Monday, March 9, 2009

Post Remorse...

Ok, Like Katie I'm now having my first episode of "post remorse". Not because I posted about naughty commercials during the super bowl (tisk-tisk!) but because I could have in some small way compromised our security. Which is what the entire post was geared towards NOT DOING! I'll stick to bachelor postings and random digs at my family for having a favorite child.


**In other totally wonderful news, Jewel and Nancy O'Dell dropped out of DWTS due to injuries...that's not the good news....gosh that sounded mean.....the good news is, their misfortune has become our fortune. Holly Madison and MELISSA RYCROFT, both jilted bachelorettes, will join this season! Sorry Dave, you just thought you were getting the remote back. :)


katie newton said...

While I would like to THANK YOU for pointing out my previous posting.... I am wondering what you are talking about as far as your remorse goes? Did I miss a post? Have you deleted it? You're not talking about the person who took your sis's phone... that whole thing?

This is the problem with post remorse... you remove whatever it was that you felt bad about, and then people hound you over what it was in the first place! :):):)

Tiffany said...

ha ha! I had a post title "homeland security" this morning that mentioned a bit of a "security breach" at our house for the past SIX months that we just figured out this weekend. It has since been fixed, but my cautious hubby didn't like the info being announce on the world wide web. :) What a protector he is!