Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cow Town....

For the last 2 days I have been in one of my favorite Texas Cities....Ft. Worth. I went on a site visit for work and took the opportunity to have a fabulous lunch at Joe T's, watch my favorite MLB team take it to the Yankees, stay in the new Omni (which is sweet) and see 2 total A listers! I wish I could say we talked, I got a picture and then we had a drink together in the hotel bar but no dice.

Me and 2 of my co-workers traveled North bound I-35 on Tuesday morning to begin our tour of Ft. Worth. We were scoping out the convention center and the hotels we will be utilizing for our 2010 Annual Conference. Ft. Worth just build a gorgeous Omni hotel right across from the convention center and because it just opened in March I had not yet had the chance to see the finished product. It really is a nice property. So nice in fact, that many of the pro golfers playing in this weekend's Colonial golf tourney were staying there! I was trying to see if I recognized anyone, but Adam Scott was no where in sight. Two people that did manage to catch my eye were George Lopez and Luke Wilson!! I was waiting for my car in the valet line and they walked right past. My co-worker said, "That's George Lopez!" and sure enough, it was! We were so busy talking about that and I was quickly wondering just how awkward it would be for me to fish through my purse in a blaze of fury for my camera when I noticed, "Oh my gosh, he's with Luke Wilson!!!" I quickly became more impressed with Luke than George and just as quickly as they walked by they were in their Escalade and off they went! Opportunity lost.

We headed out to the Ranger's game and thought about what could have been! We got to the Ranger's game by 6:30 for the 7:05 start and went ahead and hit the concession stands before the crowds came. I got my chicken fingers and french fries and no sooner had I sat down they were warning fans of the approaching thunderstorms and called a "pre-storm rain delay." If you were sitting in the 90 degree sun like I was you would have said no way on earth are we going to get a thunderstorm worth delaying this game! But they didn't listen to me and exactly 1 hour and 45 minutes later the rain came! And let me tell you, it came and came and came! I have never seen it rain so hard! There was hail and the sky just fell in, but by 8:45 the storm had passed and all of the other idiots who were crazy enough to stay were able to take their seats...again! They actually threw the first pitch at 9:32. We stayed until the top of the 7th and consumed the majority of the items sold at The Ballpark In Arlington. We like to think we were quality control and just doing our job. But let's be honest, when you hang out somewhere for 6 hours you're bound to need at least one meal and a snack...and in Tom's case...he needed 2 meals and a snack!
I took this picture for Dave...this is the New Cowboy's Stadium. It is ENORMOUS! And looks like a space ship. It's pretty sweet. And yes, I was driving, but at least I'm at a stoplight! Safety first!!!
And then the rain came.....You couldn't even see across the stadium! Look down 4 pictures and that is what this picture is of!
Ok, the rain stopped...let's play ball.
My documentation of the 9:32 start time!
And this many people were just as dumb as we were and they stayed too!
We looked out for George and Luke the rest of the time we spent at the hotel but we had no luck. We did find out they were playing in the pro-am at the Colonial so that's why they were there. Next time there will be no shame in my game and I'll be quicker on the draw. My current lineup of celeb photos is Drew Carey and Sam Champion.....I need to step up my game!


katie newton said...

All I have to say is Luke Wilson- yes please! :)

Laura said...

Ok..I just want you to know that I was at the game BEFORE and the game AFTER the one you were at! Although you had the least you got the victory! Wed I was sitting about where you were in a section FULL of NY fans...where do they come from? Heck..they prob don't even know where NY is on the map! LOL! Call me next time you head North