Friday, May 29, 2009

Fabulous Find Friday!

I am truly in a fantastic mood today, and I'm praying that not even work can kill it! :) The things that have gone right in the last 24-48 hours are as follows:

1. It's Friday
2. My brother is back in town and we got to hang out last night
3. We hung out over a homemade dinner that I didn't have to make! Thanks mom!
5. Training is officially underway for the Komen 3 day and mom and I had a great walk and talk last night!
6. Dinner club is tomorrow night....I'm still working on what I'm going to bring as an appetizer (any fabulous recipes are welcome!!) but I am hyped to see great friends!
7. The weather is phenomenal
8. I got to watch Wednesday's SYTYCD last night and it.was.awesome. I LOVED the tapper.
9. There was virtually ZERO traffic on my way in to work today AND I left 15 minutes late. That is amazing.
10. God is so good all the time!

It seems like everyday I open my mailbox to a new invitation. Whether it's a party being hosted for fun, a wedding shower, a baby shower or a birthday party there is always a reason to celebrate! When celebrating, many times gift giving is in order! Here are a few things I have found in the past month or so that might be the perfect "bring along" to your party of choice!
I absolutely love this journal! It's feminine, sweet, inexpensive, and would be the perfect gift for a friend or family member. What about the bride to be who may want to journal the journey to the big day??
Speaking of the bride to be....before long you'll be floating around downtown of your particular city dancing to Chris Brown and taking shots of some watermelon concoction while chasing after your best friend wearing a veil and a tiara. You'll cap off the evening giving the soon to be Mrs. sexy little numbers for those nights she wants to "slip into something more comfortable"....RIGHT! If by something more comfortable you mean an oversize t-shirt and boxer shorts....anywho....the perfect gift for just such an occasion is this totally classy and completely gorgeous mini slip.

And for that Kappa Kappa Gamma in your life that just loves to accessorize, try this cute and super cheap ($5) Fleur De Lis ring and these fun and funky earrings.

And for the about this precious vase filled with some bright orange Gerbera daisies, or a lantern for the patio when the sun goes down...Summer beach party? How about these fun snack bowls?

Happy giving!


Nessa said...

Aww, glad you are having a fabulous day, may it contiue on through the weekend!!!

Jillian said...

God is good!!