Saturday, May 2, 2009

Feliz Cumpleanos!!

Happiest of Birthday's to my handsome husband!

I'm so excited to celebrate you and I hope that you feel loved, appreciated and honored on this day. Another huge perk is the desserts, but that's just my opinion. :)

In celebration of you and your 29th year here are 29 things I love about you:
  1. You love Jesus and you serve Him. You love me the way Christ loves the church and you strive to build our home on the foundation of Christ.
  2. You are so content. You are a happy person and you are so fulfilled with the things you have. With your relationships, with your family, with your "things" enjoy the finer things in life of course, but it does not define you and it doesn't concern you. You teach me everyday to be content and fulfilled.
  3. You don't sweat the small stuff. My blood pressure rises and you're still cool as a cucumber.
  4. You let me sleep 30 minutes longer than you everyday, and you shut the bathroom door even though it gets hot and steamy in there from the shower just so the light and the noise doesn't wake me up.
  5. You make my lunch everyday! Again so that I don't have to get up early. You truly don't know how much I appreciate this each and everyday that I sit down to eat my lunch.
  6. You love my family like your own and you support them in everything they do. You watch every Tulane baseball game in case Taylor pitches in relief even though you could care less about Green Wave athletics.
  7. You do the dishes every night after dinner. You appreciate me and the fact that I make our dinner and you do the dishes without even being asked.
  8. You fill my car up with gas each week because you know I hate to do it!
  9. On January 6th, 2007 you promised to love, honor and cherish me from that day forward. You haven't missed an opportunity to do any of those things yet!
  10. You go on walks with me after work. There are probably a million other things you'd rather be doing (Tiger Woods' Golf....) but you know how much I enjoy that hour with you.
  11. You say goofy things to make me laugh and they sometimes make me think you are a complete nerd!
  12. I LOVE watching you with children. You love the Clark kids like they are your own, and you have made a vested interest in mentoring Gabe and you are making a difference in his life! He looks up to you and loves you. He depends on you and you have not let him down. I look forward to having children with you and I know you will be an amazing father.
  13. You are loyal to the Red Raiders. I don't know how you do it and I'll NEVER understand WHY you do it, but you're faithful nonetheless.
  14. You love Rookie and you've fully adopted him as your own. :)
  15. You always pick where we go to dinner on Friday nights because you know I hate to choose!!
  16. You enjoy my friends and we have a great time hanging out with other couples because of the friendships we have built.
  17. You always encourage and fully support me spending time with my friends.
  18. You will never know how God used you in my life when mom was sick. That is when I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I wanted to spend my life with you. You were so loving and so supportive of me and my family. You said the kindest things about my mother, about marriage, about husbands and wives...You prayed for my mother. Thank you.
  19. You keep our yard looking so nice. You work hard during the week yet you always take care of business at home. Oil changes for the cars, mowing the lawn, changing out light bulbs. You're certainly not lazy.
  20. You are completely loyal to your friends. Your buddies know they can call you anytime for any reason and you'll be there. They know they will get wise council from you and they know you will pray for them.
  21. You watch the Hills with me even though you say you don't like it! I always catch you putting down your magazine when the commercials are over. :)
  22. You are a man of integrity. You think before you speak, you pray before you make decisions, you want to represent God, your family and your friends in the best possible way.
  23. You get so excited when you have a story to tell me and I can tell when you are about to start laughing. I find myself with a huge smile and beginning to laugh when I don't even know the punch line simply because your excitement is contagious.
  24. You support me in everything I do. From the Komen 3 day, to my conference, to wanting to buy swimsuits for 6 year olds, you never think my dreams are silly and you always give me great advice and tips on how to achieve my goals.
  25. You are like a road map. I always call you when I get lost and you always magically (and with the help of map quest...) get me back on track.
  26. You come up with Christmas gifts for my family all by yourself because you care enough to listen to their wants and needs and think about what each person might like.
  27. You let me watch Dancing with the Stars, The Biggest Loser and the Bachelor on the big TV because you know how important it is for me to be able to rewind and review something that might be critical if I don't get every single detail.
  28. You laugh with me and at me and it's one of life's true blessings!
  29. Your ambition and desire to be the best person, husband, son, brother, friend is admirable.
I love you for all that you are! Happy Birthday!


Katrina said...

so precious. I love all the things that you know about him. What an amazing hubby you have!!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday to Dave!! are spoiled!! LOL! ;)

lesli said...

This post gave me the tears! So sweet! Happy Birthday David! I'm sure he won't remember this, but the first time I ever spent time with him was at Bradley's shower at your house and neither of us knew many people there, so we chatted a lot! After that day I knew you had done good, girl! Hope y'all have a fun day celebrating!

katie newton said...

I wish Jordan would make MY lunch!!! Precious. :)

shelley said...

I clicked on your blog from Kelly's link to check out your kitchen. I didn't even make it there yet. I wanted to let you know the 29 things you wrote for your husband's 29th birthday was so sweet!! Wow! Congrats!! Now I will go check out your kitchen :)

Courtney said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday Dave! Hope you all had lots of fun celebrating this weekend!

Bolivian Boomie said...

i will have to say i rarely do this, posting comments on a strangers blog, but your list of things you love about your husband was truly lovely. it reminded me so much of my husband, it inspired me to write a list for him. i too have a wonderful husband who would do anything for me!