You're a Pisa Work" by O.P.I.

kristin fulghum said...

fabulous spring finds. thanks for sharing...i'm gonna go get me some of those cute sandals!!

the kriegels said...

thanks for the coupon tiffany!! it came in handy today!