Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Picture Perfect....

I'm nothing if not a memory maker! I was the t-shirt chair my junior year for my sorority. My mom used to make so much fun of all of our t-shirts and say we would make one to commemorate going to the bathroom if we had only thought of it. She's a funny one my mom.

But the reality is, I like documentation. I keep this blog for fun, but also because it allows me to write about my life. I keep ticket stubs and play bills, cards and kind notes, and I have huge box full of superbly folded notes saying things like, "Hey girl! Wuz up?? I just wanted to

you a few lines to say hi!" It basically summarizes junior high. I'm also a picture taker. I come by it honestly as my mom single handedly keeps Kodak in business. She was always there to capture the truly terrible fashion moments of 6-12 grade (1st-5th you can get away with it on the account of being a child), the Friday night football games, the choir performances, the summer camps and the sibling pictures where we had to dress in denim and put our toes in the water. Ahh...life's most precious moments. But truthfully, I enjoy that I can look back on my life in photographs and laugh, cry, point fingers and place blame for things such as scrunchies and Mia sandals, and truly appreciate life and the invention of the Chi.

It is for this very reason that I am ready for a new camera. I'm ready for an upgrade and once I get my new, fine piece of machinery I am going to take some photography classes. Now I need your help in spending my money. What on earth should I get??? Although I enjoy taking pictures, I am a complete novice. I currently have a point and shoot Canon Powershot that I have had for 3 years with a tiny display screen and a sorry excuse for a zoom. I have read several blogs where the photography is amazing. The color is phenomenal and there are no movement issues and the zoom is wonderful. So, if any of you reading this know a thing or 2, please spread your wealth of knowledge! Here are the things I am looking for:
  • Decent size display screen
  • Good zoom
  • Quality photographs
  • great color
  • features that allow me to take pictures where the image in the forefront is the main image and it can be blurred in the background (I'm sure there is a technical term for this that I don't know!)

What other features should I be looking for? And does a Mac make a huge difference in quality photography? Is it more about the camera, or are there programs and software that really give photos the vivid colors? Here are a couple of cameras I have found in my search. They seem to have gotten very good reviews. They are middle of the road cameras in price. Until I really learn and get into photography I am not going to be willing to spend $1,000 on a camera. Do any of you have either of these cameras or have a strong opinion either way about them? Is there a better camera out there that I haven't found yet? Anything you can share would be appreciated!

This is the Canon Powershot SX10-IS (click the link for product info)

This is the Nikon CoolPics P80

"You see, this is my life! It always will be! Nothing else! Just us, the cameras, and those wonderful people out there in the dark!... All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up." ~Norma Desmond, Sunset Boulevard


ronee said...

IT depends what you want to do. You want. I have a simple point and shoot..and then I have an awesome DSLR camera. I too started off as a baby in all this. and like you my desire to take better pictures is what motivated me forward. NOW what i did..was fine a great used DSLR. So i could learn the ins and outs of what to do with all the features. and then also took an adobe class...BUT my husband found a great FREE software. IT is fabulous. you can email me. ronee.malama@gmail.com. you can also check out my blog. Most of the pictures I put on there are untouched. but when i print them out. i touch them up..IF they even need it. but my blog is www.roneemalama.blogspot.com

Courtney said...

Hey! I'm not sure if you want a fancy schmancy photographer looking camera or another tenny little purse size digital but if you would like another little digital, Hailey has this one and it takes AMAZING pictures! She was our official photographer for Costa Rica, NKOTB, and Britney (life's most important moments, obvi) and everything came out great. I am pretty sure it has some sort of 'image stabalizer' as well as a bunch of other cool features. It is the Canon PowerShot 10.0 MegaPixel Digital ELPH camera. Here's a link on Best Buy: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8800577&type=product&id=1205538350143. Its fantastic!!!

Mary Lee said...

I have the 10.0 Canon ELPH too, and I absolutely love it. It takes great pictures and is super easy to use. For fancy stuff, I have a Canon 40D (it's a digital SLR)...this camera isn't cheap, but it totally makes you look like a professional photographer (at least I think so). It is also really easy to use.

Good luck!

Courtney said...

I have a Nikon D40X and I absolutely love it! It is so easy to use and the pictures turn out fantastic. I also bought a zoom lense when I got it.

Kate and Zach said...

I'm totally with you on the picture-taking, documenting, etc... I have a Canon Rebel XT. It is the most basic Digital SLR you can find, but it takes great pictures! I just want to learn how to take pictures without having it on auto-focus!! I plan on taking some classes too (Elecia inspired me!) Maybe we can share notes!! I definitely think I would want to get a fish-eye lens. They take the coolest pictures!! :) Love your post!

katie newton said...

yo yo... i just got the Nikon D40 too- its been AWESOME!!! Like the Canon Rebel, its the entry level DSLR camera. Yesterday I took these pics of a tree in my front yard with beautiful flowers on it (I think I just aged 100 years), and it automatically zoomed into one set of the flowers and blurred the background. Pretty cool since I didn't exactly know how to do that!! :) I have been so happy with it and super glad I got it. So, thats my 2 cents. :):)

Tiffany said...

Thanks for all of the advice! I'll definitely let y'all know when I finally decide on something!

Kara said...

Hey Tiffany, thank you for your sweet words! I am glad my insane blessings keep you entertained, they are a mess, but I love the mess!

About the pictures, I too am wanting a new camera. My mother in law and brother in law have the new Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi and it is awesome. I love it! So there is my $0.02!~

ronee said...

i just read your favorite child post and almost fell over laughing. because though my parents will never admit it, I am that favorite child. Though I never had the car bear my sports wishes..but i was that child. thanks for the humor. I needed it today!

Elicia said...

I love my digital SLR. I went from a Canon S5 to the Rebel XSI, which is one step up from the base. I also have a telephoto lens. I'm taking a class right now through the community college by our house, I definitely recommend it! Especially if you love taking pictures of everything. And the blurred background you are wanting comes from a smaller aperture value. :)