Monday, April 20, 2009

One man's trash is another man's treasure.....

Ahhh Saturday mornings. You work all week for Saturday....oh the joy of sleeping in and waking up with a cup of coffee. Not this weekend. Not this girl. Mom's neighborhood was having their annual "neighborhood garage sale" and we were bound to find some deals. There is usually great furniture and Kristen sold everything in NYC, so she needs to outfit an entire room. I, however, was looking for a patio set, an over sized chair (cute, steal of a price, gently used, non-smoker's home, no that being too picky???) and anything else that caught my eye. I decided to spend the night at my parent's house so Kristen and I could chat and giggle into the night and then we would just wake up and hit the streets.

At 6:20am the alarm went off and we completely regretted our decision. Well, I completely regretted the decision. Mom had already made blueberry muffins and Kristen was armed and ready. We knew we had to be out early to beat the crowds. The furniture always goes first and some people think garage sale-ing is a sport. We headed out and at our very first house mom ran into her old garage sale nemesis. Apparently, the last time the Woodglen garage sale was going on it was a gorgeous Saturday morning and little miss thing thought she would follow mom around stealing things from right under her nose. Mom was looking at 2 chairs for David and I's new home (at that time) and she asked how much the chairs were to the man selling them. The man gave the price and before mom could say anything, the lady said, "I'll take them!!" WHAT?? Who does that? Then, a few houses later, the same thing happened with another item. I don't think home girl knew who she was dealing with. Well, apparently she did because mom didn't say one single word. Good thing I wasn't there.....I might have needed to chant WWJD?? over and over. My blood pressure rises just thinking about it. We left that house and quickly lost visor lady in our garage sale dust to avoid any future run-ins with the rally kill.

We had a fun time together but we didn't find any items we were looking for. I am proud to report that we didn't come home empty handed though. Just so my head wouldn't spin thinking that we spent hours and hours looking at complete junk, mom and Kristen made a few totally necessary purchases. And by totally necessary I mean totally UNnecessary. We are now the proud owners of a starfish, 2 gun-cases, a silver punch bowl (never opened...yay mom), a silk plant, 2 Nike watches (never worn. I'm still confused as to why that couple had 30 Nike watches WITH the tags on them......?????), a pair of camo baby bloomers with the tags (There are no just buys these things) and the deal of the day was Kristen's 2 vintage belts totalling $.50.

Showin' off their loot

My proof that we were walking out the door before 7am...

Saturday was virtually too much to try to live up to, but we gave it a whirl on Sunday. We visited Promiseland West church because Ron Hall and Denver Moore were in town to speak!! In case you have never heard of them, they wrote the book Same Kind of Different as Me. If you haven't read it, RUN to the nearest book store and get it. It.Will.Change.Your.Life.

It was a pleasure to hear them speak. We waited to have them sign our books and get a quick picture and mom told them, "We would love a picture with you both. We're going to put it on our blog!" I'm sure they felt VERY important to know that they would be going on a blog with such vast readership. It's not quite the Oprah show, but I'm sure they were totally jazzed that approximately 15 people would now have access to their story!

Denver posing for a picture

Ron Hall, mom, me, Denver Moore and Kristen

We finished off the day with a little Texas vs. ou baseball. It was a GORGEOUS day at the ballpark and Texas completed the sweep with an 8-5 victory. In all, it was a pretty great weekend....I only have to work 5 more days to get to another one....

How was YOUR weekend??

"This guy doesn't have a very good batting average. (30 seconds I stare at her....) OH, WAIT, that's his weight!" ~ Kristen


RM said...

when garage sale-ing, 50 cent chunky belts are ALWAYS necessary...words of wisdom that I've taught Kristen to live by...and I've been a witness to the random baby clothes buying and it's ridiculous but by ridiculous, I mean AWESOME

Em Clod said...

I'm SOOO jealous that you saw Denver.. love love love that book!

Laura said...

Denver looks very "hyped" in the pics!! And I must say Kristen's quote is so worth the read!! LOL! Thanks for always making me laugh!

katie newton said...

I love Kristin's quote too!! Hysterical!!!

BUT, I love DENVER and the Ron more!!! SOOOOO jealous, and I sooooo love that book. Agreed. Totally life changing.

Holly said...

Ergh. Getting up that early on a Saturday morning does not appeal to me at all! That's far too early to be awake. :P

Btw, I like the Dog of the Blog on the sidebar. He/she is absolutely adorable! :O