Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Mission Accomplished."

My parents live about 10 minutes away from us. It's nice because we get to see them often, can go over for free dinners, swim in their pool and most notably, have free babysitting. And by babysitting I mean dog-sitting.

Yesterday I had book club after work on the same side of town I work on. I work about 40 minutes from where I live, so there was no need in driving home to let Rookie out. Dave also was working late, so mom had said on Tuesday night, that she had no problem going over and picking Rookie up after her errands so he could come play at "camp". We call her house "camp" because he has much more fun there than he does at his own home. After all her house boasts of Maggie, Jake, an abundance of squirrels in the backyard, a swimming pool, treats anytime you do so much as look at mom the right way....what's not to love? So yesterday, around 3:30 I called to see if the transaction was complete and if my dog was currently annoying her dogs in one form or another. She gasped and replied that she had decided not to run errands and in that vain, had *gasp* completely forgotten about Rookie!

That's not something we'll mention to Rookie now will we? That his grandmother completely "forget" about him. Within 20 minutes I received this in my inbox:

Subject Line: Mission Accomplished


Kristen said...

And there Maggie sits, like an actual human.

kate said...

Forget Rookie?? No way! That poor little bear.

Jillian said...

How great that you have family willing to take care of your baby. My dogs are a bit much for any family member to want to take them! But I have a huge list of dog sitters and great neighbors!!

Laura said...

you are lucky! poor jake would be crossing his legs and doing the doggy-do-dance!