Thursday, March 12, 2009

O, Cupcakes and cold feet...

It's straight up freezing and I know why they call this the Windy City. I think God made it cold in Texas these past few days just to make me feel better. :) Oprah was interesting and entertaining. We were at a live show, so it aired today at 4:00. We saw Tyra Banks and the topic was teenage dating violence. It was all in response to Chris Brown and Rihanna.

We had a fun and fabulous lunch with my new BFF, Christina! She hooked us up with a great hotel room at the Hotel Sax Chicago and I have just had the most fun getting to know her. I hope she'll come to Texas sometime and we can chat over a rita and some chips and salsa on a patio somewhere in 90 degree weather! A girl can dream!

We're heading out to see Jersey Boys....I think we'll taxi it tonight!!



Laura said...

Stay warm and have a great time!!

lesli said...

girl I'm watching the episode to see your world famous debut!

i'm so happy that you and christina are BFF now=) I only wish i could have joined y'all! i'm thinking we need to get a girls trip to texas cooked up here pretty soon!


CDE said...

Tiff!!! i had so much fun with you and the Fam. I totally want to go to have an Austin trip...our girl Lesli would sure be on board! Can't wait!

Allie said...

And your other girl Allie would be up for an Austin trip too. Say the word and I'll be there in 3.5 hrs!