Thursday, January 7, 2010

"It's Just a Game Focker!"

I just got this picture and e-mail from my mom. It made my day. But seeing the dogs dressed up and my mom using props for their photos usually does! She is out of control!

Yea Orange, Yea White...Yea Longhorns, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT! The Rogers house is getting ready for kick-off! May the good guys win.

"It's just a game Focker"~ Meet the Parents

Yeah, right!


And I have to add this article that Robbie sent me: Click here It is honestly SO well worth your time to read it. Aggie, Longhorn, sooner, Big 12, SEC, doesn't matter. Seeing the Lord working in the lives of this football team is amazing!


Elizabeth said...

How SWEET!! :-)

Mrs. A said...

cute pic!! I'm rooting for the other team but still that's a freaking adorable picture!! :)