Monday, March 23, 2009

Hold me Closer Tony Danza...

Billy Joel and Elton John. Face to Face tour 2009...Be still my heart.


Not gonna lie, I have been waiting for this concert for a very long time. I actually didn't think it would ever happen. I grew up on Billy and Elton. Mom is my Elton John lover and dad is the Billy Joel bad boy. As a little girl I remember riding around in dad's tiny Mazda listening to "We Didn't Start the Fire" and rewinding the cassette tape so I could learn all the words. And I did just that! You can imagine my excitement when the two musical geniuses toured together my sophomore year in college. The problem with that is that I had exactly this much Do you think I could go hear them play Madison Square Garden when I was eating Ramen? That would have taken a lot of plasma selling and I wasn't willing to go there!

I did, however, often think about what could have been. I have often told friends and family that if there was ONE concert I could go to, it would be EJ and BJ together. I have seen Elton in concert solo and it was phenomenal. But I just wanted to see them on the same stage belting out "Bennie and the Jets" and "Only the Good Die Young". Last November I was on the phone with my uncle, who was coincidentally on his way to see Madonna in concert in Houston, and I made the comment that although Madge probably put on a wonderful show, my heart still ached for the one that got away. He saved the day with the proclamation that they were touring again!! In fact, only 4 days before our fateful conversation, they had announced their plans to tour together and that 2 of their stops would be in my beloved TEXAS!!

You had me at hello!

2 months later at 9:50am I was sitting on the computer hitting refresh until ticket sales were opened at 10:ooam. I was in charge of securing tickets for yours truly, Dave, mom and dad, nana, my uncle Mike, Henry and Bill. DONE AND DONE!
The blessed event took place this past Saturday and I could not be more pleased that my concert dream came true. I'm only sad it's over! Here is a bit of photographic evidence that the event did occur, and I even got a bit of video of "Tiny Dancer" for Taylor and Kristen and "We Didn't Start the Fire" for Courtney! Taylor, Kristen and I always sang "Hold me closer Tony Danza" at the top of our lungs while listening to what is arguably Elton's biggest hit. I have other favorites, but it is certainly a crowd pleaser. And Billy Joel, well, "We Didn't Start the Fire" is sheer genius and I take great pride in the fact that I know every single word.
Thank you Billy and Elton for touring together again to fulfill the concert dreams of an adoring fan!
Mom and I getting hyped.

I've got a golden ticket...

The Music Masters at work

Tiny Dancer

We Didn't Start the Fire


Liz said...

LOOOOOVE your new background. And I've been waiting to hear about this. Bobby Bones was talking about it this morning and I seriously almost got teary just thinking about how awesome it must have been. I have to admit I am wildly jealous. SO awesome.

katie newton said...

LOL!!!! I am loving this... and like Liz said, am insanely jealous!!!!! I wish I knew all the words to "We didn't start the fire"- that would really up my cool factor. I'll work on it.

lesli said...

ha~ after i looked at your pictures i thought, how did she sit through that show and not cry? elton john is one of my all time favorites & i love me some rocket me. did he play that one? and billy joel... for the longest time. awww.

ps ~ your blog looks so cute!

Tiffany said...

Girl, YES he played Rocket Man! Your Song, Good Bye Norma Jean, Saturday Night's all-right for fighting, Benny and the Jets, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, The Bitch is name it, he sang it. And Billy Joel...don't even get me started. Uptown girl, Piano Man, Only the Good Die Young...He played EVERYTHING. Love, love, loved it!

Courtney said...

Looks like you all had a great time! Thanks for the "We Didn't Start the Fire" video!!! I'm so jealous that you got to go!

Courtney said...

And...when did you start twittering?? OR is it tweeting? I don't know the twitter lingo!