Friday, January 15, 2010

Fabulous Find Friday!

Photo Credit: AP

I don't know if you guys have been consumed with all of the Haiti coverage, but I have. I just haven't been able to get enough. I want to know if they are getting the help they need, if they are having success finding survivors, if medical, physical and supply needs are being met. I've felt so helpless here sitting in my home, watching the news on a full stomach and completely healthy, safe and secure. It's hard to imagine so much suffering. I just ask God for His hand of mercy on the victims, their families, and the volunteers who are on the front lines of this tragedy. And I pray that like the loaves and fishes, donations of money and supplies would be multiplied to meet the needs.

I know that God is good all the time and I will praise Him in the storm. My mom had such peace when she was sick, and she always said, "Sometimes God calms the storm and sometimes he lets the storm rage and calms His Child." Please pray for those in the midst of the storm in Haiti...Also, if you haven't heard, Pioneer Woman is doing an AMAZING giveaway! She is giving 2 $500 gift certificated in the winner's name to the charity of choice benefiting Haiti. She is also giving $.10 for EVERY comment/entry received! So go enter right now!!

I feel kind of silly following that up with fabulous finds, so I'm going to give you a few FABULOUS charities you can support if you feel so led. These are just a few I have heard of or personally been in contact with. Please share your charities or your stories in the comments so we might have a better idea of other ways to help or serve!

Compassion International- Providing relief and essential needs for those in great need. (Specifically, Compassion is a child advocacy program)

Doctors Without Borders- Medical organization helping to increase survival of those affected by violence, neglect or catastrophe
Light Haiti- Providing Long lasting, solar lights to help with the rescue, recovery, rebuilding efforts
Red Cross- Meeting essential needs of food, water, medical help

Thank you in advance for your help whether it is a monetary gift or the gift of your prayers. YOU are making a difference!


Leesie said...

Aww thanks for letting us know about this. I left you a little something on my blog yesterday. Come take a peek when you can :).

Pamibelle said...

I am a big supporter of Doctors without borders. Great post on ways to help!

Domestic Goddess said...

great post! i just did one similar about a purchase from ashely brooke designs that donates money to haiti!

Lynn said...

PW is awesome!! We have given to the Red Cross! I so wish I was in a position to go there and help. I can't even fathom what those communities are going through!

Heather said...

Thanks for sharing Tiffany. I have been consumed with what is going on in Haiti and praying for all the ones who are missing and those families. Thanks for the links!