Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Who shall I blame??

ABC or Shady Jason? Because it's going to be someone. Someone had the lame-brain idea to throw Melissa under the bus on National TV. Oh, but they were being sweet and caring by not having the live audience since this is "truly heartbreaking" and "we have the best interest in mind for those involved", so we'll just tape it and then show it to you. UGH!

In case you missed it, Jason picked Melissa, proposed, Ty came out in a precious tux, they all hugged and kissed and then jumped in the pool together. Then, Jason couldn't stop thinking about Molly and wouldn't devote himself to making things work with Melissa because he is lusting after Molly, so he brought Melissa on pseudo-national TV to dump her. Then, lucky for him, Molly was backstage so that he could tell Molly he made a mistake and wants her back. Then, they kissed and made up. GAG!

Melissa / Molly
Shady Jason proposing to Melissa

The thing is, I KNEW! I knew what was going to freaking happen. I had read the spoilers, my sister and I had talked about it and I thought I was prepared. In fact, I didn't even think I would watch because it made me so mad. But then, like every Bachelor/Bachelorette fan, and as a former re-cap writer, I felt it my duty to watch. Man, it was painful. I had wondered what Melissa would say and how on earth she would handle it and I am so proud of my DCC. If Kelli Finglass taught her anything other than the split-leap and how to bleach your teeth, it's that you stand up for yourself and never let'em see you sweat! I think Melissa did that. I sat there cheering her on through my tears as she told him that he didn't want to fight for them and make it work. I knew she was exactly right. He had given up on her. And then, to think he let her go and they broke off their engagement and then....ugh...the thought of it....and then 20 minutes later he could be sitting on the same couch petting Molly and holding her hand. Well, when they went in for the kiss I almost lost my dinner.
You can call it sweet, say he picked the wrong one the first time...go ahead, justify it. But I'm not buying. You can't tell me that he knew, unequivocally that he wanted to marry Melissa and then had a change of heart that fast. A) If you don't know, DON'T PROPOSE! You asked her to marry you. Freaking TY was cute as a bug in his tux! Melt my heart! B) If you have a change of heart and it just isn't working out, don't dump her on TV in front of Chris Harrison and then make out with Molly 2 seconds later. Let's keep the gloves up!

Let me make this clear, I am SO happy that they called off the engagement if it wasn't working. NO issues with that one. Better to know now than later, absolutely! But to do it the way it was done....cruel.

And Molly....oh, don't get me started....don't even get me started! Can you really hear all that and then just go back to the man that first ripped your heart out, and then ripped Melissa's heart out? Stone cold Jason Mesnick!

So, back to my original question....who shall I blame?? Did Jason call ABC in tears telling them he made the wrong choice and "what shall I do"?? And did the ABC intern think up this fabu idea to land himself on the full-time with benefits roster? Did they think this was great TV? Did Jason not say, "not only NO, but hell no"?? Clearly not. Clearly, dumping someone that you "love" on national TV and then going back to the runner-up seemed totally logical and the gentle way to do this. But thank goodness they didn't have the audience! That would have pushed it over the line!

Late ABC. Late Jason and Molly. I won't even buy the US Weekly with you on the cover. But I might watch the 1 hour special tonight just to see if you two scum-bags are still together....


Liz said...

HA... "do you want the one or two word answer?"

I was proud of Melissa too! I completely do not understand why he even chose her in the first place. But girlfriend was right when she said "why did you propose and now you're not going to fight to make it work." What a (insert your choice of bad word here). He just seems like a pansy, sleaze bag.

I don't blame Molly for getting together wtih him... I mean, she did have the appropriate reaction at first like WTH. But she caved a little fast. I was like... stop with the kissing already.

This is the first season of the bach I've watched in like 6 years and it was only because I was at my friends' house watching before we watched our Lost episodes. So... I'm doubting they'll get me back for the next one. Unless it's Melissa as Bachelorette. You go girl!

Katrina said...

My blood is boiling ALL OVER again. I despise weak willed, evil Jason...if they Get married and ABC parades them around like they do Trisha and Ryan, I will write hate mail. I want to start a boycott of the Bachelorette

katie newton said...

I am so disturbed I can't even think straight!!! I second ALL of your points.... it was DISGUSTING!! Actually, I think I might just go blog about it also- I have way to many pent up emotions right now. Ugggggggggggggg!!! Stupid Jason. stupid abc.

Oh, I will watch tonights episode as well. :)

Allie said...

Tiff, I LOVED this blog. I want someone to blame too. Think the whole thing was staged and horrible. I've been a loyal fan for 13 seasons, but NO MORE. I'm out....

I'm jealous of your chicago trip.

Katie Norwood said...

Preach it, Sista!!!

I have to admit, I stopped watching the Bachelor. I got really jaded last season (I think it was last season... there are just so many!) where he got to the very end and picked NOBODY. I was like, seriously?! I wasted 13 weeks of my life on this show, and you picked NOBODY?!? So I commend you for giving ABC a second (undeserved) chance. I'm grateful that I didn't have to watch it, yet I got to read the hilarious recap. This post made my day!