Monday, May 25, 2009

How do I know thee? Let me count the ways!

I have had an few e-mails asking me if I know the people whose blogs I have listed on my sidebar, and the answer for all but 3 of them is Yes! We have either shared a room, a laugh, a drink, a last name, a secret, a wardrobe, fashion advice, dessert, standing in each other's weddings or all of the above!! I think it's high time I introduce them! (And in case it has bugged you that they are not in alphabetical order, they are in order of updated! It's the system that works best for me...and since it's my blog, I do it my way! :)

Here are those that keep me entertained....
  • Big Mama- Don't know her in real life, but feel like I do. We are kindred spirits. She is a Texas girl, an Aggie, totally hilarious, makes jokes out of everything and keeps me laughing.
  • This Young House- Don't know them either, but enjoy all of their DIY projects. They have redone their entire house and taught themselves how to do it all.
  • One Way Ticket- I actually do know her! Kate is my Sister-in-law. About 8 months ago my sister, who lived in NYC at the time, had one of her roomies move out and Kate moved right in! Kate is loving life in the City and blogging about it too!
  • Shopping is our Cardio- Their actual blog title is "Four Fat Chicks", but I really like the tag line "Shopping is our cardio!". One of the Fat Chicks (who coincidentally is not fat at all...unless you spell it PHAT!) (That was a really bad joke...) is my friend Lesli who I met right after college. I'll explain her next to her own blog....I have had the privilege of meeting one of the other "Fat Chicks", Christina on my trip to Chicago! She is a doll and I had a blast talking and laughing and sharing a drink with her! I have not had to joy of meeting the other 2 FC, but I hope to do so VERY soon!
  • A Life Les Ordinary- Lesli, as I mentioned above, and I met in the Fall of 2003. At the time, we were living in Austin, we were fresh out of college, and we were making new friends! We have both since moved to other cities, gotten married, started blogs and reconnected. I love it!
  • Better Together- Keely is one of my sorority sisters who is expecting! Her blog is so precious and I have had so much fun reading about her and her hubby, their dogs, and their sweet baby on the way.
  • The Newton Nest- Katie and I met while in college through my BFF Liz (to be explained later...). We had an instant bond and have shared a love for all things Bachelor/Bachelorette and celebrity related. I am sincerely hoping for a girls' weekend soon so we can catch up in real life and not just via blogs.
  • Champagne and Sprinkles- Courtney is one of my BFFs. We have been friends literally since the first day of rush and we have shared everything life has thrown our way in the 10 years since. Courtney stood by my side at my wedding, stood by my side when my mom was sick, has encouraged me through every test, every mood swing, every fashion decision and pretty much everything you could think of!
  • Makeup Maven- Little miss makeup master is one of my sister's dear friends and I have had the privilege of getting to know her and her family over the years. Our parents are good friends and our dad's are two peas in a pod. Anytime I need to know what mascara to buy and what moisturizer won't break me out I go to Emily!
  • Finger Lick' Good- I met Kristin through our mutual friend Allison (Also to be explained on down the line...). Kristin and Allison have known each other for quite some time and I am so glad we met each other. Kristin and her hubby have moved to Kansas City and she has started a blog to keep us all in the loop. She has amazing taste, impeccable style, and I love keeping up with her!
  • The Norwood Nest- Katie-Bacardi-Limon was one of my roomies in college. She is a hybrid of Martha Stewart and Betty Crocker. She once made a homemade apple pie when we were in college (I know, super weird, right??) because "the apples were going to go bad".....
  • Kristen&Co.- This is my sals! We of course have shared a name, a room, and all of the listed above. She was my maid of honor and is my most cherished friend. My precious sister just moved back to Texas from NYC. We are SO supportive of that decision!! :) I kid, she had SO much fun in NYC and made the most of every moment, but she knew her heart was in Texas and she is now back in the Lone Star Sate. Her blog is funny, light hearted and always entertaining!
  • Our Sole Purpose- This is our Komen 3 Day Blog! Mom, Kristen, my mom's best friend Coleen and I are doing the 3 Day, 60 mile walk in Dallas this coming November. Follow our journey through our blog!
  • The Loj- I don't even know where to begin with the Loj. This is "Liz" mentioned above, but it felt weird to even type her actual name. We were roomies in college, she too was one of my bridesmaids, and this girl is straight up crazy. She keeps me laughing constantly!
  • Tulane Baseball- This is the seldomly updated blog about the off-the-field antics of the Tulane University baseball team as told by my little brother! He just finished his junior year....which means I'm getting old. I must say, he is hilarious/total smart a$$.
  • Bring the Rain- I don't know Angie, but I feel like I do. Her story of God's love and sovereignty is amazing. She chronicles her journey of finding out that her daughter, while in the womb, will not survive. Her painful journey is moving, amazing, and humbling. Her 3 girls are precious, her stories are funny, and her faith in our God is powerful.
  • Life.Simply Stated.- Kate is a sorority sister of mine who I am so pleased to be reconnected with though the blog world! She is so fun and her lighthearted spirit is infectious.
  • Life Giggles- SEM and LCT are friends of mine who have FINALLY started a blog! They are hilarious and there is absolutely no telling what they will decide to write about! They are a match made in blog heaven.
  • Musical Snack- Alyssa is my sister's BFF and former college and NYC roomie! I love this girl so much because of her deep friendship and loyalty to my sister! Thank you! BUT, that has nothing to do with her blog. She is a musical genius and writes a crazy good blog with great suggestions, new music and old favorites.
  • Phil and Elicia- Elicia is also one of my sorority sisters. Elicia is expecting and I cannot wait to see her precious little girl! She is funny and witty and writes about everyday experiences. She is another who I am so glad our blogs have kept us connected.
  • Feels Like Home- Allison is one of my BFFs too. She is one of my "running buddies" as my mom likes to say. ha. We always have tons of fun together and we are so blessed to live in the same city!
  • Livin' With the Lees- Bradley is another one of my BFFs. We have known each other since about 3 weeks into school freshman year. (Really like 1 day, but became better buds a few weeks in) There really isn't anything we haven't shared together. I held her bouquet and she held mine! We are also so lucky to now live in the same city and be able to hang out all the time. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't talk whether by phone or e-mail...or both! It is an added bonus that our hubbies are great friends. In fact, they are golfing together right now! Now, update your stinkin' blog!!
  • Life with the Porters- Suze is another friend that I met through the Loj while we were in college! She is such a HOT mama! She has a precious family and it is growing! Again, I'm hopeful for that girls' weekend VERY soon!
That is all of the blogs currently on my "preferred reader list", and that's how I know them! I certainly read more than just these blogs each day, so keep writing!! Thanks for entertaining me!


lesli said...

i loved reading through your entire list! i always wonder how people come to know and read the blogs on their lists. thanks for sharing.

ps ~ can't wait for you to meet the other fat chicks!~

Kate and Zach said...

Thanks girl!! You know every single one of us love to read your posts! I definitely look forward to some fun Tiffany stories!

katie newton said...

That was a great line-up. I have to admit, I've been a little bitter since not winning the giveaway, but you redeemed yourself now. :):) Its funny because some of my friends have asked me who T-Rog is because they love reading your blog from mine! You are kind of a big deal ya know.

P.E. Ratio said...

AWw, you are so cute! I love your blog and all of your fun shopping finds and keeping up with the trips you go on, etc. :) So fun.