Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Opinions, randomness and too much TV!!

First of all, this is my 150th post! I can't believe it, really. I started this blog for fun and wasn't really sure I would even stick with it. Now I really enjoy writing it and I have had a lot of fun meeting people through comments (which lead me to their blogs....) and through e-mails I have received from some of you. Here's to 150 more!

On to the opinions and randomness....

When we were at Dave's granddad's birthday celebration last weekend we noticed that Dave and his 5 year old cousin were twinkies. Kate got this adorable picture of them shooting the breeze. There is no telling what kind of advice Dave is giving him here....

Speaking of our trip...I told you all I left my cell phone at the Fortune Inn...what's the over under on whether or not my phone has been mailed back to me yet? I don't normally lose things like this. Misplacing the remote, forgetting a necessary item at the grocery store, sending an e-mail and forgetting the attachment, packing for a week long vacation and forgetting a regular bra leaving me with only a strapless bra....been there, done that. But I've never before lost my cell phone. We don't have a home phone, so it is literally my one form of communication. And I.LIKE.COMMUNICATING. :) Dave has teased me before that my car won't even go out of park unless I'm talking to someone. In the last 2 days I have certainly found out that unfortunately, it will. I have faith in Georgette. I have a feeling she mailed that bad boy off first thing Monday morning and I'm confident it will be in my mailbox when I get home! Cross your fingers for me!

It is my opinion that none can compare to the Lone Star state. I am a Texas girl through and through, and this certainly isn't the first time that I have had such pride for my state, but in the last few weeks I ave become increasingly aware or just how much I love it. For starters, there is the unrivaled, incomparable, untouchable Blue Bell Ice Cream. I'm a sucker for the classics like Milk Chocolate and Cookies 'n Cream, but I've had my fair share of flavors like Birthday Cake and Banana Pudding too. I'm sorry your state's ice cream is inferior to my state's ice cream! (Now Ben And Jerry, you do have some bargaining power, but I'm still sticking to my roots.)
The other thing about my great state that has been glaringly apparent in recent weeks is our sheer dominance of athletics. Granted, we did not have any teams make it to the NBA Championship, but 3 teams in the finals is pretty darn convincing. My Mavs, the Rockets and the Spurs all made it to the finals this year and I'd say that's a pretty good showing. Next year Dirk is taking us all the way.
It is Summer time and I'm ready to hit up the outdoors, but how on earth am I supposed to do that with all of this good TV on?? The Bachelorette started Monday, which is a whole post all of its own, DWTS ended last night and yes, I have an opinion, the Real Housewives of Jersey has started and it might be my favorite yet (!!), American Idol ends tonight and while I have only watched about 3 episodes, Kris Allen is MY American Idol, and I'm locked in to start watching So You Think You Can Dance for the first time ever tomorrow night. Holy moly....that's a lot of TV shows. OH, and how could I forget the Dual on Wednesday's....good stuff. So, you see, I'm totally pathetic.

Here is my breakdown of a few of these faves....
  • Bachelorette: Jillian is adorable. She is charming, funny, cute, and HANDS.DOWN. has the best style of any previous bachelorette. Adorable ey! *Speaking of the Bachelor/bachelorette...anyone have any news on Jason and Molly? Have they broken up yet?
  • DWTS: You guys know I LOVE me some Shawn Johnson. She's cute, down to earth and a great role model for young girls. But, I'm going to be REALLY honest here.....I thought Gilles should have won. I know...I's like I'm turning on her and I don't mean to, but I truly though Gilles was AMAZING and should have won. But, I am happy the way things turned out. I think it was a great season!

  • American Idol: Not gonna lie, I've only seen about 4 episodes, and those 4 were 3 of the audition shows and last night's final episode. My opinion is that Kris Allen should win. He is UBER talented! Ain't no Sunshine When she's gone was A-MAZE-ING! He tickled those ivories and did his momma proud. And might I just point out that while his other 2 songs weren't over the top amazing, the ONE song that he got to pick for himself was. Enough said.
  • Real Housewives of New Jersey: Lovin' it. I have really liked the RHW of Orange County and held them as my favorites. I didn't so much care for Atlanta and New York left something to be desired. Those New York women were so, so rude to each other and just too far fetched and not fun for me to get into. But New that's interesting. 4 out of 5 of the women are related...2 sisters, married to 2 brothers, and 2 sister-in-laws who are married to the sister's brothers! Confused?? Me too! They are a total Italian/Mafia family and they are sure to be entertaining this season!
  • SYTYCD: Never seen it and I've been told I'm un-American and it will be my new all-time favorite show. I'll be giving it a whirl tomorrow night!

That is all for my completely random post. Anything I missed?

"I don't know if she wants to BE me or skin me and wear me like last year's Versace!" ~ Dina, RHW New Jersey


Kristen said...

Dina looks kind of terrible in that photo. Bring on the Summer TV - SYTYCD is huge, you're gonna love it!

Jillian said...

What is SYTYCD?? Never heard of it!! And I liked all three of them but I think Giles was probably the best!! And I love all of the Real Housewives except Atlanta!! I didn't like New York at first but they really grew on me!! And I do love Jillian (and not just because she has my name:) But my favorite guy is JAKE!!! YUM!!

kate said...

Thick as thieves.