Sunday, January 10, 2010

Southbound 35...House Divided!

We had a fun weekend celebrating our anniversary. We decided to head South and go to the Mavs vs. Spurs game. I think I've told you guys this before, but the one spot of contention in our marriage is our athletic alliances. We don't agree on ANYTHING except the Cowboys and the Rangers. And college football is much more important than professional, so it can lead to heated debates. He's all Tech all the time and I'm...NOT. For this weekend, the only thing that mattered is that he is a Spurs fan and I'm...not! I'm a Mav's fan, a Dirk fan, a Kidd fan...and a fan of the "W" my Mavs put on the Spurs on Friday night!

Here are a few pics from the game...PS...we had fabulous seats! If I could watch the game like that every time I would be a very, very happy camper! PPS...they wouldn't let me bring in my good camera because they said it was a "professional camera". I assured them I was no professional, that I got my camera only 2 weeks ago and don't even know how to take it off auto-focus, but they weren't having it. So, I went with the trusty point and shoot in my purse.

Above: Dirk laying the law (and a foul...) down on Timmy D

Below: Timmy D shooting his foul shots after the above law being laid...

Below is the view of the Alamo from our hotel room. We woke up Saturday and decided to walk around a bit, so I took this picture from our room and then the next few from around the Alamo.

I loved this walkway above. My lighting is a bit dark...lots to learn! And below is a fountain at the Menger hotel. This is how cold it was!! Needless to say, we didn't walk around very long!

We decided to warm up the only way we know how...with chips and hot Sauce. Amen. We went to Mi Tierra and honestly, it was so stinkin' good. I walked in and I went into sensory overload with all of the colors, lights, pinatas, etc. They have a bakery and I knew my Nana and Papa would like a praline, so Dave stood in line while I went and got my camera for a few parting shots.

Dave getting Nana and Papa their goodies...

We had a great time on our short trip and made it home just in time for the Cowboys on Saturday night. They're actually looking like a football team these days! Have a great week!

"Well, I can't believe that my number 1 team already lost!"

"Who's your favorite team? The Patriots????"


"Why, because you think Tom Brady's cute??"

"Well, yeah!"

~ The conversation yesterday between me and my Nana...she can be so shallow. :)


Jessica said...

Happy Anniversary! You took some great pictures, I love Mi Tierra!! Yummm!

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

Love the Mavs!

Pink Lace and Cupcakes said...

It looks like you guys had a wonderful time:) You look too cute in your picture!

Sarah Mina said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! I was just in SA for New Year's but missed my Red Raiders at the Alamo Bowl. We watched on TV...I'm sure your hubby was too! ;-)

sHp said...

Awww - what a great picture and a great time! Glad y'all had a blast :)

Juliana said...

Great way to celebrate your anniversary!!! I sure wish it would WARM up already!!!

Oh, and come on over to my blog! I am doing my 2nd giveaway and it's a pretty big deal! I am giving away an INSTYLER!

Kelsey Claire said...

I love Mi Tierra! SOOO Jealous! It looks like y'all had a great time!

Kate Mendenhall said...

I see you got the cardi!